Final Fantasy VII scenes recreated in LEGO

My wife and I played and replayed Final Fantasy VII on the original PlayStation, grinding character levels and farming materia so we could survive the insane boss battles like the Ruby Weapon. It’s incredibly disappointing that Square isn’t releasing Final Fantasy VII Remake on any platform but the PS4 any time soon. Nostalgia and minor rant aside, I love this chocobo and carriage by Kevin Waner (Brick Ninja), depicting the scene in which Cloud rescues Tifa Lockhart from Don Corneo, the mafioso of Wall Market. The detailed chocobo and colorful carriage take center stage in the scene, with Cloud and Aeris simply providing a bit of narrative context on the side — Cloud is of course instantly recognizable from his enormous Buster Sword.

ティファを救出 (Rescuing Tifa)

What’s great about Kevin’s scene above is that it’s just one in a series of LEGO scenes inspired by Final Fantasy VII, so there’s more to enjoy. Those in doubt about which version of the game Kevin is recreating in LEGO will be pleased to see that he’s included a scene depicting the One-Winged Angel stage of Safer Sephiroth, the final boss battle in the original 1997 version of the game. Sephiroth floats above the team battling him, wings stretched out like a seraph.

片翼の天使 (One-Winged Angel)

Finally, for a bit of extra fun, Kevin shares “TIE Buster” from Star Fantasy VII. Never heard of that? Well, if you’ve been seeing some strange mashups lately, it’s because RebelLUG has been holding a contest, and this week’s challenge has been to build a vignette featuring Star Wars + something else. Kevin naturally chose Final Fantasy VII, resulting in Luke Strife and Leia Lockhart battling a boss that looks like a TIE fighter and the Air Buster fell in love and had a baby. There are plenty of cross-over Easter eggs in the scene, so be sure to take a closer look by clicking through to the full-size image on Kevin’s photostream.

タイバスター (TIE Buster)

3 comments on “Final Fantasy VII scenes recreated in LEGO

  1. Carmen

    The chocobo image does not depict Cloud and Tifa, it depicts Cloud and Aerith; you can tell by the hair on the model, the colour scheme, and the staff-like weapon being held by her. Tifa’s weapons are her fists. The article should be updated to reflect that.

  2. Aaron Hughes

    Dont know if my first reply to carmen posted as my phone froze but it does say it depicts cloud and areis Providing narative context… its referencing when tifa goes past inside the carriage

  3. Guy

    These are fantastic – I absolutely love these. Maybe I should take some inspiration and get my lego out. I wonder how many grey bricks I would need to make midgar….

    Also how many annual leave I’ll need to actually do it ????

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