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Lino is an artist, humorist, and occasional responsible adult. He is the co-founder of a challenge-based LEGO car club called LUGNuts which boasts over 1100 members worldwide. He proposed automotive building challenges every month for ten years (120 challenges!) which he and the other members built accordingly. LUGNuts has retired its challenges on its 10th anniversary but still remains a cornerstone for LEGO automotive builders. Between his artistic work and LEGO builds, Lino has been published in several books, including Beautiful LEGO, Beautiful LEGO: Dark, and Beautiful LEGO: Wild. He lives in Washington with his girlfriend and dogs.

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For those who like their dragons breaded and fried

I bet if dragons were real someone would figure out how to slather them in Panko breadcrumbs, deep fry, then eat them. Now, thanks to this innovative LEGO creation by Woomy World called the Tempura Dragon we don’t have to imagine too hard what that could look like. Normally reserved for autumn shrubbery, the builder went with generous portions of yellow-orange leaf bricks to replicate the delicious breaded texture of tempura. The “shrimp-like” tail further cements this notion rather brilliantly. I mean, who can resist a plate of tempura shrimp when it comes by on the conveyor belt? An alternate theory is this dragon only looks like Tempura in order to tempt foolish humans into its lair, then it’s scorch-city. There are currently people who climb into bear cages at the zoo in hopes of a great selfie so that notion doesn’t seem too far-fetched.

Tempura Dragon

A Star Wars Fabuland hangar with a special feature for folks dealing with sight loss

We seem to love the LEGO theme of Fabuland here at The Brothers Brick. We’re also big fans of Star Wars, in case you haven’t figured that out. So naturally, when Stewart Lamb Cromar posted his new Fabuland Tie Fighter hangar, we were pretty thrilled. The Darth Vader TIE Fighter and the army of Perry Pandas looking very much like stormtroopers are quite charming. What we didn’t expect, however, was to learn that Stewart has been dealing with sight loss. As a result, this hangar, which would have normally taken him a few weeks to construct, took nearly a year factoring in eight eye surgeries and their associated recovery time. For individuals such as himself, Stewart included an extraordinary feature built into the detailing of this hangar.

Fabuland Hangar ????????????

Click to discover what I mean

The most important rover of the day

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then I declare this LEGO bacon and eggs creation by Maxx Davidson to be the most important rover of the day. No, seriously, if you can find a more important rover today let us know in the comments, because I don’t think you will. The bacon and eggs rover is (cleverly) piloted by a chicken and a pig. (It’s their own fault for being delicious!) They are exploring a bevy of breakfast delights including some fruit, a buttered pancake, a hot cup of coffee with some sweetener, and sausage links. Gosh, I hope those are sausage links! Anyway, this was built for Febrovery 2024, which seems to be cooking along nicely.

Bacon and eggs rover exploring a world of breakfast delights! Built for Febrovery 2024

Super Soakers brought on the fun and sometimes lawsuits

This LEGO creation built by David Manfred reminds me of one of the more joyous memories from my childhood; it was only one instance and one we couldn’t replicate again, even if we tried. Somehow, probably during a hot summer, the stars and the universe aligned just right and we spontaneously made a fifty-kid Super Soaker battle royale happen. Clearly, we were not classy growing up, and the act would probably lead to a dozen lawsuits nowadays, but it was a spectacular thing at the time. I’m not a religious person but, in that moment of glory, it was one of two instances in which I felt closest to God; the other involved throwing a wardrobe out a fifth-story window as part of a summer demolition crew in college. I guess I’m saying I feel best when causing trouble.

Super Soaker Fight

Perhaps it’s time I light up a flaming bag of poo and show my neighbor’s doorstep what’s what. Anyway- thanks for the memories, David!

The Metroid Queen; the baddest baddy of them all

I am loving these LEGO Metroid creations as of late. It takes me back to the late 80’s when my brother and I would play it on our Nintendo system. The music and sound effects were as extra-terrestrial as they come, the alien baddies were totally awesome and finding out the main protagonist, Samus Aron, was female at the end; priceless! I recall the revelation squigged some kids out at school but I was all for it. The big boss at the end, as it turns out, was also a lady of sorts. She was responsible for laying all the Metroid eggs and defending her brood with all her armor-plated, teeth-gnashing glory. Benjamin Anderson has recreated the Metroid Queen nicely, even including the transparent organ at her abdomen that was her well-guarded weak point. The only way to defeat her was to get her to ingest bombs or power bombs. It was no easy feat, by golly!

The Metroid Queen

This booty be hoppin’!

