We hear you have some questions about The Brothers Brick. We’ll do our best to answer them on this page.

What is The Brothers Brick?
The Brothers Brick is a blog for showcasing LEGO models and other LEGO related-material, such as news and event coverage. You are here.
How do I get my LEGO model blogged?
For complete details on getting your LEGO creation featured, read How to get featured on The Brothers Brick.
Could you highlight my LEGO IdeasĀ or Kickstarter project, please?
No, we generally don’t endorse specific LEGO Ideas or Kickstarter projects. We occasionally make an exception for unique, truly great IdeasĀ and Kickstarter projects that we feel have a strong likelihood of success, but most of the requests for support we get are for projects that have little chance of succeeding. Read our post about guidelines for CUUSOO projects we support (with examples) to learn more.
What is TBB?
The commonly used acronym for The Brothers Brick.
What the heck is SNOT? What’s a MOC?
We try to avoid using the unique jargon of AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO), but occasionally we can’t help ourselves. Check out our glossary of LEGO terms to learn the lingo.
Are the models for sale?
Usually no. You could try contacting the creator directly but bear in mind that LEGO models are expensive.
Do you build all the models yourself?
No. Although each of our contributors is an accomplished builder in his or her own right, we mostly feature LEGO creations from other builders.
Are instructions or parts lists available for the models?
Generally no. Creating instructions is a time-consuming process that most builders would prefer to spend designing and building something new.
How do I get my event blogged?
Write a “press release” for us to use and bring it to our attention. For more advice, see How to get your LEGO event announced.
Can you add my blog/community to your blogroll?
As the fan community grows, LEGO-focused websites are flourishing, and there are simply too many for us to link to them all. We’re currently in the process of reevaluating how we manage our link lists, so we’re not accepting new requests at this time.