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We all love a good LEGO Gundam or Macross mecha, but LEGO builders everywhere are also creating excellent models of their own designs. Have a look at them here.

A peacekeeping mech that makes us smile

Usually when we show you a mech we go on to talk about the guns and other armament the mech has. But today we have a LEGO creation by Abraham Calderon called S.M.I.L.E. which stands for Strategic Machine Intelligence Loaded Exosuit. While well-built mechs can often make us smile it is a rare occasion when a mech smiles back. But here we are. Abraham tells us this is an AI assisted piloted mech designed for peacekeeping operations. Being former military myself I know that “peacekeeping operations” can sometimes be a euphemism for “lots of guns”. Funny how that works out! Still, I like to presume that this is a cuddly, fun-loving mech who just wants to hang out and maybe have some pizza. If you care to hang out for awhile, check out some of these other awesome mechs we’ve featured lately.


Getting a leg up on the enemy

LEGO builder Marius Herrmann has been on a quest to design what he calls “Fashion Robots,” that is, cool LEGO mechs and robots that employ some of LEGO’s most unusual elements, the cloth apparel items that show up from time to time in official sets, most prominently the Scala and Belville themes from the 90s and early 2000s. We’ve covered quite a few of these excellent Fashion Robots already, and this one marks Marius’ ninth with a cool dark tan color scheme. It employs Scala pants as the coverings for its four legs, but it’s actually the rest of the design that has me interested.

Sentry “Peucaea” 10E-R

The silver ingots make great durable armor cladding on the legs, while the molded-in speakers from the boomboxes are perfect grilled covers for a missile launcher. A variety of dark tan curved slopes and arches make an interesting body, while the mech is topped with a three-barrel Gatling that’s strapped together with stretched rubber tires and a set of Tauntaun reins.

The rise of the DUPLO bunnies

LEGO DUPLO animals might not seem the most approachable for a model. To start with, there’s the challenge of working around the scale and system differences. Also personally, it’s slightly unnerving to see googly-eyed, toddler-friendly counterparts of some of my favorite brick animals, e.g. the DUPLO goat. But Simon Liu presents a clear solution— just suit them up! Add some expert greebling, equip them with some blasters and now these giant bunnies are capable of doing a whole lot more.

Bunnies Rise up!

Got a soft spot for adorable animals in mech suits? Simon has also created a fluffier variation of the bunny mechs above, the DUPLO bunny plush mech.

Spider-bots of the apocalypse!

Not much still stands of the dead cities, but the twisted ruins make for good cover and even better hunting grounds.” That is the tagline provided for this LEGO render by _Regn. There’s a lot to love here. The dilapidated arching structure is particularly striking and there’s the post-apocalyptic guy doing post-apocalyptic stuff in the background there. The mech-tank-spider though…that’s going to haunt my dreams for a while. It’s just your typical stuff that goes on in the mind of this particular builder. Upon further inspection, there is really nothing typical about this builder at all. They’re new to us here at The Brothers Brick but with creations this imaginative we’ll surely keep all eight eyes in their direction; poised and ready to pounce on what they may do next.


Roller skating bot makes quite a splash

Choosing a background is an important part of photographing any subject, but when it comes to LEGO creations, it is especially critical for helping your creation stand out. Or, in the case of this cute little bot by Titolian, perhaps to blend in. It may seem to be an unusual choice, but somehow, with the bright color, and all of the gray and white details, it works remarkably well. As we contemplate this charming roller-skating robot, we are left to wonder if its intentions are playful, or painful.


“Honey, where are my pants?”

The title was used in both LEGO movies and references an entire series that entertained the citizens of Bricksburg about a guy who is perpetually perplexed about the whereabouts of his pants. This “Piranga” Heavy Artillery 53-R bot is most definitely wearing a pair of red Scala pants but not in the most obvious way. It has an extra set of arms at the waist and the pants are acting as sleeves! This bot also makes use of two LEGO gel pens as guns. It just goes to show that talented builders like Marius Herrmann can make use of even the most “useless” of pieces. This is part of a series of fashion-forward robots he’s been building. We’ve been following them closely and I suggest you sashay over to the Brothers Brick runway to check out more of these fashionable robots.

