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These Gundam builds would make for great sets

Based on designs from the original Mobile Suit Gundam series, Rokan Cheung has built the main Gundam mech head and a BrickHeadz version of its pilot, Amuro Rey. A variety of slope and angled pieces have been used to create the complex shapes of the head. Corner panels are stacked together to form the vent sections on the sides of the helmet. The BrickHeadz build has some great features, such as croissants representing curls in the fringe and tooth pieces portraying sharp-pointed boots. With official LEGO set releases such as Voltron and Optimus Prime in recent years, maybe there’s potential that something like Rokan’s models might appear in the future.

Gundam RX78-2 in Helmet Style!!

Gundam grunt has a turn in the spotlight

Gundam mech designs are often covered in sharp angles, making it difficult to portray them in LEGO form. However, Derrick Li has done a fantastic job at recreating this GM mech from the Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt anime. Instead of going for a flat, plain visor, the green eye area protrudes out slightly in order to form a more circular shape for the head. The areas in dark turquoise are actually dark blue in the original design, but the color change in this model assists in accentuating the details of the torso.

The model also looks to be well articulated, and it comes equipped with a rifle and a beam saber. Macaroni pieces perfectly create the odd rounded feet of the mech.