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We all love a good LEGO Gundam or Macross mecha, but LEGO builders everywhere are also creating excellent models of their own designs. Have a look at them here.

Like a fish outta water

Mammals aren’t the only creatures that want to explore environments that are clearly designed to kill them, and this bold fish adventurer is going where no fish has gone before, with the help of a shiny brass mech suit. Built by Andrew Lee, this clawed fish suit is basically an exercise in using the available inventory of pearl gold elements, which is a pretty limited offering, pulling from Hero Factory, the few basic elements that are available, and a variety of minifigure accessories.

Fish Boy!

Drop in and set Frontier worlds ablaze

The fun, fast-paced action of Titanfall 2 multiplayer is what hooks me in, but with my latest LEGO Titan I wanted to show appreciation for its well crafted single player campaign. To make a Titan build unique to campaign styling, I chose to build Kane’s Scorch Titan, the first boss Jack Cooper and BT-7274 fight in the campaign. Kane was like a stereotypical multiplayer gamer: overconfident, calling his opponents “scrub,” and easily defeated.

Kane's Scorch Titan - Titanfall 2

See more of Nick’s awesome Titanfall mech

Technology, uh, finds a way...

Sometimes to create an awesome new design you just have to skillfully mix a couple of the most trendy things. Anthony Wilson picked up dinosaurs and Nexo Knights, and the Tyrannosaurus Nex was born. Fast on foot, this monster has no mercy on the enemies of the Nexo kingdom. What I love the most about this creation is that it’s not just a dinosaur covered with laser guns, but an actual two-legged robot designed as a fierce animal.

Tyrannosaurus Nex

The LEGO cargo hauling Shell-Walker from Horizon Zero Dawn

German LEGO builder Marius Herrmann has quite an expansive army of LEGO ancient machines from Horizon: Zero Dawn. His latest, the Shell-Walker, is one of his most detailed machines yet. I love the way he achieved the pattern on the hexagonal container as well as his use of orange roller skates for the shield-generator claw and subtle mechanical bits on the legs.

Shell-Walker (from "Horizon Zero Dawn")

Marius’s Shell-Walker features an incredible range of motion, and the container on the back can be separated from the body.

Shell-Walker (from "Horizon Zero Dawn")

Be sure to check out his other Horizon: Zero Dawn builds which include the Thunderjaw and Corruptor.

A towering mech made out of towers

Inspired by Nexo Knights, LEGO 7 has built a mech worthy of a king. Now, there are official sets out there that explore the concepts of a mechanized fortress or the king’s personal battle mech, but LEGO 7 not only blows those two out of the water, but he also combines the two into a towering sight to deter any invaders, demonic or otherwise.

King's Battle Axe

The astonishing photography, including the clean view basically without reflections, the slightly upward angle and a colour gradient complimenting said angle present the build at a whole new level. The build uses some bricks one would never expect to see together in a single creation, like the large castle building piece as the cockpit in the middle and constraction armour pieces as leg armour. My favourite part besides the photography is the axe the mech is named after. The translucent part and the electricity look so dynamic, and I can almost hear the FZZZZTT!! coming from it!

There has never been a better time to fear spiders

If you’re afraid of spiders, look away now, because Leonid An built a particularly nasty one! This evil-looking mech combines arachnid and humanoid motives as it combines system and Bionicle parts from a technical viewpoint.

Spider — Plague Mech: Xi

Click to see the spider mech with more equipment

Prepare your 40,000 dice for battle

Warhammer 40,000 (40K) is a very iconic tabletop game, both with its gameplay and its unique art style. Said art style has inspired many builders to create LEGO Warhammer models, most recently Faber Mandragore with his Blood Angels Captain In Terminator Armour build. The chunky mecha and monsters with oversized weapons and edgy elements are just charming in a twisted way.

Blood Angels Captain In Terminator Armour

The builder has captured the feel of this style perfectly, even adding a little base much like the original figures. Various curves are achieved using all sorts of curved pieces – including car hood elements as oversized shoulderpads. I really like the hammer construction using gray ingot parts and the use of the U.F.O. alien helmet as the head.

Faber has also shared an armored Rune Priest, so perhaps we can look forward to a whole series of LEGO Warhammer units and character classes.

Rune Priest in Terminator Armour

Tron Legacy Battle Mechs

One of the latest sets from the LEGO Ideas product line, 21314 Tron: Legacy is a pretty great set, based on a pretty good sequel (my opinion is probably controversial). But if light cycles aren’t really your thing, Chak hei Mok has put together an awesome display of two fighting mechs using the same color scheme and a selection of choice parts from the official set.

TRON - Warfighter Mech

There are so many great details to call attention to. The black pointed shield pieces provide some excellent angles, those rims from the Speed Champion line as engine vents on the back of the legs, and those black silver bars add just the right amount of detail. Best of all, these mechs fit the minifigures from the set, and look great doing battle over the alternate configuration of the stand from the set.

TRON - Warfighter Mech

The Ma.K. mech with no neck

Maschinen Krieger-style mecha are a common theme among LEGO builders, but this one by Marco Marozzi has a particularly grotesque look that sets it apart from the crowd. With no neck and a large canon where you’d expect a head, the Carabinieri NSA support Mecha – Ma.k 8 looks like the sort of grisly machine you’d see patroling around District 9. Marco has made great use of multiple sand green elements from the short-lived Ben 10 theme’s Swampfire, and dotted it all over with repurposed minifigure tools.

Carabinieri NSA support Mecha – Ma.k 8

Scorch is the final LEGO Titan

Shortly before the release of Titanfall 2 in October 2016, talented builder Marius Herrmann uploaded uploaded his first Titan build of Ronin. After that he went on to recreate the rest of the mechs from the game, but stopped short of Scorch. But now Scorch has been completed, and it may be the best of the bunch.

Scorch (from "Titanfall 2")

Like the other Titans, Scorch was done in his base colour, which translated into mostly light tan. But the amount of added detail from black, dark tan and a few printed pieces make this far from boring. The overall shaping is just about perfect but it’s the small details that make this build so incredible. This continues around the back of the build and you can spend a long time staring at this and pointing out all the great parts usage. The only thing that’s really missing is the thermite launcher, but that’s more than forgiven here.

Scorch (from "Titanfall 2")

Geoffrey the Giraffe returns with a LEGO mech to save Toys R Us

Geoffrey the Giraffe is an ungulate pushed too far. In 2016 he was turned into an official LEGO set that everyone called “creepy” and “dumb”. Now in 2018 his company is going out of business and all anyone seems to care about is what percentage discount they’ll get on the remaining stock. Well no longer. Andrew Lee has given Geoffrey what he needs to get his revenge… a mech with dual machine guns.

Geoffrey's Revenge

Drama aside, this joke build is actually great. I love the use of old printed pieces, especially the stars which match up with the ones on Geoffrey. The snowflake pieces on the guns for muzzle flash are nice touches, and the contrast between the colour of the mech and the Giraffe is clever. The best parts usage is obviously the new, angry eyes though.

Striking blue protector of humanity

Inspired by Pacific Rim, Marco De Bon adds a new mech to his expansive collection. Marco is one of the better builder of classic LEGO mecha out there and he shows that very well in his latest build.

Lego JG-01 "Midnight Ranger"

The carefully distributed dark red and blue plating over a silver and gray construction is striking and shows complete control over the shape and colour scheme simultaneously. The use of ribbed hoses in the body and neck gives a realistic impression of functional robot parts, but the best thing is a minifig firefighter mask with a gold visor used as the mech’s head.