“Piranga” Heavy Artillery 53-R

We could all use more capes around here

You could say LEGO builder Marius Herrmann is having the best month ever. Earlier I raved about a Police Enforcer bot in a fashionable blue jacket. Then my colleague “Mr. Waffles” picked up a scoop about a flying bot in a sweet pair of Scala pants. Now I’m here again and this time Marius presents a 51L “Elanoides”-NC Enforcer adorned in a ragged cape. What can I say? I’m a fan of all these fashion-forward bots. It doesn’t hurt that the build techniques here and photography are on a whole ‘nother level.

51L  "Elanoides"-NC Enforcer

Why don’t you build something cool that’ll attract our attention? That’s how this all works, you know. You build something neat, we feature it, and the world turns. Shampoo, rinse, repeat. It just seems that Marius shampoos and repeats more often than most and that means clean hair and job security for us!

The hare of the bunny that bit me

A Gatling gun, grappling hook, chainsaw, and an unfolding semaphore tower is not the kind of things you’d usually associate with little pink bunnies. But LEGO builder Ted Andes has done just that with this Nousagi (野ウサギ) Reconnaissance Tank. This mech-tank looks like it means serious business. However, just a few pretty pink touches and bunny stickers clue us in that one can pilot a tank and still have a playful personality. The open hatch gives us a glimpse of a playful young driver who can still get down to brass tacks when serious reconnaissance stuff needs to happen.

Nousagi 野ウサギ

Weather or not you like this mech, it’s great

When looking for hyper-realistic mechs with great part usage, you know you can count on Marco Marozzi to provide the goods. The Marine N3 Mech feels even more realistic than usual, too, with that great weathering. But don’t discount the minifigure rebreather accessory in the helmet, the snowshoes in the feet, and those decidedly old-school Throwbot visors as shoulder pads. Marco is sometimes known for bending LEGO “purist” rules and incorporating parts from “other leading brick brands”, and I think I see a few of them here, too. But once again, I can’t complain because the end result is just so sweet.


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Me not Grimlock, me MechaGodzilla!

Mecha Godzilla is the best Godzilla who isn’t really Godzilla. Kelvin Low (chubbybots) shares an amazing take on this iconic monster, who seems ready to take on all comers. Described by the builder as “a fusion of King Gogulas from Zoids and Kiryu from Godzilla”, I can’t help but notice the color choices, too. Those remind me strongly of Nexo Knights, adding another fun layer of meta.  I love those huge stompy feet and the central-check cockpit. It really is a thing of beauty.

Even better, there’s a video that lets you get an up-close and personal look at this creation!

There’s more Godzilla-related fun in our archives, too.

The next phase in chicken walker evolution

When hearing the term “chicken walker”, one tends to think of the famous AT-ST walkers from Star Wars. Those vehicles set the trend for walkers with avian-style legs, where the ankle joint is pronounced like a backward knee. Tim Goddard, co-author of LEGO Space: Building the Future, built a Space Police mech wholly inspired by avian anatomy. Not only the legs are inspired by “chicken walkers,” but the body and head resemble a bird as well. It’s always a welcome sightseeing a new addition to Tim’s already extensive Space Police fleet. This time, he used the new Space Policeman in the most recent LEGO Collectible Minifigures not only as parts but as an excuse to always keep on building Space Police!

Avian style space police walker

And by looking at the details on this build, his creations never disappoint. The highlight of this build is how Tim cleverly assembled the satellite dish using handlebars to create a circular shape. But the rear thrusters made up of Technic piston engine parts has got to be my favourite detail. The grey looks out of place from the blue and black color scheme, almost tacked on as an afterthought. It’s like someone decided to plonk on rockets to this mech so it can receive a boost to help with pursuits over uneven terrain.

See more of Tim’s amazing space-themed creations here!

Mechanical knight in shining armour

There is just something about mechs built from LEGO. It’s almost as if recent smooth pieces like tiles, slopes, and curves exist solely for mechs. Alvaro Gunawan uses a seamless combination of common LEGO elements to create XR-1 Vilthuril – an elegant mech with clean armour and very little exposed innards. There are very few studs on this clean, almost minimal build. I love how a transparent green eye and torso window breaks up the bright grey and white colour scheme. What’s more: the detachable back mounted rocket engine doubles as a shield.

XR-1 Vilthuril

A fun fact about this build: this was submitted to us on our brand new Discord server! Head on over there to join the discussion with your fellow readers!