LEGO releases Doctor Who, Creator, Frozen, and other 2016 sets [News]

The LEGO Shop has just released some of their January 2016 sets, including the new Doctor Who set, several City and Creator sets, and — just in time for Christmas — two Frozen sets. In addition, LEGO has extended their Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals.

Most exciting for many is the release of 21304 Doctor Who (and don’t miss my review of the LEGO Doctor set here on TBB).


I will state on the record that I have never seen Frozen (and have not seen Titanic either), but it appears to be very popular, and this set has a reindeer, so I recommend buying eight or nine of 41066 Anna & Kristoff’s Sleigh Adventure. We’ll have a review of this set soon.


I think this adorable 31045 Ocean Explorer would make a great stocking stuffer for that budding ocean scientist in your life.


Do not adjust your television screen

I assure you: you’re seeing the image correctly. Jimmy Fortel presents this glorious retro television for all of your family flashback needs. Complete with bright colors, knobs, and no remote, this excellent little build is packed full of nostalgia.

And by nostalgia I mean that hideous (and yet so wonderful!) wall-paper.

Retro Television

Maschinen Krieger + Vic Viper = Maschinen Viper? Vic Krieger?

LEGO mashups are always an interesting affair. They can go so wrong so fast, but occasionally you’ll find a mashup build so good it even puts its famous parents to shame. Take for instance this creation by Nooroyd, who blended together two of the most popular themed month building styles — the Maschinen Krieger style from Ma.Ktoberfest and a Vic Viper from Nnovvember — to form the ultimate VV Ma.K. vehicle.

Nooroyd’s theme-blending created a stunning vessel — one with eye-catching techniques, such as the use of multiple minifigure helmets, flex tubes, and even an entire Dewback!

VV Ma.K. by Nooroyd

Cyber Monday LEGO deals from Amazon [News] is declaring the whole week “Cyber Monday Week,” which is probably the only good sort of week composed entirely of Mondays. In addition to the two batches of Black Friday LEGO deals we posted last week, Amazon has discounted a number of additional LEGO sets (though it’s a distinct possibility I just missed them while in a food coma).

UPDATE: LEGO has now updated the LEGO Shop with new 2016 LEGO sets, and extended the Cyber Monday sales & deals.

The LEGO Chima set 70145 Maula’s Ice Mammoth Stomper is 30% off, down $27 to $62.99.

70145 Maula's Ice Mammoth Stomper

The LEGO Ninjago set 70749 Enter the Serpent is 26% off, down to $44.20.

70749 Enter the Serpent

The Guardians of the Galaxy set 76020 Knowhere Escape Mission is 26% off, at $29.49.

76020 Knowhere Escape Mission

I’m sure there are more discounts you can find on Amazon’s LEGO store, but I’ve been at this for a week and I’m exhausted.

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Double whammy dreadnought

Conveying raw strength with stance and proportion is something the recent Hulkbuster set did really well, but this “dreadnaughtwhammer” by chubbybots blows it right out of the water. It’s got so much going on, so I won’t zero in on all of it, but I have to point out the use of the brown barrel pieces on the arm as a great way to break up the shapes as well as proving some color variance.

Be sure to check out the builder’s photostream to see the progression of this model.

LEGO Cyber Monday 2015 sales & deals [News]

In addition to the heavily discounted LEGO on Black Friday, the LEGO Shop online is also discounting over a dozen more sets for Cyber Monday, starting at midnight Eastern Monday (9 PM Pacific Sunday). Highlights include a couple sets over $100 at 20% off and several at 40% off.

As always, you can help support The Brothers Brick by clicking through from here to take advantage of these deals (at no additional cost to you).

The LEGO Technic 42025 Cargo Plane is $28 off at $111.99.

My favorite LEGO Architecture set, 21017 Imperial Hotel (from my hometown of Tokyo) is 20% off at $103.99.

FREE Exclusive Holiday Train with purchases of $99 or more!

Click here to see more LEGO sales & deals

Bricks vs Pixels: the ultimate showdown

OK, so we all know the movie Pixels didn’t turn out how we’d wished a real life- and video game-mashup would, but it’s still a mighty cool concept. South Korean professional builders Olive Seon have run with that concept with an awesome diorama loosely inspired by the movie Pixels. Featuring the iconic scene of Pac-Man munching down a street, the builders have added some characters from Minecraft and several other games also. See how many game characters you can find!

Hidden in the mangroves

Mangrove trees have a chaotic, almost alien feel to them. In salty, waterlogged conditions, where other trees flounder, they thrive. Tirrell Brown has perfectly captured the majesty of these strange trees in his most recent build. His swampy scene, which was built for Eurobrick’s Guilds of Historica, depicts a hidden croc warrior desperately fleeing a pair of dangerous dark elves. For now, the croc is escaping their notice. Can you spot him?


Reaching higher with Beat Felber

Since mid-October I have had a pretty crazy time at work, very much at the expense of my blogging and pretty much everything else. I have built a few things, but I told my fellow contributors that I would only write something if it knocked my socks off. Well, consider me barefoot. The culprit is Swiss builder Beat Felber and his AR-1200M Mobile Crane. Tadano is a Japanese manufacturer of cranes and the model carries a Japanese livery, of the Showa Co., Ltd. of Kobe. This already makes it a bit more interesting than your average Liebherr. Furthermore, as you would expect from a builder who goes by the name Engineering with ABS, his model is full of working features.

Tadano AR-1200M Mobile Crane 05

It uses Power functions for the drive, for steering on all five axles and to extend the stabilisers on both sides, with pneumatics used to raise and lower the struts. The crane boom can be raised, slewed and extended using Power Functions and, of course, the winches are remote-controlled. It also has working lights. The boom reaches a height of 2.15 m (more than 7 ft.) and can be extended even further by adding a separate jib. This is not the tallest crane we’ve ever blogged, but size is not everything. It is gorgeous.

Death-dealing strider in lush scenery

I guess we’ve all missed seeing some impressive Black Fantasy creatures for quite a while. All of a sudden Leonid An, a talented young builder from Moscow, Russia, bridges this gap. His strider is not only remarkable for a wide range of classic build techniques, but also completed with a stunningly landscaped base. Who could knew that typically girlish pieces from Clikits sets could complete such an ominous creature so perfectly.

The Strider by Leonid An on Flickr