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Roller skating bot makes quite a splash

Choosing a background is an important part of photographing any subject, but when it comes to LEGO creations, it is especially critical for helping your creation stand out. Or, in the case of this cute little bot by Titolian, perhaps to blend in. It may seem to be an unusual choice, but somehow, with the bright color, and all of the gray and white details, it works remarkably well. As we contemplate this charming roller-skating robot, we are left to wonder if its intentions are playful, or painful.


Negative space is still space.

I love it when builders take their creations in unique directions. That’s exactly what Théo has done with The Chord. The wings and twin forks of this craft are built from negative space and a very unusual LEGO element- string. Light grey and lime elements combine with the transparent neon-yellow canopy in perfect harmony. The result is music to my ears and a very different take on the whole Vic Viper concept. Who knew that was even possible in this day and age?

The Chord (2)

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