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This builder brings the beautiful bugs

LEGO will be launching the The Insect Collection soon and, as a result, some of our favorite builders are a little buggier than usual. Take, for example, this lovely Orchid Mantis built by LEGO 7 that is adorned, like its namesake, in pink and white. The flowers come from 10311 Orchid set from last year.


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A mech for all seasons (actually just one)

Spring has sprung and we’re seeing vibrant colors outside suddenly. And also bunnies; lots and lots of bunnies. LEGO builder Tom Loftus is surely feeling Spring in the air as evidenced by this delightfully bright mech. It makes use of a plethora of purple pirate hats which come from the 10313 Wildflowers Bouquet set from the Botanical line. If you haven’t picked up any of these sets just yet I strongly advise that you do. It is probably my favorite line nowadays and this is coming from a guy who is totally gaga for cars and monsters and stuff. Amazing non-flowery things can be built using the parts from these sets. Give the Botanical archives a gander to see what I mean.


A-tisket, a-tasket, a flower-filled LEGO basket

One of my LEGO building goals that I’m perpetually chasing is the creation of natural forms like plants in the blocky medium. And picea74 really shows me how to do it with this darling basket of flowers. First focusing on the wicker container, the weave has the perfect alternation of curved slopes to evoke the dry rustling of reed and cane. I particularly like how the builder handled the corners, adding to the structural integrity of the work by breaking the pattern, but doing so in a manner that still feels basket-like. The organics in this vessel are quite impressive, with the blue and pink carnations acting as paragons of “floral architecture.” And the use of sprues from the old tri-leaf part add a glorious bit of vine-ery to the vessel’s contents.

Use LEGO flora to build LEGO fauna

I’ll just come out and say the LEGO Botanicals line is the best line to come out in recent history. Each is a refreshing and visually compelling break from the norm and that’s a flowery hill I’m willing to die on. I’ll even fight you freaks who think otherwise. Wow, that escalated fast! Anyway, Ian Hou probably knows what I mean as evidenced by this lovely owl. It repurposes several flowers from at least two copies of the new Wildflower Bouquet set. In the wings, I’m also seeing leaves from the Bird of Paradise set and I’d wager much of the brown tree branch comes from the Bonsai Tree from 2020. Not in the mood to get into fisticuffs over it? Yeah, neither am I. So instead let’s leisurely peruse through our Ian Hou archives to see the decidedly tranquil stuff he likes to build.

Flowery owl