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This is what we’re all about. We scour the web for the best custom LEGO models to share with you. From castles and spaceships to planes, trains, and automobiles, you’ll find the best LEGO creations from builders all over the world right here on The Brothers Brick.

A lovely white LEGO tower in the style of Lord of the Rings

This architectural scene by dicken liu would look right at home alongside the official LEGO Icons The Lord of the Rings 10316 Rivendell, with arched airy towers in white, twisted trees, and a waterfall. Inside each of the two domed structures are giant green and blue gems worthy of the glory of Numenor. Several unique gold-colored elements are used as accents for the white towers, and the many steps carved into the rock in zig-zag patterns add to the mystery.

White Towers-01

Stalking in a winter wonderland

“They’ve heard rumours of strange folk from the east and the west, new words and new gods and bright steel. They hope to be left in peace in their cold northern home but the watchfires have already been lit on the hills.” So begins builder Eero Okkonen‘s description of this amazing LEGO diorama, and those words are already way cooler than anything I managed to write about it. And speaking of cool, the build looks downright freezing. Good thing our lone warrior is properly dressed for the ordeal, with heavy mittens, a fur hat, and a thick beard made out of plant stalks. The star of the show, however, might be all that drifting snow, including probably the best use of a windscreen outside of a cockpit I’ve ever seen. Brrr!

Vainolaista vastaan

Killer Zodiac collaboration from a constellation of AFOL stars

What’s better than seeing your star sign in LEGO? How about all twelve zodiac signs stunningly assembled by some of the brightest stars in the building community?

Two years ago, builder Woomy World created a zodiac-themed “Libra Dragon” for the BioCup competition. Fellow builder Ezreel was inspired and pitched a collaboration for all 12 Zodiac signs to the community. Those invited to participate could claim their own star sign or swap if they had a strong idea, and soon the list was full. But with so many builds to coordinate and busy lives and creative blocks complicating things, some folk dropped out, others came on board, and time was ticking by. Finally, a deadline was set, and the final lineup of builders set to work on their chosen sign. To maintain thematic cohesion, the group agreed that every Zodiac sign would be depicted as a creature, which for some signs meant some creative interpretations were necessary.

Now, nearly two years in the making, the Zodiac Collaboration makes its debut!

Read on to see all 12 Zodiac signs in LEGO!

Who needs garden shears when you have a lightsaber?

Being a Jedi seems swell and all, but all we ever see them do is fight, train, or fly around causing havoc. We never see them doing anything mundane, like the housework or taking the younglings to school. Josh (Sergeant Chipmunk)’s LEGO Jedi is partaking in that favourite pastime of the space-wizard: meditating. But instead of pondering the state of the cosmic Force, he should ponder the state of that floor! Those houseplants have gone completely out of control. You can’t take a step without tripping over one of the roots! Admittedly, the effect is incredibly cool when made out of LEGO bricks. But with this many trip-hazards in the Jedi Temple, OSHA would have a field day. Maybe best we keep the lightsabers hidden on their next visit…

Jedi Meditation

LEGO mandrake root seeks sunlight and occasional watering

The recent LEGO Icons Botanical 10329 Tiny Plants set has inspired many builders to create their own plants to go along with the tiny pots. LEGO 7 has gone to the world of Harry Potter for inspiration, building an adorable mandrake root at the perfect scale to sit on the pot, dangling it’s tiny root legs over ths side. The long leafy sprouts on the head use the new frond element while the feet and hands are small branches arranged just right… and that poutty face…

小魔蘋果 Little Mandrake

Here’s another view of the little mandrake just waking up and stretching out to the sunlight.
小魔蘋果 Little Mandrake

Kick off summer with a spicy LEGO lemonade

With summer ramping up in the northern hemisphere, now’s the perfect time to find new refreshing drink recipes to beat the heat! This LEGO still life of spicy lemonade from umemaruko looks like it could be straight from the June issue of Bon Appetit. While the build itself is elegantly simple, the arrangement, colors, and photography add up to pure delight. This is the first time we’re featured umemaruko on the site, but their feed is definitely worth checking out, especially if you enjoy botanicals and brick-built decor for the modern home.

Spiced Lemonade

LEGO Dune navigator floating in a tank of spice

The Guild navigator is one of the most interesting and mysterious characters from the Dune novels. Mutated beyond human form by massive ammounts of spice, they float in huge tanks filled with spice gas. Tino Poutiainen has captured the navigator in LEGO using a variety of curved creature parts for spindly arms and legs, while the grossly oversized head is covered in bulging domes and blue-within-blue eyes. But my favorite part is the hot-dog bun used for the navigator’s mouth. The tank is flanked by two guildsmen who were inspired by the costume designs from the recent movie.

