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From giant space carriers to starfighters, moon bases to moon buggies, whether you love LEGO models inspired by real-world space programs or science-fiction, you’re in the right place.

The big Beluga of our dreams

I’m certain no one asked for this big assault VTOL called Beluga. But clearly LEGO builder ReD M is a master at bringing us what we’d love to see but never knew we wanted. Whether it be the shaping, intricate details, or striking color scheme, this hefty gunship is very suddenly the object of so many LEGO fans’ desires. It’s like something out of all the best sci-fi movies ever made. With its parameters established long ago by a legendary and influential builder who has passed some twelve years ago, there is a certain look to the Vic Viper. Click the link to check out how this big Beluga fits into it. And as tradition goes, these Vic Vipers are almost always exclusively built in NoVVember. What a great way to honor a fine tradition. We’ll surely be on the lookout for whatever else ReD M builds.

Beluga - Viper Class Assault VTOL

Yellowfin: does what it says on the tin

LEGO spaceships sometimes get named after animals. Perhaps a creature insired the ship in question, or maybe it’s just a name like mantis that just sounds cool. Chris Perron has taken the name of a yellowfin tuna and used it in quite a literal sense with this colourful craft. It certainly bears more than a passing resemblance to a fish. The colour gradient on the fins stands out, but I love how the colour blocking goes even further to get the fish appearance across. If you squint, the trans-red cockpit looks like the gaping mouth of a fish, with the white its lower jaw. Of course the big dishes on the side look like eyes. I might be reading too much into this – perhaps Chris just wanted to make ship with yellow fins. It can’t be a coincidence though can it?


Back when the future wasn’t quite so futuristic.

LEGO builder Isaac Wilder is known for retro automotive creations. But this time Isaac is bringing us a vision of the future – or, at least, the way the future was envisioned back when the cars he normally builds were new. Does that all make sense? Isaac’s hover car is all old-school curves up top, while the bottom is a gaggle of technological greebles keeping it aloft. And it’s getting gassed up by what looks like the love child of a Star Wars droid and a Radiator Springs gas pump. The full effect is a scene from a future we all remember, but haven’t quite reached, yet.


Intergalactic Insect Extermination

Is your quadrant overrun with insect infestations? Ask for the Insectoid Incinerator by builder WyndGekko. The latest craft by an talented designer, this ship features a twin prong weapon system straddling each side of the pilot’s canopy. The massive heat output from the weapon discharge is managed by the large vent systems next to the pilot. Angular plating covers the engine and fuselage while giving the ship a sleek but aggressive presence. Simple landing craft can be seen below the ship, allowing for easy traverse throughout the universe, as long you have enough uranium in your engines!

Insectoid Incinerator

Speaking of engines, check out the ones that the Insectoid Incinerator is sporting. Twin boosters on each side compliment the weapons in the front while providing a boost to your pulse engine while you make your way through a system. You never know when you’ll need to engage your warp or close in on an opponent in the skies of an alien world but with engines like these, you’ll never have to worry. The builder chose a sleek, tapered nozzle for the boosters featuring barrels in light bluish gray. The Rock Raiders drill piece makes for great bulky design for the main engine and WyndGekko’s choices for the larger, stubbed nozzle were wise. I also love this better angle of the white and red plating over the ship’s body. From above and at this angle I can’t help but think of Kill la Kill or Gurren Lagan. Not too shabby of a way to dig to the heavens if you ask me.

Insectoid Incinerator

Something turmeric this way comes

We don’t intend to feature nearly every LEGO creation Bart De Dobbelaer has made. But when he’s so masterful at creating beyond-bizarre alien worlds and creatures, the likelihood of us being captivated by his work is as likely as a TikTok influencer being fired from a job, then posting said firing on TikTok. Which, you have to admit, is fairly high odds. Turmeric is an excellent dietary supplement that is said to help with variety of conditions, including arthritis, digestive disorders, respiratory infections, allergies, liver disease and depression. However, these creatures Bart calls Turmeric Nightmares are giving me the heebie-jeebies. Two shades of brown and trans-yellow work well here. The end result is like some sort of malevolent fungus. Creepy stuff! Still we keep coming back for more. Click the link to find out why we think Bart De Dobbelaer is more compelling than a TikTok influencer getting fired.

