I’m digging this fully functional 1:13-scale LEGO Technic Kobelco SK210HLC excavator [Video]

Where most minifigure-scale LEGO builds lack the space to have functionality, many larger-scale LEGO Technic models emphasize visible functionality over aesthetics. It’s a rare LEGO creation that combines a high degree of functionality with a visually stunning look. With his Kobelco SK210HLC excavator, Polish builder Maciej Szymański manages to achieve this feat, in gorgeous dark turquoise, no less!

Maciej says that he spent more than a year and a half building this model, which integrates ten motors, eight pumps, LED lights, and pneumatic cylinders that he custom-built himself. The resulting excavator is fully operational, remote controlled with pneumatic actuators.

The video shows the Kobelco SK210HLC excavator in action, rolling along the ground, raising and lowering the arm, turning the cab, and more.

Overall photos don’t necessarily do the huge scale justice. This photo shows what the 1:13 scale actually translates to — essentially the right scale for LEGO Scala dolls from the 1990s.

Owner's teenage daughter, her younger brother and a Rodian

At this scale, the only way to build a tracked vehicle from LEGO is to build the track from other parts (rather than using pre-existing LEGO tread pieces). The excavator’s tracks are built from hundreds of 1×2 Technic beams held together with pins and axles.


The excavator arm can extend completely, resulting in a total length of 101 cm (3.3 feet).

Horizontal reach

It can also extend up, for a height of 75 cm (nearly 2.5 feet).


While the functionality is certainly impressive, the fact that Maciej built the excavator primarily from rare dark turquoise makes it particularly awe-inspiring. The rear features curved parts from the Downtown Diner modular building.


The cab is fully detailed, with all the knobs and levers the operator needs to get the excavator to do what it does. I love the LEGO carrot as the handle for one of the levers.

Seat and stuff

In order to achieve all the necessary functionality and official livery, Maciej hand-crafted a number of elements, including the large pneumatic cylinders, as well as a variety of stickers.


There’s much more to see in the video above, including switching tools with a quick coupler, showing how the excavator can dig to a depth of 44 cm (17″), and more. But we’ll leave you with this gorgeous night shot that shows off the LED lights Maciej included in his model.

Kobelco by night

Also be sure to check out Maciej’s album on Flicr for more photos, including work-in-progress shots in his LEGO studio.

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  1. Håkan

    Hmm, 90’s Lego Scala was overall a quite horrible theme (70’s Lego Scala was actually better), but this is a good tip for builders working in 1:13 scale…

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