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LEGO Soundwave Transformer drops some heavy beats

The moment I first saw this amazing transforming LEGO Soundwave by Student Scissors I had flashbacks to my childhood, playing with my own version of the action figure and the cassette tapes that transformed into a hawk and a panther. The builder has captured the dark blue and white Decepticon in perfect detail, with his shoulder-mounted cannon, cassette-playing chest, and even the aforementioned entourage of mini-bots. I particularly like the tilework used to replicate the play and stop buttons on the torso.

Lego G1 Soundwave

And to prove that the Transformer is worthy of that moniker, here’s Soundwave in his microcassette deck mode. Looks like he’s ready to play the song of the Autobots’ destruction.

Lego G1 Soundwave

Going for a walk in the city

One of my favourite steampunk concepts is that of the mobile city. Whether on wheels, in an airship, on tank treads… Or, as with Student Scissors‘ creation, on foot! I’ve heard of exploring a city on foot, but never of exploring by city on foot. While the eye is drawn to the city itself, this build was entered into the BioCup. So naturally, we have CCBS pieces everywhere from the airship and train to the legs and body. Body? Oh, yes – that’s a Bionicle piece too! Although curiously, and perhaps a little ironically, it’s from one of the few System-scale sets in the line. Well, it’s definitely a Bionicle mask, so I guess it counts!

The Walkable City

All the best LEGO themes are found underground

What’s better than a LEGO build that evokes nostalgia for a past theme? A LEGO build that evokes nostalgia for two past themes! Flickr user Student Scissors submitted this creation in the Bio-Cup competition. As the name suggests, this competition uses parts from the Bionicle theme. That box is ticked here: there are plenty of ball joints, and what looks like a Kanohi mask on the figure on the right. But the minecart full of power crystals, the teal-yellow-brown-dark-grey colour combo, and that massive chrome drill… That sounds like Rock Raiders to me! Although come to think of it, the colour scheme of the bat (lime green with blue and orange highlights) is reminiscent of the Power Miners theme from 2009. So that’s actually three awesome themes from yesteryear in one!

Curious Caving Critters

A cute car with a clever conversion

Student Scissors has impressed us before with transformable builds based on characters from The Transformers franchise. But it’s one thing to try and replicate an existing character/transformation scheme. It’s a whole other challenge to invent one yourself. But that’s exactly what Student Scissors has done here with Cuff – a transforming police car who isn’t based on any particular Cybertronian, but who would fit right in amongst the Autobots. Cuff’s novel transformation involves the car’s windscreens and roof splitting into thirds to become both of his feet and the center of his chest, while the car grill forms his waist and hips. It’s an inventive solution to the problem of turning a car into a humanoid robot that I hope we see in the official toy line someday.

Lego Transformers Cuff

If you are not hunting you become a prey

Did you notice how a bunch of building techniques can give a mech a character? This new build by Canadian LEGO fan and builder Student Scissors is a perfect example. Titled Dark Hunter Lariska, it instantly gives hunting vibes: its posture, carefully matched weapons, and even the visor on a pointy head — it just all work together really well. And, oh boy, the head comes straight from retro Robo Riders theme. If only this huntress had some wheels..!

Dark Hunter Lariska

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Starscream!

The amazing thing about these small Transformer LEGO builds is how well defined the characters are! They stand as proof of the skill of builders like Student Scissors here. Keeping the characters transformable and recognizable is the tricky bit when working at this scale. When I look at this figure, I instantly recognize Starscream and all his ambition to lead the Decepticons. This particular figure is based upon the Transformers 2007 movie, which turned 15 years old this month. To celebrate, enjoy the craft of this figure. Starscream’s jet alt-mode looks wonderful with little kibble left over from his robot mode. Looks like most of it tucks away nicely underneath, no doubt thanks to the clips and round plates making up the transformation joints. The robot mode is just as gorgeous, giving him his squat outline from the movie. Wedge slopes define the wide shape of his head. I have little doubt he’ll turn and flee to live another day should the battle take a turn for the worse. Classic Starscream.

Lego Transformers: Starscream

This amazing Optimus Prime isn’t Optimus Prime

No, you read that right. This incredible build by Student Scissors is actually the Transtector of a human known as Ginrai. Transtectors, if you’re not familiar with the term, are non-sentient Transformers controlled by humanoids, and there’s a good reason Ginrai’s Transtector looks an awful lot like Optimus Prime. But all that is beside the point in appreciating this impressive build. If you want to call it Optimus Prime, go ahead. Truth be told, we did end up getting the Ginrai figure imported to the States rebranded as “Powermaster Optimus Prime.”

Lego Transformers: Ginrai

Anyway, convoluted franchise history aside, this fully transformable semi-truck doesn’t just convert into a robot, it also comes with a trailer that the main cab can combine with to form Super Ginrai. That Student Scissors made the combined form possible with enough articulation to put the original Ginrai toy to shame is an impressive feat. That it was accomplished at such a small scale – a truck mode that’s only four studs wide – is extra incredible.

Lego Transformers: Super Ginrai

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Do they take turns riding each other?

Racing around the universe can get lonely, but the Student Scissors has found a solution – A cool bike that transforms into a robot companion! Viral Racer Unit-01 features a great looking pilot figure that makes use of the head from the Collectible Minifigure Series 19 Galactic Bounty Hunter atop a studly (although almost studless) brick-built body. The teal accents are carried  over into the fenders on the motorcycle – a vehicle that has, shall we say, more to it than meets the eye.

Viral Racer Unit-01

Yes, the bike transforms into this cool reptilian looking mode. I really like how the dual radar dishes that make up the tires split, and how the dinosaur tail elements go from fenders to tentacles.  Best of all, the overall shape of this mode doesn’t really suggest the motorbike version;  rare feat in transforming models.

Viral Racer Unit-01

But best of all, the two figures fit perfectly together, ready to take on the world. Or worlds.

Viral Racer Unit-01

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