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We all love a good LEGO Gundam or Macross mecha, but LEGO builders everywhere are also creating excellent models of their own designs. Have a look at them here.

Need a mech for desert combat? This one is more than ready

Moko has created this fantastic mech in a tan colour scheme, perfectly suited for blending in with desert terrain. The build has a stocky appearance suggesting this machine is heavily armoured and can take a beating. Some of the most interesting details can be found in the design for the dust covers over the joints. At first glance, it doesn’t even look like any recognizable LEGO piece but they are actually made of the lower half of ninja mask pieces stacked on top of each other.

LEGO Mech/Exo-suit 08

Equipped with a rifle, missile launcher, and a heavy cannon, the mech has the ability to do some serious damage on the battlefield.

LEGO Mech/Exo-suit 08

There is also a video that demonstrates some of the building techniques which Moko has used to create this impressive machine. Another cool feature that can be seen in the video is the use of coffee cups as missile pods.

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This classic Gundam design is portrayed perfectly in LEGO form

Nobu_tary has created this accurate interpretation of the original Gundam from Mobile Suit Gundam. You can tell Nobu has studied the classic design as the proportions and angles of the mech have been faithfully recreated. A white boomerang piece represents the famous “V fin”, while the dark space between the eyes is created a quarter circle tile. Around the middle section is where the cockpit would be located, which portrayed by window frames placed sideways. Even the beam rifle has the stocky proportions of its original counterpart. Let’s hope that the shield is sturdy enough, as it would often get sliced up in the anime.

Gundam RX-78-2

Some of the best bots are built for hard work

When you design a mechanical marvel to do your heavy lifting, you might as well make it modular, so you can re-configure it to manage the heavy loads in whatever form they take. The Configurable Utility Bot Ecosystem, or CUBE, by Simon Liu is one of a squad of cube-shaped bots that have fully interchangeable legs, arms, and utility tools. The crane looks like it could handle almost any load.


In case you are hungry for more, here’s the mech from all sides. And if you look closely, you’ll see the pilot is not a mere human, but an adorable three-eyed alien. Who better to operate the claw?


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If you need to start a fire, this robot may be able to give you a hand

This fiery machine was built by Alex_mocs and uses a variation of unusual parts. To begin with, the head is represented by part of a midak skyblaster from the Bionicle theme. The main weapon of this robot is the flamethrower on one of its arms which appears to use a spring from a shock absorber piece. Tyres cover up some of the exposed sections of the joints, making the build feel all the more complete. What about the odd cloth piece around the neck? It is actually a sail piece of the Silent Mary ship from the Pirates of the Caribbean set.


From the video, you can see the model has a fuel tank on its back which is portrayed by the storage section of the midak skyblaster.

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All right, you know the drill

TBB alumn Simon Liu definitely knows the drill, as this nifty LEGO bot shows. In a striking yellow and dark blue industrial color scheme, this bot looks like what I always hoped LEGO’s various mining themes would be (first Rock Raiders in 1999, then Power Miners a decade later). It does sport that huge chrome drill that only ever came in a pair of Rock Raiders sets, and subsequently doesn’t get used in fan creations nearly as much as I’d like.


Oh, and did I mention the bot is modular? And that Simon has built more than one?

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Destroy the environment with more efficiency, eh

LEGO builder Titolian brings you the formidable LumberMech M-3000. In his own words, this mech is “the finest piece of logging equipment to ever come from the forestry mechsperts of Northern Canada, this behemoth comes equipped with every tool needed to level acres upon acres of natural beauty. Its innovative internal engine runs entirely on maple syrup, making it one of the first tools that actively destroys its own fuel source. We didn’t think that one through…” Thankfully this would be the first and only time anyone has thought up a short-sighted solution to a difficult problem in the history of the world so we should be in the clear, right? It’s easy to forgive clearcutting on such a colossal scale when it’s done in an awesome plaid shirt. I mean, look at it! I’m smitten! We’ve been charmed by this builder’s work before. Check out what I mean here.

The LumberMech M-3000

The mechanical Huntsman never stops its search for prey

In usual fashion, builder Mitsuru Nikaido is back with another Mechanical Creature. This time it’s a Huntsman spider with some heavy Matrix vibes. This builder always has clever parts usage paired with an iconic color scheme that is simple but recognizable.