Guild Navigator

Friendship takes flight

A mother and daughter are transported to the sky on an elven airship bursting with the colors of the seasons in this fantastic LEGO model from builder Josh Parkinson. He blends inspiration from the colors and parts Friends, Elves, and Dreamzzz lines with a dragon figurehead from the Ninjago Water Dragon, and a mysterious power source built from an illuminated Trolls pod. I love the forest foliage spilling over the deck, the cozy captain’s cabin, and especially that azure figurehead! Josh’s ship captures the whimsy and imagination of LEGO’s modern era. Now, what was the Elvish word for “Friend,” again? I feel like that might come in handy on a quest…

The Dragon Airship Adventure

It takes many pieces to make One Piece’s Whitebeard

The pirate adventure series One Piece is overflowing with larger-than-life characters, but Edward Newgate, aka Captain Whitebeard, aka “The Strongest Man Alive,” takes excess to new heights. To recreate this honorable ally to the Straw Hats in LEGO, builder lavishlump had to go big. Believe it or not, this model of the 666cm tall pirate emperor is to scale with the custom minifig of the captain’s number one, Marco the Phoenix.  Lavishlump employs tiles to great effect to capture the captain’s chiseled physique, and the slight gap between plates in his head perfectly aproximates Whitebeard’s perpetually squinting eyes. The classic Islander horn piece makes for a dynamite mustache. But my favorite detail has got to be the use of a pearl gold handbag to connect the blade and shaft of Whitebeard’s massive naginata weapon.

Lego Whitebeard

With hundreds of colorful characters, dozens of whimsical pirate ships, and fantastic ports of call, One Piece and LEGO go together like skulls and crossbones. I hope to see many more LEGO tributes to Luffy and crew’s adventures on the Grand Line.

Ye olde bricks meet bright new ones in yonder castle

As an American, I’ve always envied Europeans and the fact that they can’t seem to throw a rock without hitting a gigantic, majestic castle in their backyard. So I adore Jako of Nerogue‘s LEGO Dovern Castle, which has all the things I love about its real-life counterparts: soaring banners, jagged ramparts, and of course towering walls! And speaking of walls, let’s talk about my favorite part of this model: the rich, textured look of the stone. Plates, ingot bricks, SNOT (studs not on top) bricks, and the occasional exposed stud give the stone a weathered, uneven look. To that end, one of the most ingenious aspects of the build is the organic use of sun-faded gray bricks. I used to have a box of those, which I threw out because they didn’t match the rest of my gray elements. Here, however, Jako has blended the old bricks with the new to give the castle wall a look that says, “Behold! I’ve been here for many a year and shall endure for many a year hence.”

Dovern Castle

A n electrifying “fusion” of LEGO and non-LEGO

It’s always interesting to see non-LEGO objects incorporated into LEGO builds. When it’s done effectively, the results really sizzle. Take this Galaxy Squad-themed fusion reactor by Gaurav Thakur, which uses a working plasma ball as the centerpiece.


The inspired combination of LEGO and non-LEGO works so well I wouldn’t even have noticed the plasma ball at first. But when you switch it on, it definitely elicits a “whoa!” As a still image isn’t really enough to experience this creation in action, be sure to check out the video of the Lunar Tokamak in action. I know it’s just on my screen, but are my hairs standing on end?


Incredible cars can be small as well.

Let’s be cheesy for a moment and call this LEGO build “Incredible.” The cheesy factor is amplified if you know your Disney facts and recognize this car as the one driven by Mr. Incredible, also known simply as “The Incredibile.” Builder SFH_Bricks designed and built this superhero vehicle for the 20th anniversary of the Disney Pixar movie The Incredibles. Built from only 362 pieces, it fits two minifigures and features some of the iconic details seen in the animated film. This model is a joy to behold and a fun trip down memory lane for those of us who were kids, or at least kids at heart, when this film was released.

The Incredibile

If only this were an official LEGO set — which it is not — this would make a great addition to the collection of any Disney Pixar fan, who could previously only acquire a similar build officially from LEGO Juniors set 10760.

This rear view shows off the car’s powerful turbine, which turns to a spare tire when in stealth mode.

The Incredibile