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Fight or flight? This pteranodon has chosen both!

Sure, you might be cool. But are you chasing-conquistadors-on-a-pteranodon-through-the-jungle cool? Oh, you’re the guy who bulit this – Mihał Ch (BardJaskier). Then yes, you certainly are! Those Imperial soldiers probably didn’t sign up for fighting flying dinosaurs. I’d say they want to watch where they’re running, though. Mihał’s jungle is well-built and dense with vegetation. If it can conceal a creature that’s supposedly been dead for millions of years in its canopy, I dread to think what’s lurking in the river that they’re running straight towards…

Welcome to the jungle!

Just when you thought it was safe to walk past LEGO barns...

Even if your aim’s so terrible that you can’t hit the broadside of a barn, you can certainly use one to hide, as we see in this LEGO vignette by Mihał Ch (BardJaskier). With an army dressed similarly to the 10297 Boutique Hotel staff hiding in the foreground, my attention is drawn to the expect expert techniques used in the granary. Brown brick-built doors look sturdy as can be and the foundation is appropriately cobbled. But it’s those thick black lines framing the structure that really make the building pop. Make sure to zoom in and check out the cheese slope technique used to get those smooth diagonal lines.

Ambush at the Granary

Where the explorers are tiny and the perils huge!

Gnomes are tiny mythical creatures of European folklore. With that said, it is possible that the monster spider in the center of this LEGO creation by Mihał Ch is normal-sized. Still, a spider of any size gives me the heebie-jeebies so I wouldn’t want to be that wee little gnome explorer. It looks like he’s about to become a snack! I may stick around just long enough to admire the neat build techniques used in this underground terrain; the rocks and web design are amazing. The entire diorama is only six studs deep but the amount of detail rendered makes the cave seem to go on forever. But still, let’s hope the other things we feature soon will be less spider-centric!

Gnome Explorer

And Then... Dark Wizard Summoned Stone Golem!

LEGO fans are nerds and that is just the way I like them. One of the best things for me is when hobbies cross-over. Here we see a Dungeons & Dragons inspired LEGO creation by Mihał Ch. The scene is quite cleverly done. There’s a bunch of kids playing the popular game in a basement. In the clouds we get a look at the adventure the kids are having in the world of their imagination. It is nice to see how the minifigures of the kids and the minifig statuette reflect their imagination counterparts very well. It is nice to see the hooded statuette pop up as the bad guy and the Heroica micro figure gets to play a role too. Now all I want to do is clear out my LEGO table and start playing a board game or two.

And Then... Dark Wizard Summoned Stone Golem!

Maybe a Jedi, but not a mechanic

Season two of the Disney+ streaming series The Mandalorian presses on, and in episode four, a very toasted Razor Crest starship makes its way through space as Din Djarin continues on in his quest to reunite the child with his kind. Mihal builds a humorous scene out of LEGO from this episode of the child who is small enough to fit into some crevices and able to get to some electronics necessary for repair, unfortunately, this type of work may not be the child’s calling.

The build for the child here actually looks like a miniature version of the buildable child with his legs and torso being largely brick-built; it looks like many small plates and tiles in tan were utilized for this portion. The child’s head consists of slopes and bricks in sand green, his eyes being the same ones used in the dewback build from the 2019 Escape Pod vs. Dewback micro-fighters set. This built scene is not only expertly executed but also makes great use of wire-like elements and other small pieces like the lightsaber hilts. As always, I cannot wait to see more builds inspired by the show.