Turmeric Nightmare

Nothing more than a cockpit with blue wings

Builder David Roberts has got a new LEGO anti-grav racer barreling down the pipe. This boxy blue build is adorable with its four chunky blue wings, awesome red and white checker pattern, and snug cockpit perfect for minimizing drag while still holding a driver. And the bit of yellow pipe that it’s traveling through is great as well, dashed with lines of azure tiles to mark the racer’s path. But my favorite detail has got to be the technic brick and axle pattern in red on the side of each stubby wing. Instead of working around the connection of the wing to the racer’s body, David rolls with it and incorporates the pattern of the axle stuck in the technic hole as a part of the design. The white headlight bricks below the red technic ones bring it all together into a great little space racer!

Blue Flyer

In space, there’s no such thing as too much thrust

When is a big space engine too big? Rubblemaker says there’s no such thing. He’s found an engine that’s bigger than his little space pod, and decided it needs two of them. The power-to-weight ratio of this thing must be off the charts! Despite their almost comical size, they do look great here, with some greebling inside and on the sides suggesting some very complicated internals. I guess if the engine is that big, you might as well fit whatever you can in there. I like the two slopes for the bumblebee stripes on the wings – it’s a bit of a different take on a feature that is a mainstay of Neo-Classic Space creations like this one. Can we call them wings? They do seem a bit small for that..

NCS Shorty

Magnificent Magnate from EVE Online

Although the idea of games like EVE Online is appealing to me, I don’t think I’d ever have the time or patience to commit to exploring all its features. Thankfully I can live vicariously through builders like Eugene Levin to enjoy some incredible ship design. He has added this Sarum Magnate to the epic Revelation we featured a few days ago. The Magnate shares some common design features with its big sister ship, including that awesome dark red and gold colour scheme. Where they differ is in the shaping. This smaller craft is almost all curves, but Eugene has nailed the shaping, thanks to some judicious choices of wedges and curved slopes. I just can’t stop staring at it!


EVE Online’s Sarum Revelation brickified with LEGO

Building a 100+ stud long LEGO SHIP (Significantly Huge Investment in Parts) in no small feat. Building one that is a highly accurate recreation of a preexisting design? Well that’s exactly what Eugene Levin did with this beautiful model of the Sarum Revelation from EVE online. The attention to detail is superb and he even managed to sneak his own icon onto the hull. Check out more photos below and his Flickr page for comparison shots with the original in game ship!

In-game model comparison

There’s a Significantly Huge Investment in Pictures below

Vintage LEGO radio is a big blast from the past!

LEGO nowadays has a lot of specialised parts. This wasn’t the case when I was a little kid. There weren’t many handheld accessories and most of them were multifunctional. The megaphone was a megaphone, but also a gun, hair dryer, beer tap, ice cream tap and so on. Same goes for the radio which also functioned as a walkie-talkie, a phone, a mobile control device and so on. The last one of these two was the inspiration for Liu Di Kai’s latest creation. It has two sides, one is true to the source material. The other shows that it is a window to a space lover’s imagination. You should really check out both in their photostream.


This ship leaves us feeling flat but in a good way

In the aftermath of SHIPtember, it is actually refreshing to see a few littler LEGO ships in our midst. Here’s one that David Roberts simply calls A Flat Ship but its striking color scheme and interesting shape leave us feeling anything but flat. It has just the right amount of oomph to make it interesting. David has a surprisingly profound thing to say about ships; “Many LEGO spaceships are just abstract sculptures, that happen to have a cockpit and engines added to make them more accessible!” That certainly is a neat way of putting it.

A Flat Ship

You can’t contain this much awesome

Just as on the ocean today, in the far future, surely the most common sort of large spaceship will be the container ship. This magnificent LEGO vessel by Perry β is a take on what that could look like. Just as now, it seems that intermodal containers are the go-to box for sending your goods across the galaxy, and in my opinion, they’re really the star of this show, even though they’re just simple 1×2-stud boxes in a multitude of colors. The ship itself is fantastic too, with a nice mix of smooth surfaces and intricate details.

Shiptember 2022: HC-022 Container Ship "Zanarkand"