This Zaku model from Gundam has some great proportions

LEGO builder Mingki_5729 has built this classic enemy grunt unit, featured across multiple Mobile Suit Gundam series. The chunky rounded form of the Zaku is accurately recreated in this build, from the wide calves to its broad shoulders. The model also looks to be poseable thanks to ball and socket joints. That sand green horn which looks perfect on the shoulder is fairly rare, having currently only appeared in four sets in that particular colour. Fun fact, the design of the actual Zaku took inspiration from a standard business suit—it’s amazing where designers get their ideas from!

1 comment on “This Zaku model from Gundam has some great proportions

  1. hntrains

    It has always amazed me how these creatures have such a small head. Perhaps, thinking is not one of their strengths, nor is it a desirable feature in an anthropomorphic machinery meant to instill fear and destroy life.

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