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Chainsaw Man: the demon-hunting lumberjack’s superhero

The best thing about Japanese anime and manga has to be how absolutely bonkers it can be. One minute you could be watching a heart-wrenching coming-of-age film that will bring you close to tears, the next you’re reading about a man with a chainsaw head and limbs who hunts demons. This beautiful madness is captured superbly in LEGO form by DeRa. Although Denji – the titular Chainsaw Man – does have saws for arms too, we’re presented with just the head here. That does mean the scale can be upped and we get the fantastic detail like the teeth and, er, teeth. It’s somewhat reminiscent of the helmets and busts we’ve had in LEGO sets for the past few years. Except a tad more eye-catching. Just a little bit.

LEGO Chainsawman