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I’ve got the blues real bad

You’ve got to hand it to this mech for its commitment to that blue outfit. Is that how it works with mechs? They wake up one morning and sift through their wardrobe of sassy ensembles and decide…blue it is! Well, even if that’s not the way it is with mechs, you have to admire the craftsmanship of this LEGO creation by nobu_tary. Gundam fans would recognize this as the MS-07B Gouf, which I was already well aware of and definitely didn’t learn it from looking it up three minutes ago so don’t get that idea in your heads. This builder is on a roll lately with cool mechs. It turns out this mech has hundreds of friends you may want to check out, each with their own fabulous outfits.


The ultimate crossover anime movie of the century, if it ever happens

If the right copyright holders ever found a way to collaborate, any movie featuring this legendary trio would probably be an instant blockbuster hit. The Gundam RX-78-2, Voltron, and Optimus Prime all in a single scene saving the world is what Tom Vanhaelen teases us with. I found it quite delightful how Voltron was sized down tremendously from its official LEGO Ideas Voltron set using some of the printed parts and looks like a medium-sized model of its larger cousin.

RX-78-2 - Voltron - Optimus Prime

Colossal Gundam made with over 10,000 LEGO pieces and stands 3 feet tall

When LEGO artist Henry Pinto dreams of a project being envisioned, its always going to be a thrill and it never disappoints. Looking at it brings chills down our spine with the exceptionally detailed and accurate modelling of the Gundam RX78-02 from Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin. Fans of mecha surely buckle at their knees seeing this amazing mecha coming to life in LEGO. Thanks to Henry, we have exclusive never before seen photos of this amazing build in all its glory.

The RX78-02 stands 90cm tall (over 35 inches) and is made up of over 10,000 LEGO elements weighing around 10kg (22 lbs). Henry started building this back in May and recently completed in September – a total of 5 months and late nights, lunch breaks, and with constant tweaking to perfection. What makes it also outstanding is how it’s void of the typical LEGO studs that give it a clean and smooth finishing, never giving a hint that it was made with LEGO elements in the first place. 

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LEGO GAT-X105 Strike Gundam with AQM/E-X04 Gunbarrel Striker

The LEGO Ideas Voltron set has made me nostalgic for all the Giant Robot TV shows I watched as a kid back in Japan, not least of which was the fantastic Gundam. Two Rabbits shares my love of all things big and stompy, and demonstrates that passion with a series of really excellent Mobile Suits, kitted out with extra gear like the AQM/E-X04 Gunbarrel Striker pack with Strike Gundam from the SEED series. Beyond the rocket engines and weapons pods, the highly detailed frame itself is worth a closer look, with great shaping on the legs and torso, topped with the iconic Gundam head.


From the Wing series, the XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero features gorgeous angel wings and completely different detail on the mecha frame.


Go Gundam or go bust!

It only took less than two days for Eugene Tan to build this from a conceptual Lego Digital Design (LDD) file to a finished bust. Even if one isn’t a huge follower of the anime series you can tell that this is an excellent build with intricate details finished with an excellent base moulded to the headpiece. It’s particularly nice to see details around the neck area where it seemed like this headpiece was ripped out from its torso just for this display.

RX0 2

A closer look also shows how lighting has been integrated into the lens of the Gundam RX-O Unicorn.

RX0 12

You can’t go wrong with a big blue mech

I know it’s old hat at this point, but I still get a kick out of seeing LEGO builds that you need to stare at for a few seconds before you realise that it’s actually LEGO, and not a sculpted figurine or Gunpla Gundam model. The latest creation to do that is this elegant mech by Jayfa that goes by the name “Shin Calibur – Arturios”. The build is incredibly smooth with a lot of clever shaping work going into hiding studs and layering elements.


The use of colour is also a standout here. The main blue is accented nicely with the white and orange. There’s also that thin red strip for the eyes, which is actually a rubber band, and just enough stickers to add some small detailing in. Finally, this mech is surprisingly spry with a lot of articulation. There’s the old click joints in most of the limbs and a smaller ball joint for the head, meaning you can position it just like its non-LEGO counterparts.


Brick protector of the Earth Federation

Mecha builder Sam Cheng amazed us with his trio of Autobot Transformers, and he’s back again with another classic all-time favorite, the RX-78-2 Gundam. At an estimated 700 piece build weighing in at 0.66 pounds, Sam spent a period of 3 weeks with some amount of interruptions to build this detailed brick mecha including a good deal of time ensuring that he could capture a number of signature poses.

10. Gundam w Shield Front

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I may look friendly, but I assure you I’m not!

Gundam mechs never come in pink, but this mecha inspired by Gundam Barbatos built by d’ Qiu Brick demonstrates how a simple color change can bring out a new theme and even a potential following of a fanbase! Utilising great SNOT techniques adds to the visual appeal in a clean and sharp look overall. While it may not look as menacing as you would imagine, never judge a book by its cover – don’t underestimate that sword that stands as tall as the mech!

Gundam Barbatos

A Black Knight emerges

The inspiration for this exquisite mech is a cross between The Black Knight from the LEGO NEXO Knights theme and Kevin Low’s love for Gundam mecha. It’s fashioned to Kevin’s own interpretation, and inspired by the Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blood Orphans animated series. Not counting parts, which he estimates to be about 600 in all, it stands about 32 studs tall — a sturdy and highly posable build.

black knight final01

I particularly like how the trans-orange pieces are used and just ever-so-slightly exposed to give a feel of a slow burn and energy from within the mech suit.

For the inspired up-and-coming mecha builders out there, here’s a rare chance to peek at a clever construction. Hop over to a brief video showing the build for key parts of how the LEGO creation was assembled.

ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos Lupus

LEGO mecha builder Caleb L. has celebrated the new season of Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans by posting this lanky Gundam with a big sword and curvy horns.

ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos Lupus

The mecha is fully poseable, prepared to whack all comers with the aforementioned big giant sword.

ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos Lupus

I’m always fascinated by the underlying frames that LEGO mecha builders design as the skeletons for their big stompy robots. Caleb’s frame uses lots of clip connections with pneumatic T’s, and a ton of studs-out bricks (“Travis” bricks, headlight bricks, and so on) to affix the mecha’s skin.

ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos Lupus

Massive Gundam RX-78-2 Mobile Suit looks stunning in LEGO

We’ve featured dozens of LEGO Gundam models over the years, but this one by JAN LEGO just might be my favorite yet. From the grills on the side of Gundam’s head to the heat vents on the chest, this LEGO Gundam has every detail you’d expect from Bandai’s “Perfect” series of challenging plastic models. Though the builder didn’t share exact dimensions, it’s also a huge model, judging from the photos — I’m guessing at least two feet tall.


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LEGO model of Psycho Zaku from Gundam Thunderbolt

SPARKART! used around 2200 carefully selected and arranged LEGO pieces to create this model of the MS-06R High Mobility Type Zaku II from the anime/manga Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt, a gritty, violent, and dramatic sci-fi space war story. The model is about 1 foot wide, 1.5 feet high, and 1.5 feet long (30cm X 45cm x 45cm).