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We all love a good LEGO Gundam or Macross mecha, but LEGO builders everywhere are also creating excellent models of their own designs. Have a look at them here.

And the Pacific Rim Uprising mechs come rolling in

The original Pacific Rim was a huge inspiration for many LEGO builders. The Jaeger were an obvious choice for mech builders and we saw a tonne of recreation of them at various scales. With the second movie, Uprising, out soon, we’re starting to see the same thing happen again. Talented builder Kelvin Low, whose amazing custom LEGO Hulkbuster we featured earlier this week, is responsible for this Bracer Phoenix rendition. That’s the mech from the trailer with what looks like a morning star attached to one arm.


If you want to make you own, you’re in luck. This 22-minute video uploaded by the builder will show you exactly how Kelvin created this custom mech.

Finally, if tan’s just not your colour, Gipsy Avenger has also been made, complete with its own build video.

Gipsy Avenger 01

A mech of two parts

It’s usually a good idea to liven up the standard sci-fi grey builds with a few bright accent colours. Builder Chris Perron has taken that to another level with this mech build, which is half boring grey, and half of the brightest green LEGO makes. Aside from the colour difference, notice that the grey areas are relatively flat and uniform, while the green ones are more wild, using a tonne of little pieces to add in as much detail as possible. I see telephones, Bionicle masks and a lot of Hero Factory minifig legs built in here. There’s also an alien platen build for the mech to be posed on and a few soldiers to accompany it.


An armour of metal protecting a body of metal

I think it is hard to find a person that would not enjoy some good mecha every now and again, especially in the LEGO fan community, where mecha are one of the cornerstone themes. Cnsm‘s mech is not the first nor the last we will see, but it definitely brings unique ideas to the table.

2nd work

The build has both a robust, armoured look, and a strange sense of elegance. Colour blocking around the waist shows some mechanical parts under the armour, really giving it a realistic feel. The armour itself is the main part though, achieving a smooth streamlined design using a mixture of System, Technic, Bionicle and construction parts. The only type of bricks missing seems to be DUPLO!

2-man mech packs quite a punch

This stylish mech by Marco De Bon is giving off a serious anime vibe, from the massive, multi-angled feet to the rounded shoulders, not to mention the dual mounted guns on the back. The pilot’s rig is surprisingly simple but very well designed. I also love the mech sized pistols.

Lego MSX-03 "Blastar"

Bonus: this mech actually features 2 cockpits, allowing the gunner to ride in the back panel.

Lego MSX-03 "Blastar"

Touch of lime makes for a refreshing mech

Well here’s a LEGO mech model which breaks the mould — it’s not grey for a start! Jayfa‘s creation is a creative mix of Technic parts, “Constraction” big-fig pieces, and regular LEGO, and it looks awesome. The hunched over shoulders and the “face” lend it an appealingly sinister aspect, and the lime green highlights provide impressive visual pop. A closer look reveals a wonderful depth of detail within the black greebling, giving the whole thing a Giger-esque, techno-organic styling — further enhanced by those demonic legs and cloven hooves. Nice flamethrower too!


Mining minerals on Mars in a mech

The Life on Mars theme seems to be mostly forgotten by most LEGO fans, its nostalgia overshadowed by the more memorable early Star Wars and Bionicle sets. Some people, including Henry F., still seem to remember this lost jewel and give it the publicity it deserves — because it really was an imaginative theme with a positive message, unlike the loose reboot known as Mars Mission.

Life on Mars - Mining Exosuit

I love how elegant and compact the exo-suit is, with just enough exotic Technic pieces to give some texture while keeping the build clean. A few splashes of orange help the build catch the eye, and the tan used for tool-hands is a nice touch. A Martian figure fits in snugly and the lazy-looking alien looks like he is quite comfortable. It should also be noted that the use of the reddish background really helps create the feel of the red planet.

Is this inquisitive robot sentient or just performing a task?

In many movies depicting robots, artificial intelligence (A.I.) and the challenge of determining whether an A.I. is sentient often develops as part of the plot. Movies and shows like Westworld, Star Wars, and Short Circuit all feature robots that appear to share more human emotions like empathy, curiosity, hurt, anger. This LEGO mecha built by Nick Dryvvall captures the impression of robot sentience in my mind. The crouched pose, inquisitively reaching out to touch something newly discovered is reminiscent of a child crouching with the same intent. I find it most endearing and I can almost hear a few delighted little beeps emanating from the captivated robot.

SBM8 Grifon (Inquisitive)

The same mecha looks altogether different in a more agressive pose with its inquisitive arm stowed and weapons at the ready.

SBM8 Grifon (3/4)

Say hello to my belly button blaster

LEGO mecha-building master Moko has done it again with his AM-01 alien mecha. The build features seamless integration of System pieces with parts from the Stormtrooper constraction figure to give the build curves and shapes not possible with normal bricks.


Although I wasn’t sure of the choice at first glance, I like the pearl brown accents under the arms, as it makes for a more original color combination. And yes, it does appear to have some sort of cannon for a belly button.

Spacesuit! Spacesuit! SPACESUIT!

Well, okay, strictly-speaking it’s an Exo-Suit, but I’m sure Benny the Spaceman would still love this Neo Classic Space-styled exoskeleton by Devid VII. There’s an obvious nod to the Pete Reid’s original LEGO Ideas Exo-Suit set, but the frame is much tighter and more compact, and the mechanical-looking greebley detailing is altogether different. Normally I’m not a fan of models set against broader backdrops of the same colour, however the photography and image processing here is excellent, using depth of focus to ensure the central model doesn’t get lost. And all that work allows the use of the detailed space hangar backdrop — lovely sci-fi goodness.

Mini Exo Suit

Stand back or you’ll get burned

The creation of LEGO Mech models is in intricate process whose complexity is often under-appreciated. While most LEGO creations are static and fixed in place, a well-built mech often has multiple points of articulation, and requires sufficient balance along with flexible poseability. The play factor is something that you can’t really feel from a photo, but only appreciate its looks from a design perspective. I’ve been lucky enough to hold this creation by Benjamin Cheh in my own two hands, allowing me to see in detail how the parts provide maximum articulation of shoulders, arms, and wrists, and how it all fits into place in a modular fashion.

AAMS BR15 Barch “Firestarter” Mk1.jpg

Hit more to have a closer look at this fire beast in detail

Easily lift up to 10 tons with the Raptor Mobile Crane powersuit

Dutch builder Pico van Grootveld has been building a series of “Raptor” powersuits over the past few weeks, but his latest is definitely my favorite. The mobile crane variant looks great in yellow with the red crane boom, complemented by warning labels and a whole bunch of gears and other exposed machinery.

Raptor series: Mobile Crane

See more of Pico’s great powersuits in classic LEGO themes

LEGO Horizon: Zero Dawn Corruptor war machine

Marius Herrmann shows his mastery in constructing machinery from video games with this Corruptor from Horizon: Zero Dawn. His intricate use of Bionicle pieces, minifigure utensils, and string throughout add to the intimidating appearance. However, it’s the techniques to create the tail claw that is most outstanding to me.

Corruptor (from "Horizon Zero Dawn")

If you enjoyed Marius’s Corruptor, you may also like his colossal Thunderjaw, or try your own hand at constructing Wayne de Beer’s Tallneck.