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Even if you’re not an Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo gamer yourself, and even if you’ve never played one of the many LEGO games, it’s hard not to appreciate the strange and stunning LEGO creations inspired by video games. Look for lots of LEGO models inspired by Halo, the Legend of Zelda, Gears of War, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, and more. Game on!

This is your Link to adventure in the land of Hyrule

It’s dangerous to go exploring without a sword, though decidedly less dangerous when everything is made of LEGO. John Kupitz recreates the iconic moment when the hero Link receives the sword in The Legend of Zelda. This build looks like you just ripped it right out of the video game! The 2D, top-down side-scrolling appearance is achieved through clever SNOT and side-ways techniques. It allows the build to stand up and gives some unique layering to get in all the details from the 8-bit classic. I didn’t grow up with this particular Zelda title, but the build makes me nostalgic all the same! I can hear the discovery music upon getting the sword, a sound any Zelda player will recognize across the series. Remember: if you’re going to adventure in Hyrule, take a sword. If you’re going to adventure in LEGO, I recommend taking a brick separator.

The Untitled Goose Game build you didn’t know you needed

I’ve earned a reputation in my LEGO circles for introducing fellow builders to a certain indie video game through one of my creations. And while I was building to express my love of Stardew Valley, NikiFilik is all about the equally-excellent Untitled Goose Game with their latest construction. This may look like a standard water fowl to the uninitiated, but the nameless goose was instantly recognizable to me from its head shape, simple color palette, and malicious gaze. The use of the plane fuselage for the bill is spectacular, as is the complex network of white slopes and wedge plates to nail the bust’s overall shape. Villagers beware, this bird is out for blood!

Untitled Goose MOC

Magnificent Magnate from EVE Online

Although the idea of games like EVE Online is appealing to me, I don’t think I’d ever have the time or patience to commit to exploring all its features. Thankfully I can live vicariously through builders like Eugene Levin to enjoy some incredible ship design. He has added this Sarum Magnate to the epic Revelation we featured a few days ago. The Magnate shares some common design features with its big sister ship, including that awesome dark red and gold colour scheme. Where they differ is in the shaping. This smaller craft is almost all curves, but Eugene has nailed the shaping, thanks to some judicious choices of wedges and curved slopes. I just can’t stop staring at it!


In the Super Mario universe, the mushrooms are not fun guys

What do people have against mushrooms? I love them, but I had a roommate at college who flatly refused to eat them as they “taste like dirt”. I reckon it’s a case of Goomba-induced PTSD – to be fair, these little walking mushrooms can be a real nuisance in the Super Mario games. Lokiloki29 has paid tribute to this under-appreciated foe with this frankly adorable LEGO Goomba. They’ve perfectly captured its cartoonish likeness. Sure, he looks grumpy, but wouldn’t you be if there was an Italian plumber constantly trying to stomp on your head?


Don’t let the shoulder pads fool you. This Samus Aran is all business!

Samus, the playable character from the platform game Metroid, first released in 1986 on the Nintendo Entertainment System, is instantly recognizable for the cannon arm and enormous shoulder pads… well, the game did come out in the 80’s after all. This model by Matt Goldberg depicts the heroine (Samus was one of the first female video game protagonists) in a later version of her power armor, the Phazon edition. The bulging shoulders are accented by a strip of red LEGO sticker, and the helmet features a nice part use, the minifig handcuffs. Stacked animal tail/claws and robot arms make excellent chest sculpting, and a common trick of turning tires inside-out is used as part of the shoulder assembly.

Phazon Suit Samus Aran

This lightning-themed mech is electrifying

What’s that yellow thing weaving through the tall grass? Well, it’s no Pikachu, that’s for sure. This electric-type LEGO mech by Peter Zieske is from the turn-based combat game Into the Breach. But considering the 8-bit isometric style of the game graphics, this version is a considerably higher definition upgrade. Striding through the grass dual-wielding a pair of whips that could give Iron Man’s nemesis Whiplash a run for his money.

Lightning Mech

But this mech isn’t just pretty on the outside. The front flips up to reveal a pilot.

