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A sequel to the “Chromalagous” dragon

If you have no knowledge of “Chromalagous” by awesome LEGO designer, Wes Talbott, stop right now and check it out. It’s one of my most favorite builds of all time! Now, if you’re familiar with that build, you might see similarities to this one. Wes hopes to create a rainbow of dragon busts at a slightly smaller scale to that of their predecessor – starting with this Red Chromatic Dragon. As with the last one, this dragon’s shaping is gorgeous and organic. It’s also inspired by D&D.

I’m a huge fan of the shape of the horns in particular, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the collection looks like! Stay tuned for more, but while you wait, check out some other builds of dragons. We’ve also created content surrounding some of Wes’ official designs for you to discover. For example, take a peek at the 21325 Medieval Blacksmith review and the modular 10270 Bookshop designer video.

This Clone Wars model is blasting off

This cleverly constructed build is a collaboration between Hp Bricks, who designed the head, and Glenn Tanner, who built the rest. The model shows the helmet and part of the torso of Gar Saxon, from the Clone Wars tv series. The aggressive style of the armour has been captured through the use of angled pieces which creates sharp and protruding details. The explosive fire from the jetpack provides the model with a unique aesthetic as normally body busts can be quite static. It’s probably not the focus of the build but there are ice cream parts in grey at the stand of the build representing smoke clouds from the jetpack. We don’t often see a head and torso sculpt like this in action, so this model is a welcome treat.

You’ve got a (LEGO) build in me

“Reach for the sky”, Star Wars helmets; Woody and Buzz can take it from here. Pixar fans will love these fun Toy Story builds from Rokan Cheung. Woody’s hat is a good blend of different shadows of brown, with Studs Not On Top approach. The eyebrows are a good choice, adding some life to the build, and the pink cheeks bring it all together.

Woody in Helmet style!!

Again, Rokan is killing it with the eyebrows. Using a whip for Buzz’s dimple (or beard? sound off in the comments!) is also great. The purple and green really sell this as our intrepid Space Ranger. I’d love to see Rokan continue the line with the rest of the Toy Story crew.

Buzz Lightyear in Helmet style!!

Star Trek: The Next Generation engage!

This new LEGO creation by Mikael Montelius features all your favorites from Star Trek: The Next Generation. From left to right we have Wesley and Beverly Crusher, Captain Picard, Data, LaForge, Riker, Troi and Worf. There aren’t many parts here but the likeness to each character is uncanny. I like that each shoulder is touching the next but is slightly askew. The base and the whole presentation makes for a handsome display that could adorn any desk or office. The formula is simple, yet brilliant. We’ve been smitten by Mikael’s work before but I can see this setting a trend for other builders to follow. Think about how this formula of characters on a neat linear display could work for other fun franchises like Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics, Harry Potter or…The Human Centipede. Sorry. I’ll just let myself out.