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Got anything that needs tormenting? Cuz I’m The Tormentor. It’s what I do.

My little brother may have described me The Tormentor in the 80s because I might have convinced him that the president was going to send missiles to our house if he wasn’t a good boy. In my defense, Your Honor, it was the 80s and, with plentiful stock footage of MX Missiles on TV, it was easy to convince him of self-caused, yet hilarious impending doom. Plus he was a toddler and toddlers just aren’t cool. So, one could argue, that he really had it coming. While you’re mulling over that legal defense check out this LEGO creation by Titolian. It’s called The Tormentor and apparently it’ll be featured in the game Destiny II: Lightfall.


A fresh take on classic space

The recent release of LEGO’s revamped Galaxy Explorer has put a lot of builders in a Neo Classic Space frame of mind. This creation from Titolian combines that classic color scheme with a healthy dose of angles and curves. The result is an insectoid-style craft that leaves us itching to own one ourselves. If you dig this, make sure to check out more of Titolian’s clever characters and spectacular spacecraft in our archives.

Star Striker LL 608

An organic spaceship fresh off the vine

It’s always cool when a someone builds something that looks so organic, so alive, out of LEGO. This alien spaceship by Titolian doesn’t disappoint! There are some unique curves on this build, making great use of the tentacle and horn pieces. The long tentacles, or maybe bones, break up the ship’s sections through visual lines. The cockpit of the spaceship reminds me of a predator warrior mask from the Predator franchise with that broad canopy and orange piping details. Some of my favorite parts of the ship are the circular thrusters on the wings. I just really like how they’re almost detached, as if they’re suspended by emitters in the surrounding tentacle structures. These sorts of design choices are interesting, because they push builders in their creativity to suspend but also support the elements.

The Fremmed

Destroy the environment with more efficiency, eh

LEGO builder Titolian brings you the formidable LumberMech M-3000. In his own words, this mech is “the finest piece of logging equipment to ever come from the forestry mechsperts of Northern Canada, this behemoth comes equipped with every tool needed to level acres upon acres of natural beauty. Its innovative internal engine runs entirely on maple syrup, making it one of the first tools that actively destroys its own fuel source. We didn’t think that one through…” Thankfully this would be the first and only time anyone has thought up a short-sighted solution to a difficult problem in the history of the world so we should be in the clear, right? It’s easy to forgive clearcutting on such a colossal scale when it’s done in an awesome plaid shirt. I mean, look at it! I’m smitten! We’ve been charmed by this builder’s work before. Check out what I mean here.

The LumberMech M-3000

LEGO Raz from Psychonauts is here to blow your mind

Based on the main character Razputin (Raz) of the platformer video game Psychonauts, in which a young boy with growing mental powers enters the minds of other characters to unlock clues and gain allies in his effort to stop an evil plot, this model by Titolian is spot-on. The character has a Tim Burton or Coraline vibe, with his large head and spindly but fairly pose-able limbs. He stands poised atop a brain with a door, which is inspired by the games promotional material. His goggles are made from the large Minions set, and that’s not the only part from the Minions theme. The flat mouth is made from two tiles from the Minions BrickHeadz


Roller skating bot makes quite a splash

Choosing a background is an important part of photographing any subject, but when it comes to LEGO creations, it is especially critical for helping your creation stand out. Or, in the case of this cute little bot by Titolian, perhaps to blend in. It may seem to be an unusual choice, but somehow, with the bright color, and all of the gray and white details, it works remarkably well. As we contemplate this charming roller-skating robot, we are left to wonder if its intentions are playful, or painful.


Negative space is still space.

I love it when builders take their creations in unique directions. That’s exactly what Théo has done with The Chord. The wings and twin forks of this craft are built from negative space and a very unusual LEGO element- string. Light grey and lime elements combine with the transparent neon-yellow canopy in perfect harmony. The result is music to my ears and a very different take on the whole Vic Viper concept. Who knew that was even possible in this day and age?

The Chord (2)

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