Lightning Mech

You’ll fall for this Assassin’s Creed LEGO scene

In his latest LEGO build, W. Navarre posits an Assassin’s Creed video game set in Spain circa 1398. Our roguish hero is taking his hallmark “leap of faith” down to the streets below. But, while the assassin minifigure is clearly the focus of this build, I can’t help but admire the excellent buildings making up this Spanish city. There’s some excellent stonework displayed on the balconies, and of course the iconic terra cotta rooftops of Spain. And, while the vast majority of the build is sepia-toned, I love the pockets of bright color dappled throughout. A hint of light bright yellow on the side of a building, a splotch of turquoise visible through a window, and the occasional dark red roof tile all stand out, even in the fuzzy background.

Assassin's Creed: Spain 1398

Click here to watch the video!

A knight in shovelling armour

I’m really digging this LEGO model of the protagonist from the video game Shovel Knight by Dylan Mievis. This is a game that’s been buried on my to-play list for a long time, and is a love letter to classic NES platformers. The eponymous Shovel Knight is instantly recognisable in its bright medium azure armour – the LEGO colour is a remarkably close match to the source material! Dylan’s shaping is excellent, using curved pieces where necessary alongside some sharp angles to mimic the cartoonish video-game proportions of the original character. This is particularly evident in the helmet with its enormous horns.
Shovel Knight

This guy would look great as a static sculpture, but Dylan has gone the extra mile to make Shovel Knight fully poseable. Here he is standing ready with his weapon of choice (a shovel, naturally). When it comes to character, this creation has it in spades!

Checkpoint reached! Game saved.

The best feeling after finally beating that tough level is to bask in the peaceful tranquility of the save location. Tom Loftus recreates this feeling with this wonderful LEGO game checkpoint. Some great techniques going on here — the fluffy floating clouds and the little three wheeled companion rover are superb. The gems scattered around are a great touch and I admire the dedication it must have taken to balance all of those around the build. The inspiration for this build is a brand new 5×5 curved plate, used here upside down around the central tower.


Check out more interesting uses of this new part from our friends over at New Elementary. Now onto the next challenge!

This LEGO Fallout vault is (nuclear) powered

This is one ghoulishly good Fallout Vault 111 build by MasterBuilderKTC. I will fully admit that I’m far more of a LEGO builder than a video gamer. I don’t know what it is exactly, but I’ve always enjoyed tangible hobbies moreso than virtual ones. One of my biggest exceptions to this rule, however, is the Fallout franchise. The detailing on the cog-like door is exquisite, adding depth to a construction achieving some already tricky angles. I love the inclusion of the abandoned mineshaft above the vault entrance. And the four yellow braces coming in from the walls add to the overly-armored feel, making it clear Vault-Tec didn’t scrimp on defenses! Still, we should probably see if we can get that door open for a closer look…

Working LEGO Fallout Vault

That’s right, MasterBuilderKTC has motorized this vault door, complete with lights and appropriate audio! In the second-half of the video, you can see the opening from the interior and all the details the builder hid inside. The system to open the vault looks like something straight out of the Wasteland. Railings and details on the interior walls are all spot-on, and I absolutely love the design on the inside of the door. That spiral of parts is worth its weight in caps!

Call of Duty zombie mode ray gun perfectly recreated in LEGO

If there’s a quartermaster of the LEGO building community, then it’s got to be TBB alum Nick Jensen. Time after time, Nick’s incredible LEGO models turn out more like carbon copies of the weapons he’s imitating. And this ray gun from the Call of Duty franchise is no exception! All of the details are spot-on.

Ray Gun — Call of Duty Zombies

See all the accurate details Nick has built into this Call of Duty ray gun

Giant Quarian Cruiser from Mass Effect built from LEGO is 68 inches long!

Canadian LEGO builder Jason Corlett says that this LEGO Quarian Cruiser from the Mass Effect franchise is the largest ship he’s ever built. And while that’s not hard to believe given the sheer immensity of this vessel, the real skill is how Jason has packed all 68″ with excellent detail and shaping. I look at this ship in its entirety and I see all the small choices made by Jason during construction: the fit of the beveled ring into the other parts of the Cruiser, the pockets of detailed textural work in specific corners, the decision to cover a stud with a tile or leave the stud exposed, even the determination of whether a part should be light or dark gray. All 68 inches of the model feel consistent and deliberate. And, trust me, that’s hard enough to do for even the smallest builds!

Quarian Cruiser

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