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The new LEGO Star Wars UCS set, Republic Gunship to be unveiled tomorrow [News]

According to a teaser published today, tomorrow LEGO is holding a special online event dedicated to the next Star Wars UCS set, Republic Gunship. The event during which the new set will be unveiled will occur at 15:00 CEST, 14:00 BST, or 9:00 EST, so do not forget to set a reminder. The Brothers Brick will also announce the set, so make sure to check the front page for all the details about the new Gunship set.

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LEGO 75307 Star Wars Advent Calendar 2021 unveiled featuring Grogu in a Christmas pullover [News]

LEGO has released images of the upcoming Star Wars Advent Calendar for 2021. The theme for this year is heavily related to The Mandalorian featuring Grogu, IG-11 and other characters from the Disney TV Series. The set comes with 335 pieces and will likely be priced at US $39.99 based on trends from the past issues of Star Wars Advent Calendars.

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Slave I from the Star Wars galaxy is now known as Boba Fett’s Starship [News]

The latest wave of Star Wars LEGO unveiled sets featuring characters and vehicles from Star Wars: The Mandalorian TV series. The box art of the popular Star Wars Slave I (Slave One) vehicle belonging to the bounty hunter Boba Fett has now been officially renamed Boba Fett’s Starship. This is according to an interview conducted by Brickset and Jedinews with LEGO designers Jens Kronvold Frederiksen and Michael Lee Stockwell.

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LEGO Designer Kurt Kristiansen on the redesign of the Star Wars LEGO R2-D2 over a decade apart [News]

Kurt Kristiansen, LEGO Designer has been involved with the Star Wars series ever since the franchise was released in 1999. This means he’s had the honour of also being a part of the earlier release of the similar scaled Star Wars LEGO 10225 R2-D2 model that hit the shelves in 2012.

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LEGO Star Wars reveals 75308 R2-D2, a 2,300-piece UCS-style model to celebrate Lucasfilm’s 50th [News]

To celebrate Lucasfilm’s 50th Anniversary in 2021, LEGO Star Wars is taking the wraps off the long-anticipated Ultimate Collector Series-style droid with 75308 R2-D2. The large model of one of Star Wars’ most beloved characters stands 12.5 in tall (31cm) and uses 2,314 pieces. The set will include the large model of R2-D2, a UCS-style info placard, a minifigure-scale R2-D2, and a brick printed with the Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary logo. It will retail for US $199.99 | CAN $269.99 | UK £179.99 when it’s available starting May 1, meaning it will be available just in time for this year’s May the Fourth Star Wars Day sales. R2-D2 will be an exclusive limited to LEGO stores and the LEGO website.

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LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga delayed again; new release date to be announced “as soon as possible” [News]

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga will not be released this Spring, according to the announcement made by TT Games on their official Twitter feed. The new release window is unknown, but the game developer promises to share an update “as soon as possible.”

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga was unveiled at E3 back in 2019, and last August, the game was delayed until Spring 2021. Now, we have to wait a bit longer before jumping back to the adventures in the galaxy far, far away.

A fresh take on a retro Star Wars set

While LEGO releases newer versions of Star Wars sets — usually popular vehicles such as X-Wings and Tie Fighters and occasionally revamps of notable settings such as Palpatine’s Thrown room — one set that we haven’t gotten a remake of is the Bounty Hunter Pursuit, the original set dating from 2002 coinciding with the release of the film Attack Of The Clones. Hachiroku92 gives us a glimpse into what this LEGO set could look like modernized.

Hachiroku’s speeder builds could work great in the microfighters line of sets with their utilization of smaller pieces and simple but effective appearance. The models pictured are mostly comprised of slopes, tiles, and bricks in the speeders’ signature yellows, oranges, and lime green colors – a rare color-scheme in the LEGO Star Wars universe. Of course a few trans-clear elements are used for lights and windshields to complete the vehicular look.

A couple modernized flesh toned figures for Obi-Wan and Anakin are included in one of Hachiroku’s speeder models. It would definitely be great to see these speeders make their way back into modern LEGO Star Wars canon, and of course a new Zam Wesell minifigure would be embraced by many fans I am sure.