LEGO Mecha Huntsman spider_05

This model’s feature part would probably be the skis used in each of the spindly legs. But if you look closely, they’re also in the mouth of this creepy guy. Runner-up for parts usage would be the hinged bar holder, which is used to add some rigidity to the legs as well as to emulate the spider’s eight eyes. That Sentinel-style cephalothorax is a tight build that uses a Hero factory chest plate and hinged panels to hide its inner workings.

LEGO Mecha Huntsman spider_08

The abdomen continues the trend of the hinged panels to capture its curves. I always love how Mitsuru uses hoses and angled tiles in his models.

LEGO Mecha Huntsman spider_04

Hopefully, we never have these running around like the Boston Dynamic Spot bots showing up more prevalently nowadays. I will have no defenses against their terror.

TBB Cover Photo for October 2021: Gladiator mechs

Are you not entertained?” Former LEGO Masters contestant Aaron Newman presents his latest creation: gladiator mechs. While similar in style, each mech is unique and distinguishable. The yellow winged “Bugbite” has insect like features and reminds me of the iconic Bumblebee. The dual wielding “Whiplash” stands tall and majestic like some of LEGO’s larger mech sets. “Pinhead” is capable of delivering heavy blows with a second set of arms. These builds may be on the smaller size, they are meant to represent massive battle bots piloted by a “trophyfig.”

Gladiator Mechs

With this scale established, we now have to look up at them, as Aaron’s photography and editing gets us to do. The lighting of the actual build is interesting and allows them to blend in with the custom background of a futuristic stadium that Aaron carefully crafted. This unconventional composition gives the impression of a render, or even a shot from a high budget film. Aaron has really gone above and beyond to present his amazing builds in outstanding ways.

You can see more of Aaron’s build’s here

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What’s tiny and cute and stomps around on 3 legs?

What’s tiny and cute and stomps around on 3 legs? The Niffler, of course! Provided he’s piloting this unusual LEGO mech by Andreas Lenander, that is. The adorable little creature from the Wizarding World is surely up to something cute, and when was the last time you saw a 3-legged mech with claw hands? The bit of bright foliage in the background is also the perfect accompaniment to this build. It’s amazing how just adding a touch of scenery like that can give a whole new dimension to a quick build like this mech.

MECHtober - Niffler I

Praying Mantis-inspired mech that won’t bite your head off... or will it?

When the apocalypse finally happens, and a new intelligent species rises from the ashes to rebuild the world, this mantis mech load lifter will be an essential part of the re-construction. Built using the HOME DEPOT brand palette by G rammaticul, at least you won’t have any trouble seeing it rolling through the jungle to drop a heavy crate on your foot. Or your head. The legs look super-sturdy using a double ball joint at the abdomen, and that leather seat made from brown ingot pieces looks like it might even cushion your bum, except I don’t think the driver of this mech would need to worry about that.

THDE 2400 M-49 "Mantis"

This massive mech is ready to do some serious damage

LEGO builder Blair Archer has created this fantastic model, armed with a mixture of cannons, missile launchers, Gatling guns and more. The build has an aggressive, militaristic appearance which is reminiscent of the mechs featured in the Metal Gear franchise. The huge missile launchers at the shoulders appear to be using red projectiles, from the Bionicle Mahri sets, as rockets. In order to create the Gatling guns at the centre of the model, Blair has cleverly used tyres stretched around bar parts. The central laser or camera is represented by the reverse side of a lipstick piece, creating a fearsome retical.

Interstellar Defense Corps T-REX

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When it comes to armored mechs, two is better than one

If one pilot is good, then two must be better, according to Alvaro Gunawan, or maybe this mech is so hard to control, it requires two pilots, like the Jaegers from Pacific Rim. In any case, this hulking black mech sports a heavy-hitting rifle, and two shoulder-mounted rail guns. The model looks like it is fairly pose-able, as well.

BM-02 Lapine

Seen from the back, there are some nice details, like two thruster engines, two fuel pods, and those two little thruster flaps above each knee.

BM-02 Lapine