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A LEGO dragon inspired by an unlikely source

Check out this LEGO dragon Joss Woodyard has built. Cute, isn’t he? His name is Pit, and I love his flowery tail and scaly body made from pink rock pieces. But he’s more than just a loveable li’l guy! (Pit, that is – though I’m sure Joss is lovely too!). The reason he’s called Pit is he’s named after the pitaya fruit, which is also a source of design cues. Those black dots on his white underbelly? That’s the seeds you find in these fruits! The green dorsal fins? They’re the leaves! It’s a really clever way of taking inspiration from something completely unrelated. Unrelated? Well, not quite – the other name for a pitaya is a dragon fruit. What a great idea!

Draconis Pitaya

In this year of the dragon, Joss is building one of these each month – and if his previous creature creations are anything to go by, he’ll definitely be featuring on our pages again!

All hail Godzilla, King of the Monsters

Is there anyone out there who thinks a giant sea-dwelling lizard monster isn’t cool? No? Good. How about one made of LEGO? An even more resounding no? Excellent! In which case, take a look at this epic Godzilla by Joss Woodyard. Godzilla has many incarnations, and this one is based on its appearance in the Monsterverse films. The texturing is simply incredible. Joss makes great use of the stepped bow slope and a variety of textured rock pieces for the monster’s rough skin. Worth paying careful attention to, though, are the ridges up the spine. This is a mish-mash of curved and straight slopes and tiles; simple parts, but used to devastating effect to complete Godzilla’s menacing form.


Godzilla might be the King of the Monsters, but we’ve featured plenty of his subjects in our monster archives.

Ogle this Oogway

Ozzie Joss Woodyard / Jayfa is ringing in the new year with the venerated sage kung fu master Oogway from the Kung Fu Panda film and TV franchise. Joss’ usual knack for character work shines brightly here as he recreates the tranquil master of the Jade Palace. This guy looks like he could teach a clumsy panda a thing or two! I love the use of the dragon wing cloth as Oogway’s tunic, and well-placed studs on the exposed sand green skin evoke the textured tortoise legs of the original character model from the movie.

Master Oogway

Like what you see? There’s more Kung Fu Panda action to be found in our archives with this sculpted scene from the movie and excellent recreations of Masters Tigress and Crane.

Joss rings in the new year with a roar

On the final day, in the final throes of 2022, LEGO builder Joss Woodyard presents The Cloud Beast. While most of us would like to leave 2022 in the rearview mirror, it might be good to reflect back on the amazing techniques this build encompasses. I love the use of the cloth sails as well as the stance, colors, and tail of this build loosely based on the Chinese Guardian Lion or “Foo Dog”. The expression is great too. But the star of the show here is a detail I would have missed if Joss didn’t point it out himself. His favorite detail is the LEGO plant sprue used as the lips. It is next-level building like this that makes Joss Woodyard one of our favorite all-time builders. Please check out his other creatures; you won’t be disappointed.

The Cloud Beast

A monstrous mole makes mischief

Joss Woodyard puts a mammalian twist on kaiju with Molethra. No mere garden pest, this giant beast has risen up from the subterranean depths to wreck untold havoc. Joss has done an amazing job of layering the stylized wing pieces to create a furry texture. And the damaged microscale city street does a perfect job of conveying the monster’s massive size.


What? DEMOGORGON is evolving!

I will confess that I’ve never watched Stranger Things, but I do know of the rather scary demogorgon. Joss Woodyard (Jayfa) clearly thought it wasn’t scary enough, and has built this magnificent – albeit nightmare-inducing – demogorchild. To me it seems like the last in an evolution that you might see in games like Pokemon, with the demogorgon itself the starting point. Thankfully I’m too engrossed in the fascinating build to be terrified. The demogorgon minifigure heads do get a look in, albeit from the Botanical Collection rather than Stranger Things. Some of the dark green parts from that same set are used on the legs and shoulders as well, while white leaf elements make up the ribcage. I like how the feet and lower legs evoke the dirt and ground that a flower might take root in. Perhaps this creature disguises itself as a beautiful orchid and devours unsuspecting passers-by. OK, now I’ve gone back to giving myself nightmares…

