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This Gundam Wing mech is ready to lead the charge into battle

LEGO builder Andrej Ramires has built the Tallgeese based on one of the versions shown in Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Endless Waltz. Andrej has perfectly captured the look of the original mobile suit, from the rounded shapes of the armor to the smaller details such as the beam sabers hidden on the underside of the shield. The mech has a similar aesthetic to that of a centurion, with the red head tail and circular shield. The large gun has some nice details, including the use of a lamp piece portraying the tip of the gun. Those boosters on the back allow the Tallgeese to travel at high speeds and charge through its opponents with the powerful lance.

Try not to get crushed by this massive Gundam mech!

I’ve been following the progress of this build as it has slowly came together over the past few weeks, so it is very exciting to share the completed work with you all. Moko has built one of his largest and most expensive looking models to date, the build being based on the RMS-108 MARASAI from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. There’s so much to look at, even smaller details become interesting, such as the inner panels of the arm shield and the wide design of the head. Just making sure that this model can support its own weight must have been half of the challenge of constructing this goliath.


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This classic Gundam design is portrayed perfectly in LEGO form

Nobu_tary has created this accurate interpretation of the original Gundam from Mobile Suit Gundam. You can tell Nobu has studied the classic design as the proportions and angles of the mech have been faithfully recreated. A white boomerang piece represents the famous “V fin”, while the dark space between the eyes is created a quarter circle tile. Around the middle section is where the cockpit would be located, which portrayed by window frames placed sideways. Even the beam rifle has the stocky proportions of its original counterpart. Let’s hope that the shield is sturdy enough, as it would often get sliced up in the anime.

Gundam RX-78-2

The perfect combination of Star Wars and Gundam

This stunning model was created by Grammaticul with incredible renders by Tong Xin Jun. The build features elements of a classic X-Wing fighter incorporated into a Gundam mech. The red head crest is actually built to simulate the Rebellion symbol with a kunai piece creating the pointed centre. The X-Wing cockpit is embedded within the mech’s torso and features all main colours of a typical Gundam design. In this first image, there is also the nice touch of a snake piece representing smoke ascending from the barrel of the gun.

Gundam WING X-0 (X-Wing Gundam)

The wings and boosters are splayed out on the back of the model with vibrant pink engine details. Ninja daggers represent the tips of the laser guns which extend from the main wing segments.

Gundam WING X-0 (X-Wing Gundam)

With all that weight, it is no wonder that the model would need a stand. Perhaps we will see this build face off against a TIE fighter combined with a Zaku in the future. The intricate details of the model provide it with a slender and elegant style while having recognizable features of both an X-Wing and a Gundam.

Gundam WING X-0 (X-Wing Gundam)

Gundam Hazel is ready to hop into action

The Hazel mobile suit from Gundam is a fantastic design, as it portrays a chunky variant of the classic mecha design. It seems fitting that this build is by Two Rabbits, as the name of the Hazel was inspired by a character from Watership Down, which heavily features rabbits. The model captures of elements the original design, such as its broad shoulders and bulbous legs, which have translated perfectly into LEGO form. Covered in vents for manoeuvres in space, the most interesting interpretation, of the mech, is at the legs, where plate handle pieces have been used to represent different segments of the vents.


The version of the Hazel on the left has a booster pack on its back allowing it to blast through space. The rendition on the right features bulky arms which are nicely constructed and attached to the backpack. You can tell Two Rabbits has carefully studied the Hazel, as even the smallest of details have been recreated in this marvelous build.

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Gundam adversary is ready for a fight

The Zaku mech is an iconic staple in the Gundam franchise. Here, we can see builder Two Rabbits has created an advanced version, inspired by the Gundam Thunderbolt series. Enveloped in two shades of green with hints of orange and dark grey, the model has a colour scheme accurate to the original mech design. While the broad spiked shoulders provide the build with an aggressive look, the mech also has defensive options with arm shields attached to its backpack. The large amount of orange cones, scattered across the model, represent thrusters used for rapid maneuvers in space. The 1×1 connectors placed on flexible axles is a perfect technique for creating the piping details.


