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Tiny types of builds are the best [Instructions]

It was love at first type when I looked at this. Niklas Rosén built a nostalgic machine that’s almost extinct now with the advent of the new era of computers. You now get to build this right at home because it is just the type of build where you probably could find the parts for if you search hard enough in your stash of parts. And to make it fun, don’t stereotype the choice of colours to just black or red. Be adventurous and perhaps you’d want to make some modifications to your own prototype!

Old typewriter

Click to get the instructions and start building

Hong Kong welcomes the Lunar New Year with a LEGO showcase event [News]

Hong Kong welcomes the Lunar Chinese New Year with their first LEGO event for 2018 at the New Town Plaza Shopping Mall, located in the town centre of Sha Tin.

The centre showpiece is a Chinese Lion Dance costume made of LEGO 150,000 bricks standing at over 5 ft. (1.6 meters tall) and over 6 ft. (2 meters) wide built by Andy Hung, LEGO Certified Professional (LCP) in the Greater China region and his team Legend Creative. Other builds include 2 Stone Guardian Dogs standing almost 3 ft tall and a ‘lucky mosaic’ 5 ft.x 4 ft. to welcome fortune for the Year of the Dog!

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Celebrating the year of dog in a company of very good boys [Instructions]

Somehow all the best LEGO creations designed by fans from South Korea are either huge jaw-dropping mechs or tiny adorable animals. This time it’s a pack of extremely good shiba puppers by CK HO. There are so many touches that make these models instantly recognizable, but I can’t help admiring their square pointy noses.


The idea of this model is so simple that you can build one yourself and make it any color you like! Moreover, you can easily customize you shiba by changing its eyes, ears or the shape of its muzzle. Click the link below to find the complete step-by-step building guide.


Click here for building instructions

Protect Naboo with a microscale Naboo Starfighter [Instructions]

Naboo is an idyllic world close to the border of the Outer Rim Territories in the fictional Star Wars world.  It is a peaceful place inhabited by humans, called the Naboo, and an indigenous amphibian species called the Gungans. Protecting their home is essential, and the Naboo Starfighter is the sleek craft that patrols the sky and space above Naboo. Thanks to these instructions by Justin Chua, you can build your own microscale Naboo Starfighter, resplendent  in its classic yellow and grey colours.

The Naboo Starfighter with instructions!
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A cuckoo clock so good it will drive you mad [Instructions]

If you’ve ever wanted for a masterfully crafted LEGO timepiece, Sven Franic has you covered with this immaculate cuckoo clock created for an exhibition contest. Sven will be displaying this in the LEGO House as part of the celebration of the 60th birthday of the LEGO brick. The hands point to the exact time when the patent for the LEGO brick was registered.

Cuckoo Clock

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Instruction Guide for the Promotional 60th Anniversary Special (40290) now available from LEGO [Instructions]

One of the nicer looking Promotional sets (40290) that we saw announced last year now has the instructions online released by LEGO. Besides the printed tile, there does not seem to be any unique pieces,  which is good news for folks who want to enjoy the building experience early.

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Build your own super cute orange LEGO fish [Instructions]

This amazingly cute little fish is a perfect showcase for how to exploit the natural shapes of LEGO bricks to form imaginative creatures. Builder gonkius uses two curved slopes meeting each other to form a perfect fish mouth, and a curved fender element suddenly looks as if it were always made to be fish fins.

However, this adorable little fish is also a perfect example of complex engineering that looks deceptively simple. Think you’re pretty good with LEGO? Maybe you can even reverse engineer some of the builds we highlight. But how many parts does it take before a model is too complex? This fish has only 39 pieces. See if you can reverse engineer this guy using only the image above.

We’ve got the instructions below if you want to skip straight to the solution and build one yourself! Let us know in the comments if you think you figured it out without the instructions.

Click to see the instructions

Build your own LEGO Yoshi, Baby Mario & Yoshi Eggs [Instructions]

Yoshi is a fictional dinosaur who first appeared in Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System as Mario and Luigi’s sidekick.  In the game, Yoshi can grab objects with his tongue, swallow the object  and then produce a distinctive spotted egg to throw.  Well thanks to Mr Kevin Hinkle, you can now build your own LEGO Yoshi, complete with Yoshi eggs and Baby Mario.

LEGO Yoshi
LEGO Yoshi and Baby Mario
Click here for video instructions to build your own Yoshi

The 10 most popular custom LEGO creation instructions on The Brothers Brick for 2017 [Instructions]

A large part of LEGO’s magic is the ability to build for yourself anything you can imagine. Every day here on The Brothers Brick, we feature builders’ amazing creations, and we take great joy in being able to show you these wonderful builds not only to explore and enjoy but also occasionally to build for yourself.

LEGO instructions on TBB

Creating instructions take an extra effort that is seldom appreciated. Here at TBB, we want to recognize not only the effort but also the outstanding design work of the Top 10 custom creation instructions that we’ve featured over the year. Even if you prefer to design your own creations, these excellent designs are still very much worth a look to inspire you and to enjoy.

Hit here to see the Top 10 of the year

From the Cairngorms to your own home, build the wildlife of Scotland [Instructions]

Earlier this month, we wrote about Brick to the Past‘s huge Scottish diorama, The Jacobite Risings,  a build taking 10 months and using 1 million bricks. Within this creation spanning 16 square metres, were some adorable, microscale models of the Scottish wildlife found in the Cairngorms. Brick to the past have provided instructions so you can build your own Osprey, Deer, Capercaillie and Black Grouse.

Osprey are a bird of prey and returned from extinction within the UK to make their home in the Cairngorms.

Click for more instructions to make Scottish wildlife out of LEGO

Build your own BrickHeadz Santa [Instructions]

Ever since LEGO first announced the BrickHeadz line, these super cute blocky models of some of our favorite pop-culture characters have inspired LEGO builders to make their own creations (including TBB’s own Iain Heath’s hilarious Rejectz). So now for your building pleasure is my own tribute to the LEGO BrickHeadz, Santa Claus. I’ve also created instructions for the jolly old fellow, so you can create your own!


Click to see the instructions for Santa Claus

I’m dreaming of a white reindeer [Instructions]

With its smattering of red and gold, this predominantly white LEGO scene by ianying616 makes a sweet and simple festive treat. The tree in the background is nicely-done, with just enough decorations to avoid looking stark. And I like the use of tan tiles amidst the restrained colour scheme — it gives a bit of contrast which allows the central reindeer to stand out. The little creature itself is a cool model, with good use of toothed parts, tiles, and curves to provide texture and detail.

White Christmas-Reindeer5

If you want to build your own festive white reindeer, ianying616 has kindly supplied instructions,. The first page is shown below.


There are eight pages in total, and can be found in ianying616’s reindeer instructions album.