The Demogorchid

This LEGO chameleon will leave you tongue tied

Builder Joss Woodyard is quite prolific with his many creature models and he hits the mark again with this wonderful chameleon. I really appreciate the color work here with the subtle difference between the bright green and medium azure in the body and the orange underside really pops. The articulated limbs using ball joints create tons of possibilities for action poses. I also love the perfectly curled tail and the extended tongue with tiny fly is the perfect finisher. According to the artist, instructions will be available for this colorful creature soon.


Is it a snake, a fish, or both?

You wouldn’t want to encounter this frightening creature in the depths of the ocean. Joss Woodyard has created this beautiful twisted serpent with a glorious purple and medium azure colour scheme. Dragon wings form its striking dorsal fin and most likely provides the inspiration for the colourful pattern of the creature. The placement of its menacing teeth is similar to that of angler fish enforcing its aquatic qualities. However, the model still retains its serpentine aesthetic through the forked tongue at the mouth, represented by a dark red armour piece. Collecting all these pieces must have taken a great deal of time but it does really pay off as the model is able to look both elegant and threatening at the same time.

Dagon, The Great Leviathan

Skull Kid and the stolen mask

Even if you haven’t played The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, you may recognize it. It’s the symbol of one of the most popular games of its time. Expert LEGO character sculptor Joss Woodyard has graced us with this colorful and fun recreation of the evil Skull Kid. He does a great job of making the actual mask look like the original, but the rest of the body shouldn’t be overlooked. The bushes for arms and flippers for the pants really set it off.

Skull Kid

While you’re here, check out more of Joss’s (AKA Jayfa’s) work. And if you’re into Link and the Legend of Zelda, we have that too, including another version of Majora’s Mask!

A spider mech to give you the creepy-crawlies

LEGO spider mechs aren’t too uncommon, but most of the time they give the impression of a machine with a lot of legs–after all, that’s what they are. But this one by Joss Woodyard is enough to trigger an arachnophobe. OK, technically it’s based on a Harvestman (AKA daddy longlegs) which isn’t a spider. But it’s still an arachnid, and with all those eyes and creepy arms and dripping….something–shudder–it definitely counts in my book. The green bits on the legs are the Technic wire clip, which you may have seen a lot of around here lately, since it’s being used in the latest Iron Builder challenge.

Harvestman - Plague Mech: Amalgam

Who needs a hawk or falcon when you have a dragon?

Falconry – the practice of training birds of prey to hunt with/for humans – is an ancient tradition. For centuries, we’ve revered raptors. And in popular culture, movies captivate us with images of both medieval and tribal figures sharing relationships with these fierce birds. But perhaps in another, more magical world, dragons fill the role. Ever-talented LEGO builder Joss Woodyard has brought the chief of some distant culture to life, along with his small, fiery beast. Who said dragons have to be giant?

Chief Ironscale

As always, with Jayfa’s builds, the character is clad in awesome elements (love those dark red spikes!) and stands in a commanding pose. Of course, the best part is the ode to the original LEGO Castle dragons with the red and green motif. While you’re here, check out more of Jayfa’s recent builds, and see if you can find the common element between them.

The Nettledrake hides in plain flight

Thank you for joining us again for another edition of The Brothers Brick’s nature documentary series, Planet Brick. Today we’ve spotted Joss Woodyard’s well-camouflaged Nettledrake. Made up of many LEGO pieces you’d traditionally think to use for plant life, this magnificent beast is naturally hidden. If you happen to come across one in the wild yourself, it’s best to observe from a distance and see it spread its wings and take flight. Don’t be drawn in by its pretty pink spots or tail. If you get too close, you might get stung by the vicious beast’s teeth or talons. Thanks for stopping by and discovering another beautiful creature inhabiting Planet Brick.