The model has great shaping overall, making its form easily recognisable to mech fans. You can check out more of our articles on mecha related builds here.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Cardboard’s Counterattack

It’s the day before a convention and you’ve got no costume. What do you do? All that’s in your room is cardboard boxes, filled with this year’s wave of new LEGO sets. Hmmm, if only there was some way to utilise the cardboard to make a costume…

Perhaps you need some inspiration from the Cardboard Gundam! This fun build by Tino Poutiainen is presented in a tan colour scheme that works perfectly for the model. The eyes are represented by Technic hole bricks and provides the model with a gormless expression. Even the floppy shield is great as the bend represents a fold in the cardboard. The application of stickers prevents the build from looking too plain and with an interesting selection used, see if you can recognise what sets the stickers are from. Armed with what appears to be a NERF gun and cardboard tube beam saber on its back, this must truly be the most powerful Gundam.

Cardboard Gundam

So, there you have it. How’s your costume looking now? What’s that? You spent all night building those LEGO sets instead? Good choice.

This huge Gundam is ready to stretch its wings

This epic build of the Freedom Gundam, from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, is a testament to the construction skills of LEGO builder Bruce Cheng. While the model is huge and should appear bulky, the large frame is blended into the sleek shaping of the mech. There’s a good mixture of brick and Technic-based building in just the right places, particularly in the shoulders where Technic panels are used to create smooth pointed angles.

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Say Hello to the Hygogg

From the anime, Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket, comes the weird humanoid octopus that is the Hygogg. Though it might not look like it, the Hygogg is an actually aquatic mech, used in special operations. Tino Poutiainen has captured the alien look of the original design while also adding his own unique style to the build. A variation of slope pieces have been used to great effect to create the wide shoulders and bulky wrists. The small pink eye in the centre of the torso could be the tip of a lipstick piece and the stickers used on the head are also accurate to the original design. Tino has done an excellent job of creating this oddly proportioned mech in LEGO form.


Mech behemoth towers over all

From the classic mecha anime, Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, Moko’s model of the Rick Dias comes loaded with weaponry. This red giant supports a long bazooka and also has a pair of beam pistols attached to its massive backpack. A variety of slope pieces have been used throughout the design, the most prominent being the slope 2 x 2 x 3 part. The unusual circular section in the chest has been created by using round corner 4 x 4 x 2 pieces.
The model packs a punch with its articulated hands and can pull off some impressive poses even with a hulking frame.
By building in this scale the model has enough detail to make it near identical to its anime counterpart. This is one for Gundam and mecha fans alike while also demonstrating an impressive show of Lego engineering.

I’ve got the blues real bad

You’ve got to hand it to this mech for its commitment to that blue outfit. Is that how it works with mechs? They wake up one morning and sift through their wardrobe of sassy ensembles and decide…blue it is! Well, even if that’s not the way it is with mechs, you have to admire the craftsmanship of this LEGO creation by nobu_tary. Gundam fans would recognize this as the MS-07B Gouf, which I was already well aware of and definitely didn’t learn it from looking it up three minutes ago so don’t get that idea in your heads. This builder is on a roll lately with cool mechs. It turns out this mech has hundreds of friends you may want to check out, each with their own fabulous outfits.


The ultimate crossover anime movie of the century, if it ever happens

If the right copyright holders ever found a way to collaborate, any movie featuring this legendary trio would probably be an instant blockbuster hit. The Gundam RX-78-2, Voltron, and Optimus Prime all in a single scene saving the world is what Tom Vanhaelen teases us with. I found it quite delightful how Voltron was sized down tremendously from its official LEGO Ideas Voltron set using some of the printed parts and looks like a medium-sized model of its larger cousin.

RX-78-2 - Voltron - Optimus Prime