Fine pieces make fine birds

Serbian builder Djordje, who is at his best when creating large action figures, surprises us with this tiny sparrow. There’s nothing complicated in its structure, yet it looks so lively it could take flight the moment its creator was taking the picture. My favourite touch is the sparrow’s legs; I guess from now on I won’t be able to look at droid arms without thinking about birds…

Tiny Sparrow

Ohana means family, and you’ll want this adorable LEGO Stitch to be family

Tyler Clites is a master character sculptor, and he’s turned his hand to Stitch, the universe’s cutest little genetically-enhanced world destroyer from the beloved Disney film Lilo & Stitch. This LEGO Stitch stands 7 inches tall, and has 13 points of articulation so Stitch can be the expressive and lovable little monster he is, from wild terror to cuddly friend.


Tyler has submitted Stitch to LEGO Ideas, so maybe someday we’ll be able to buy one!

Where we’re going we still need roads

Even though many say that the future of the auto industry is self driving cars, I’d prefer the future as envisaged by gray mini — with smooth massive powerful cars.

Sci-fi SuperCar

Behind this unique design hides the car we all dreamt about as children. Huge wheels, low cockpit and the largest windscreen you can imagine — this was the recipe for the coolest car when I was a kid. And now here it is with such a pretty pilot. If I had built a car like this then I would have kept it assembled for a few weeks to show off to all my friends!

Sci-fi SuperCar

Never let them see that they get to you

A few weeks ago we featured a lovely, fully posable LEGO Judy Hopps from Zootopia by talented Russian builder Sheo. I was hoping he’d also build Nick Wilde and some of the other charming characters from the movie, and my wish has now been granted. Nick’s expression is excellent, and the subtle sculpting of Nick’s shirt — a combination of System pieces and Technic panels — is particularly marvelous.

Nick Wilde (Zootopia)

Here are Nick and Judy together, showing their relative scale.

Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde (Zootopia)

If you like this one, check out this other LEGO Nick Wilde by Jordan Schwartz.

Light-up LEGO Y-wing is ready to stay on target

LEGO builders love building LEGO X-wings, and the light-up LEGO X-wing we featured earlier this summer by Maciej Szymański may be the best. No less build-worthy are the plethora of other starfighters in the Star Wars universe, including the venerable workhorse of the Rebellion, the BTL Y-wing strike fighter. Maciej’s hyper-accurate Y-wing is built from 1,900 LEGO pieces, resulting in incredibly detailed sections of exposed machinery.

Y-wing - Flying
Click through to see more of this stellar starfighter

This tiny LEGO ship is in dire straits

Things are not looking good for the crew of this doomed vessel. Gale winds and churning seas are posing a serious risk to this tiny ship built by LEGO 7. But worst of all, the ship is being attacked by a massive sea monster! This microscale pirate ship actually looks like it is sailing in the middle of a storm and the builder’s choice of colors and composition are great. It just goes to show you, a LEGO creation doesn’t need to span hundreds of studs to be magnificent.

Sea monster attack-1

This castle stands out from the bunch

Castles are a popular type of creation in the LEGO fan world so it takes something special to really stand out from the crowd.  Christope has certainly managed this in his latest build, Laslan Castle. I’m used to the muted tones of medieval life but orange, yellow, lime?? The use of such bright colours is very refreshing and actually works incredibly well for a this castle scene. As well as the great use of colour, there is also some lovely LEGO stonework to admire with the castle walls and the angled stone steps to the front entrance.

Laslan Castle

Don’t miss the details around the dock and the little merchant stall in the right-hand corner. This closer view also reveals the amount of work that has gone into creating the lovely textured stonework.

Laslan Castle

Walking through the valley of death

Finding yourself in a middle of lifeless desert during a crimson sunset is probably one of my biggest fears. Thanks, vir-a-cocha, for illustrating it! But honestly, this scenery looks amazingly cinematic. Even thought it’s just a vast empty desert, there are so many things to spy, like the skull near a lovely cactus or the smooth transition between the foreground and the background via forced perspective. Fading sky is absolutely the best way to complete this masterpiece.


A little LEGO hound

This adorable little Hund comes from SweStar. Hund is full of some fantastic details. I see something new each time I look at it.

I particularly love the LEGO coffe mug on the head, as well as the ball joint feet. It looks very dainty on those tips, and I could imagine a clunky sort of ballet. I like the wheel hubs around the shoulder area, too.

Red like Roses

I am not a follower of RWBY but this build, by Ordo, is apparently a homage to the show. While I can’t comment on the accuracy of the build to the show, I can say that this scene is top-notch in and of itself.

Red Like Roses

The trailing blood drops against the white snow and the contrast of the dead tree are very striking. The mystery of the red figure and the creepiness of the creature all make for a very memorable scene. I’m not going to get this one out of my head for awhile.

Wiggle your big toe

Who would have guessed that Beatrix “Black Mamba” Kiddo from the Kill Bill movies would look so good in LEGO? This build by Brandon Griffith is exceptional. Brandon used a great combination of studs and tiles to give Beatrix’s leather suit texture while maintaining a sleek overall shape. I love the little details like the sword dripping blood and the colorful logos on the Bride’s yellow motorcycle suit.

The Bride

LEGO 1932 Ford Roadster

This ’32 Ford Roadster by Austrian builder Sanellukovic is a fun little build. I especially like the stripes and the use of the custom-cut rubber hose. But what really grabbed my attention was the backdrop. Even though it’s just a simple tiled road with a street lamp and some simple landscaping, it really makes the build pop. Much more so than if the builder had simply photographed the car against the dark background. I love it when a builder goes the extra mile and takes pics of their build “in situ”.

32 Ford Roadster