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Not sure which LEGO sets to pick up for yourself? Need ideas for that LEGO fan who already has more LEGO than he or she can possibly build with in a lifetime? Nervous about the quality of the custom accessories that tempted you at your last LEGO convention? Read our reviews of LEGO sets, books, accessories, and more right here on The Brothers Brick.

LEGO Overwatch 75953 D.Va and Reinhardt [Review]

When LEGO first announced the licensing partnership with Blizzard earlier this year to feature sets based on the team-based first-person shooter Overwatch, newsfeeds went through the roof. LEGO and Blizzard released 75987 Omnic Bastion early back in October, and today we take a look at one of six LEGO Overwatch sets that will start to ship January 1. 75953 D.Va & Reinhardt retails for 39.99 USD and includes a total of 455 pieces.

If you want to get them early, some of these LEGO sets are available for pre-order from the LEGO Shop online.

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Let’s take a trip through The LEGO Zoo by Jody Padulano [Review & Giveaway]

Who doesn’t love adorable animals? Perhaps there are Scrooges out there that would contend that question, but if you’re reading this, that person probably isn’t you. If you want to learn how to build some animals, The LEGO Zoo by Jody Padulano might just be the book you’re looking for. Whether you clicked that link for your own sake, or you think a special kiddo in your life might love this book, we have the answers regarding what to expect. So grab your safari vest and binoculars, and away we go!

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Custom display case for LEGO Minifigures by Minifigures Display [Review]

There are many different ways to go about displaying one’s LEGO minifigure collection, and there are many of us who simply don’t bother to go about it–instead stuffing our minifigures in containers and drawers, waiting for the day we will finally have a satisfactory means to display them. LEGO has officially licensed some small display cases, but today we’re taking a look at a huge 112-minifigure display case specifically made for LEGO minifigures that Spanish company Minifigures Display sent us. This large case sells for 74€, or about $84 USD.

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LEGO Creator Expert 10264 Corner Garage [Review]

With the release of 10260 Downtown Diner in January 2018, the design aesthetic of LEGO’s Creator Expert modular buildings series shifted from pre-war architecture to the chrome and neon of the 1950s. This trend continues with the 2019 modular building, 10264 Corner Garage. The set includes 2,569 pieces and retails for $200 in the US ($269.99 in Canada and £159.99 in the UK).

Like the recent LEGO Star Wars set 75251 Darth Vader’s Castle, the initial reaction from LEGO fans and collectors has been mixed. But how does the set hold up when we look beyond the box photos and actually start building?

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LEGO Star Wars 75251 Darth Vader’s Castle [Review]

The LEGO Star Wars sets from Rogue One, released in late 2016 and early 2017 to support the movie, include several of my favorite LEGO Star Wars sets of the past few years, like the fantastic 75172 Y-wing Starfighter and 75155 Rebel U-wing Starfighter. I’ve hoped that LEGO would return to world of Rogue One, and with the recently released 75251 Darth Vader’s Castle LEGO returns to the first Star Wars Anthology film.

The set has had mixed reactions from LEGO builders and collectors since it was first announced several weeks ago, but how does it actually stack up?

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How does the new edition of The LEGO Book by Daniel Lipkowitz stack up? [Review]

While there are many coffee-table style books out there that cover specific topics around LEGO, Daniel Lipkowitz’s New Edition of The LEGO Book covers the widest spectrum of LEGO themes, sets and more. This is the second major release of The LEGO Book, having been first released in 2009 (and lightly updated in 2012). While there is some content that mirrors the earlier release, it does come with sufficient updates of imagery, photos, and text to deservingly call it a completely new edition.

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LEGO’s latest free gift with purchase is 40293 Christmas Carousel [Review]

Nearly every month, LEGO gives away a small set with purchases over a certain amount. We don’t always review these little bonuses, but sometimes they catch our eye with a standout model, such as last month’s excellent 40289 Diagon Alley or June’s 40291 Creative Personalities. For the first 10 days of December, the gift-with-purchase set is 40293 Christmas Carousel, featuring 251 pieces and valued at $15 USD. The set is available both in stores and online with purchases over $99 in the US and Canada, or £85 in the UK. The lovely design and moving parts made us decide to take a closer look, so let’s see what’s in store.

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LEGO Architecture 21041 Great Wall of China [Review]

The Great Wall is often cited as one of the wonders of the medieval world, at its peak stretching more than 5,500 miles across China. In LEGO form, 21041 Great Wall of China represents the oldest structure in the Architecture line and the first to include significant landscaping. It is also the first LEGO Architecture set designed to be modular, creatively constructed to connect multiple copies. The Great Wall includes 552 pieces and retails from LEGO for $49.99 USD. (EDIT: The set is currently on sale at Amazon.com for $39.99, making it easier to buy multiple copies.)

The Great Wall is a departure from the Architecture sets of modern buildings and significant landmarks we have come to know and love, though it feels at home with its dark green and tan styling as well as its black tiled base. While similar in size to the 21006 White House, the Great Wall is hefty and designed to be viewed from all directions. The set was released earlier this year, but with the holidays coming up, we wanted to take a closer look.

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Brickmania 2183 B-17G “Flying Fortress” WWII Heavy Bomber [Review]

We recently reviewed the new Brickmania F-4C Phantom II fighter kit, but the Brickmania team has also just restocked the massive B-17G WWII Heavy Bomber custom kit, their largest LEGO aircraft kit produced to date. This custom kit of the legendary “Flying Fortress” is built from 3,074 LEGO pieces and includes 10 custom-printed minifigures.

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Mbriks custom magnet bricks – Kickstarter ends Nov 23 [Review]

There’s a new product in the increasingly crowded third-party custom brick world. Mbriks are a way to bring new life to your LEGO (and compatible brands) building bricks by adding additional dimension and display options. These custom magnetic bricks have shown a lot of promise in the professionally produced videos and other promotional material during the month-long Kickstarter campaign ending this week, but we wanted to weigh in ourselves.

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LEGO 10268 Vestas Wind Turbine is back as the newest Creator Expert set [Review]

Since its inception, the LEGO Creator Expert line has come to be recognized by its advanced building techniques and great value. However, as statistics teaches us, in every group there are bound to be outliers. Enter 10268 Vestas Wind Turbine, a set that sticks out from the crowd in every sense. A re-rerelease of set 4999 from 2008, which only saw limited release to Danish energy company Vestas’ employees, the new set has 826 pieces and is priced at $199.99. It will be available beginning on Black Friday (Nov. 23).

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Brickmania 1031 F-4C Phantom Supersonic Jet Interceptor custom LEGO kit [Review]

We’ve featured custom LEGO kits by Brickmania many times over the years, but Dan Siskind‘s small business has grown considerably since the last time we reviewed one of the company’s kits. Most notably, Dan himself is no longer the sole or even primary designer — great LEGO builders like Cody Osell now contribute many of the custom designs to the company’s products. While Dan is best known for tanks, Cody has designed most of Brickmania’s airplane models, including the F-4C Phantom II we’ll be reviewing today.

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