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The LEGO Technic line was first released as “Expert Builder” sets in 1977, and LEGO has been producing Technic ever since, including Bionicle and MINDSTORMS. The custom Technic models featured here on The Brothers Brick include some pretty crazy and amazing mechanisms that’ll blow your mind, from self-sorting LEGO to automated Rubik’s Cube solvers.

Lamborghini Centenario in all its glory

Just as the Lamborghini Centenario pays homage to the vision of Ferrucio Lamborghini, this LEGO Centenario built by Lachlan Cameron gives tribute to the already iconic supercar. Clad in black with red highlights, this model features illuminated headlights and taillights, elegant scissor doors, chromed tailpipes, and even a personalized California license plate! Although the wheels seem to be non-LEGO, they complement the overall impression of this model.

Lamborghini Centenario- new doors

Click to see more views of this supercar

What can’t a Technic tractor do? [Video]

In its own rights, the 42054 CLAAS XERION 5000 TRAC VC tractor amazes with its sturdy yet functional design. That said, the essence of the tractor is actually doing things, performing work, getting business done. In this spirit, Brick Wall used the CLAAS Xerion tractor model as a platform for some fantastic—and practical—attachments.

Need your lawn mowed? Take a look at this functional, real lawn mower attachment, each blade powered by two motors working in parallel. (In all seriousness, don’t try this at home: those are real razor blades.)

CLick here to see a trench digger and hay baler in action

Fully Functioning 1:24 scale LEGO Crane is over 24 ft tall and can lift a chair [Video]

The actual Liebherr LR11000 first went into operation on July 7, 2014. A mere 1,269 days later, Dawid Szmandra brings us a fully functioning LEGO build that’s not just ANY model, but one that’s at an astounding scale of 1:24, weighing in at 27 kg, uses 4 EV3 bricks, 9 motors, 7 light sensors and 1 touch sensor! The maximum height of this towering crane is 24 feet (7.5m)!

LEGO Liebherr LR 11000

And lest you think it’s all for show, this crane has some serious lifting capacity.

Click to see a video of this monster in action

Motorised journey to Bethlehem [Video]

Kinetic sculptures are a fascinating genre of LEGO building, combining “regular” brick-modelling with clever Technic motorisation techniques. Josh DaVid proves he’s a master of both these elements with his latest creation — The Journey To Bethlehem. The figures are nicely-sculpted, particularly the donkey and its precious cargo. I really like the road and the rockwork too, especially when you consider the gubbins contained within which drives the motion.

LEGO Journey to Bethlehem

Don’t miss the video of the sculpture in action…

Incredible RC LEGO Jeep is motorized, loaded with details and ready for the perfect weekend getaway

There’s nothing as great as turning your wheels off the asphalt, finding a high trail that’s little more than a path, and then driving all the way to the peak for a breathtaking view. This incredible LEGO Jeep Rubicon by Scott is so perfect it leaves me yearning for some true offroading and alpine adventure. One of the most complex models I’ve seen in a long time, this RC offroader features insane details like functioning door locks and a working glove box, plus it’s loaded to the gills with trail gear.

Skid Plate, Exhaust Headers, Grille Guard

Check out a video of this Jeep in action below, along with more pictures. Continue reading

Pictures of the first wave of LEGO Technic 2018 sets are finally available including stunning 42078 Mack Truck [News]

The second half of November is usually the most exciting time of the year for all LEGO fans around the world as pictures of the new sets are finally being published. Today, Technic fans may start making their shopping lists as the official retail pictures of the first wave of 2018 sets are finally here. Although, the line-up traditionally includes sets of different size and complexity, it’s hard not to wish for a giant 42078 Mack Anthem in your collection!

Click here to see more LEGO Technic 2018 sets!

A beauty in a technical sense

If you take too quick a look, you could actually miss this unique placement of elements. Allow your eyes to relax a little and your minds to open and you’ll start to see a lighthouse on a cliff with a boat, perhaps lost at sea. I wonder if David Zambito started out with the intention in mind, or did a bunch of elements on the table almost randomly placed give him the inspiration for this tiny wonder. Does art inspire life, or life inspire art? It’s always something to ponder about.


Jaguar Roadsters are a technical challenge

The Jaguar Roadster is a classic car that cannot fail to turn heads as she cruises along in elegant style. The curvaceous body is not something that immediately lends itself to being built from LEGO Technic parts, but that is exactly what Martijn Nab has managed to achieve. While the build is not an exact copy of one particular model, I’m definitely picking up a classic XK124 or 140 vibe with those bulbous front fenders. With three colours to choose from, Martin has managed to make a Technic Jag that captures the shape and feel of the real thing .


Martin has added some functionality with opening doors, boot and hood but there are no dodgy gears in this particular Technic supercar!


2018 LEGO set images for LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes, Creator, City and Technic revealed [News]

Official images of a selection of early 2018 LEGO sets have been released, including LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes, Creator, City and Technic sets due for release. The details include the set number and part count or pricing in some cases,  but not all the information has been released as yet. There are a couple of interesting sets in particular with 31081 Modular Skate House within the Creator theme, and 42074 Racing Yacht from the Technic line-up.

Images for three sets from LEGO DC Comics Superheroes have been released.

76097 Lex Luthor Mech Takedown, $39.99

76098 Speed Force Freeze Pursuit, $29.99

76096 Superman & Krypto Team-Up, $19.99

The LEGO Creator Line up includes a fun looking mini-modular build 31081 Modular Skate House and a selection of vehicles including a stunt plane, racing car and a 4×4 outback explorer jeep-like vehicle.

31081 Modular Skate House, 422 pcs

See more of the first wave of 2018 LEGO sets

Just another bug hunt

It’s not often that we see LEGO creations that incorporate the large Technic figures that LEGO included in sets back in the late 80’s through the 90’s. Similarly, most of the LEGO xenomorphs we’ve featured largely use standard System bricks to recreate the terrifying creatures from the Alien movies. Weilong Yao breaks with both of these traditions by building a work loader around a Technic figure and incorporating lots of Bionicle in the alien itself.


Drive with reckless abandon in the LEGO Technic Halo Warthog

YouTuber Nico71 presents a LEGO Technic model of the iconic Warthog light recon vehicle from the Halo games. With working quad-wheel steering, RC controlled driving, rotating machine gun turret barrels, and suspension, his Hog truly is beauty and the beast. Watch these and many more impressive functions in the video below.

Nico’s Warthog is discussed in detail, with building instructions, on his blog.

Orange is my new telehandler’s color

Kirill Mazurov has no mercy when it comes to motorization of his own builds. The latest Merlo ROTO Telehandler is just about 80 cm/31 inches long, but is fully packed with 14 Power Functions motors. There is literary nothing this monster isn’t capable of, not to mention his formidable telescopic hand which reaches the height of 83 cm/32 inches once fully extended.

Lego Technic Merlo ROTO Telehandler

It’s not hard to guess the major donor of pieces for this monstrosity was the glorious 42056 Porsche 911 GT3 RS. The fresh-looking curved 3 x 13 panels at the back of the body create very smooth curves, which can hardly be expected in such a heavy machine.

Lego Technic Merlo ROTO Telehandler