Seeing this LEGO creation by EMazingbrix reminded me of the adage that you can’t take it with you. I mean, life can certainly hand you some very delicious lemons but it all has to go somewhere after you’ve crossed the rainbow bridge. Take this pirate captain, for example; he was so darned close to his treasure! I’m no medical expert but I also get the hunch he’s very much expired, thus leaving that luscious booty out in front of God and everybody for someone else to pillage and plunder. Plus, EMazing (can I call you Emazing?) has used twelve frogs in accordance with a build challenge over at Iron Forge, which makes it extra hoppin’. If you’ll excuse me, I need to fetch a youngster in TBB’s IT department to help me set up a TikTok account so I can see all this hoppin’ booty I’ve heard so much about.

The Captain's Treasure

Goliath and Wasp; one is huge, the other a Protestant

This dynamic duo of LEGO mechs is brought to you by Marco De Bon purveyor of, well, some pretty awesome mechs, and other stuff, but mostly mechs. Goliath is looking rugged adorned in desert tan armor while Wasp is mostly white because, well, you know. Marco tells us that both are constructed with the same inner frame but each has a different external vibe. I seem to favor Goliath for its Southwestern flavor. Which is your favorite? This isn’t the first time we’ve been floored by something this builder has done; not by a long shot. Check out our Marco De Bon archives to see what I mean.

Lego Goliath and Wasp

Mining for iron – and amazing detail

LEGO builder Jaka Kupina is no slouch when it comes to creating stunning architectural detail. Take this Foenwor Mine, for instance. The brick textures and snowy rooftops are a sight to behold. Not only that but it has a neat story to go with it. In Jaka’s own words; “In Mitgardia, deep in the Heavenly Mountains dwarves are mining. Very brave men who spend most of their time deep under a dangerous mountain. The mines are rich in iron ore and attract blacksmiths from distant lands. Their mined ore makes the best iron from which they make powerfull weapons for fearless warriors and strong pickaxes for hardworking miners. A real treasure of Mitgardia.” I never considered a career in ore mining but if I can call this intricate structure my workplace, I may reconsider. But alas, for once in my life, I just may be too tall for the job.

Foenwor Mine

What a long, strange trip it’s been for this VW T1 Kastenwagen

LEGO builder Isaac Wilder is sort of a master at creating patinaed vehicles, but he didn’t perfect the technique instantly. He tells us that way back in August of 2020, he approached legendary builder Simon Liu about patina techniques and he gave him some sage advice. This turned into a small “patina collaboration” of sorts, and, speaking from experience, it’s kind of magical when that happens. Isaac is also an admirer of VW Life on YouTube so, over time, he kept up with his inspirations and practiced the patina look and now we have this.

Volkswagen T1 Kastenwagen

In a vehicle with this much character, it makes you think of the adventures it may have had. Perhaps it had a fresh, psychedelic paint job during the Summer of Love; maybe its occupants made tofu and granola in it for years at a time; or maybe it was involved in a medium-speed chase from the fuzz in the 80s. Oh, the stories this VW could tell! Just be prepared for deep introspection and the munchies because I’m pretty sure Kastenwagen translates to “contact high”.

Pry it from my cold, dead hands, mate!

Apparently, Australia had gun-toting outlaws, too. Aido Kessler has built a LEGO replica of Ned Kelly, an Australian outlaw who roamed the Land Down Under almost 150 years ago. He was known for wearing a suit of bulletproof armor with an iconic helmet. What is neat about this is it was the official convention model at Brickvention this past weekend. So, if you were there, it is possible that you could have also gotten -uh-your cold, dead hands on this hot exclusive model. Aido tells us it’s very odd seeing your creation on the front of a box, an experience not many of us can boast. He must be having the best week ever as we have recently featured another of his creations. Check it out as well as many of his other amazing works in our Aido Kessler archives.


All that talent down the drain

In a LEGO world of castles, mechs, and spaceships it’s neat when someone with the amusing name of Pistash comes along and builds something totally ordinary. A golden faucet is an ordinary thing if you happen to be in a higher tax bracket than most, but you get what I mean. The smooth porcelain of the sink and even the water splatter effects are all amazing touches. I even love the gold wheel rim used as the drain. It was built for the Iron Forge competition over at, well, Iron Forge. We’ve been amazed with this builder’s work before. Check out our Pistash archives to see what I mean.

Golden faucet

Ridin’ low, baggin’ and crankin’ the hog

Sometimes LEGO legends fade away for a little while but come back onto the scene in style and still chock full of piss and vinegar. Dennis Glaasker reminds us that it has been three years since he last built something but comes screeching back on a glorious low and bagged Harley. LEGO released the 10269 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy way back in 2019 and Dennis used this as the basis for his new ride, but even a casual glance at our old review proves that Denni’s design diverged greatly from there. Most notably you have the lowered stance, the massive 30″ front wheel, the slanted bags, and enough custom chrome LEGO pieces to make anyone’s heart rate race a little. Throw in some custom LED lights and you have all the makings of a badass build, true to Dennis’ style.

Lego HD Bagger 2024 - 13FLc