Nurse and protect at all costs

Who could forget all of the valiant efforts of IG-11 during season one of Disney’s streaming series The Mandalorian? With this LEGO model, SPARKART! reminds us all of IG-11’s commitment to his programming: to nurse and protect everyone’s favorite child.

We’ve got a brick-built speeder, brick-built IG droid, and even a brick-built child in this vignette. The builder utilizes some small and pretty common elements such as slopes, wing pieces, bricks, 1×1 cones, and cylinders to create a pretty sleek white and grey imperial speeder. The limited color scheme for the speeder and droid allow the sand green and tan colored elements utilized for the child portion of the build to really pop against the rest of the model. Overall this is a great build capturing an intense moment in the series.

To nurse and protect.

Gamorrean smackdown – no place for a child.

First off to start, this LEGO vignette from the hit series The Mandalorian built by Kevin is a spoiler-free scene since it appeared in the promotional trailer for the second season. Unsurprisingly the show is continuing to crank out inspiration for LEGO builders and vignette creators.

A WWE or UFC inspired setting with two Gamorreans duking it out to presumably the death is shown both on the screen and in Kevin’s model. Long poles connected to 1×1 jumpers secure the ring, comprised of tiling and bricks laid on top of more tiling and plate pieces of varying shapes and sizes. Above the ring are some flags utilizing many different elements such as clip pieces, slopes, and tiles. Of course, this vignette is minifigure heavy. It showcases Kevin’s wonderful collection of Star Wars alien species minifigures, including the fighting Gamorreans, a Twi-lek, a Gran, a Mon Calamari, and an Ithorian, to name a few. As a whole, Kevin’s scene certainly captures this moment in the streaming series very well with its sense of crowdedness and recreation of event lighting.

Metamorphosis Falcon

In the movie Solo: A Star Wars Story, the Millennium Falcon lands on a coast, somewhere on the planet Savareen. The view of the ocean behind the Falcon is a brief, peaceful rest stop for the weary yet indomitable ship. While its stay is temporary in the 2018 film, we now have new vision of the Millennium Falcon as a house. Lmcpicture‘s creation makes the most recognizable parts of the Millennium Falcon livable. The starboard side airlock serves as the entrance, which leads either to a bedroom or a back deck. The blue 1×4 tiles are visual references to the beaming blasts on the original ship’s rear drive units.

Millennium falcon house

Read on to see the interior of this tastefully appointed spaceship

Star Wars SDCC exclusive 77904 Nebulon-B Frigate revealed along with instructions [News]

Reported by the LEGO Star Wars fan group on Facebook today, the building instructions for Star Wars SDCC exclusive 77904 Nebulon-B Frigate set are available right now from LEGO.com. The 459-pieces model was originally designed as the exclusive set for San Diego Comic-Con 2020. With the cancellation of nearly all in-person events in North America due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this set expected to be available online later this year sharing the same fate as Star Wars Celebration exclusive 75294 Bespin Duel. Although the price and the availability are yet to be announced, we expect the price to be around $50 USD, if not higher.

Just like 75294 Bespin Duel, the new mini-version of the iconic ship features an exclusive plaque commemorating the 40th anniversary of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back release. Other than the plaque, which is a sticker, the set seems to include no unique or limited pieces, so anyone can try and build their copy.

Not a very “chicken” walker

Known to fans as the “chicken walker”, this LEGO All Terrain-Scout Transport (AT-ST) model by builder Lewis Kiwi is anything but a wimpy chicken. I’d use this beast to stand up to rebel scum any day of the week.


This has to be the most well-built AT-ST I’ve ever seen. From the top of the highly-detailed roof to the bottom of the articulated feet, this AT-ST outshines even the Ultimate Collector’s Series AT-ST set. Just look at the joints! The blasters! The engine work!

Some of the best LEGO creations have a level of detail that implies more detail beneath it. Notice how simple pieces like tubing and fans draw your eyes into the walker’s interior, making you wonder where those tubes connect to and how the walker is powered.


Where Lewis shines the most, however, is in his color schemes. This AT-ST uses light gray as the main armor layer, while underlying dark gray form the walker’s structure. This effect establishes the battle-readiness and is a detail not seen in many of the AT-ST models built over the years.