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The LEGO Power Miners theme was first released in 2009 and discontinued at the end of 2010. Inspired by the fan favorite Rock Raiders theme of the 1990s, the theme has proved popular among LEGO builders for its excellent orange and green color scheme and for its alternative take on traditional construction themes.

All the best LEGO themes are found underground

What’s better than a LEGO build that evokes nostalgia for a past theme? A LEGO build that evokes nostalgia for two past themes! Flickr user Student Scissors submitted this creation in the Bio-Cup competition. As the name suggests, this competition uses parts from the Bionicle theme. That box is ticked here: there are plenty of ball joints, and what looks like a Kanohi mask on the figure on the right. But the minecart full of power crystals, the teal-yellow-brown-dark-grey colour combo, and that massive chrome drill… That sounds like Rock Raiders to me! Although come to think of it, the colour scheme of the bat (lime green with blue and orange highlights) is reminiscent of the Power Miners theme from 2009. So that’s actually three awesome themes from yesteryear in one!

Curious Caving Critters

Power Miners are male chauvinist pigs

In this video by Chris Salt, the Power Miners do not shine in their attitudes towards the women in their midst. However, the animation is smooth, the jerk gets what’s coming to him, and there are singing rock monsters. What more could you ask for?

Preventing Power Miner cave-ins

In contrast to earlier this year, I don’t think there are enough Power Miners LEGO creations out there. It really is a pretty cool theme. Brandon Bannerman (Catsy) seems to agree, having recently posted this Mobile Roof Support rig.

Power Miners Mobile Roof Support

More pics on Flickr.

Pictures of 2010 LEGO sets – Atlantis, Toy Story, & more – at Festival RFFL [News]

UPDATE: High-res photos of LEGO Atlantis sets are now out.


Alexander (Shurik) posted pictures of some of the 2010 sets that LEGO has displayed at a sponsored event in Russia called Festival Rossiyskogo Fan Forum Lego. The featured sets include samples from the following themes: Atlantis, Toy Story, Prince of Persia, Star Wars, Power Miners, City, Bionicle and more.

EDIT (TG): These pictures were uploaded due to a miscommunication and have been removed from Flickr at the request of TLG. The local Ambassador, Igor Makarov, asked me to remove the deeplink which I have done.

UPDATE: Target.com also has box art for one of the 2010 LEGO Power Miners sets, 8188 Fire Blaster:

LEGO Power Miners 2010

I will never golf . . .

. . . , but I think golfing with Power Miners might be pretty cool. This clever scene by Rok Stembergar (kokorozashi15) uses a few little tricks to great effect.

Power Golf

Fine, I admit enjoying mini-golf.

LEGO Power Miners loader by Marek Markiewicz

Like many adult fans of LEGO, Marek Markiewicz wasn’t convinced that the new LEGO Power Miners theme would work. Then Marek built this.

LEGO Power Miners mining loader

Marek calls his creation boring, but I don’t think heavy equipment can ever be boring. The low-slung vehicle is designed to work in the low-ceilinged tunnels of a mine.

New LEGO Space Police, Castle, Power Miners, Agents 2.0 now available [News]

The mid-2009 LEGO sets are now available from The Official LEGO Shop online, including the brand-new LEGO Space Police theme — a theme that has the fingerprints of Mark Stafford and Adam Grabowski all over it.


Two of the smaller sets make it easy to get a couple of the unique new aliens from this theme.

icon iconicon

The VTOL police vehicle below includes an alien with four arms.


LEGO Castle fans are sure to shout for delight at the availability of the newest sets, including this massive fortress full of goblin and troll minifigs, along with a couple smaller sets.


iconicon iconicon

The newest LEGO Power Miners sets feature a massive drill (8964 Titanium Command Rigicon) and the new, larger rock monsters.


icon iconicon

LEGO Agents gets a reboot in LEGO Agents 2.0. With the cool minifigs that I love this theme for, the line includes a hilariously awesome mecha.


Finally, five new LEGO City sets are also available, including 7641 City Cornericon with its six-wide city bus.


Here’s a partial list of new sets that are available:

LEGO Space Police LEGO Castle
Power Miners Agents 2.0

LEGO Power Miners tractor by Tekka Croe

With a distinct, heavy industrial feel, this Power Miners tractor by Tekka Croe looks like it could crush boulders with its treads alone:

LEGO Power Miners tractor on Flickr

Note the orange Bionicle mask as a cargo compartment on the back.

Oh yes” indeed.

LEGO Power Miners Walker by Bob Newill

LEGO fans here in Seattle still unconvinced that the new Power Miners color scheme is “realistic” need only look out their windows on recycling day each week — the new natural gas-powered trucks are exactly the same color as Bob Newill‘s walker:

Check out more photos of Bob’s walker in his LEGO Power Miners Walker photoset on Flickr.

Don’t miss this adorable little bucket robot:

Chasing Boulderax on two wheels

The fighter by Geoff Herndon (Tekka Croe) that Dan blogged yesterday may be spikier, but I’m a sucker for small and adorable.

This Power Miners bike would make an awesome impulse-purchase set.

EDIT: Oh look, this drilling unit by Kevin Fedde (Crimson Wolf) also fits the post title!

EDIT 2: Okay, what is up with all the two-wheeled Power Miners vehicles? Huh, Rocko?

More Power Miners variations

The Power Miners line has inspired several fan creations based on the theme. These two recent ones by SolarRed and Jarek (Jerrec) are noteworthy for their accurate adherence to the theme while adding the dash of details as expected from adult fan builders.

Steven Marshall does some heavy lifting with his forklift

Steven Marshall has put his orange bricks and the new Power Miners rollcage piece together to create this beautiful minifig-scale forklift, complete with actual rear steering!