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An aged creation: Unveiling the LEGO whiskey distillery

Take a look at this intriguing LEGO set designed for ages 21 and above. Crafted by builder Versteinert and titled ‘Whiskey Distillery,’ it showcases a plethora of imaginative uses for both common and uncommon pieces, resulting in a creation seemingly tailored for adult enthusiasts. This model serves as the builder’s entry for the third round of the 2024 RogueOlympics, a contest that tasks participants with creating designs using no more than 101 Lego elements. The theme for this round was ‘Volume,’ and I find the approach to such a simple word quite refreshing. Upon closer inspection of the build, one can spot a couple inside-out tires, a selection of Harry Potter wands, a gray cattle horn, and even a magic lamp unique to a certain Disney Villain, among other elements.

Whiskey Distillery

Architectural grandeur infused into a Great Ball Contraption

Another impressive creation from TBB regular Andreas Lenander, this LEGO build of what appears to be an aqueduct offers more depth than its striking foliage and eye-catching architectural design might suggest at first glance. This build marks Andreas’ debut in the realm of Great Ball Contraptions, a term commonly abbreviated “GBC” in LEGO enthusiast circles.

Aqueduct GBC-module

In this GBC module, the LEGO ball follows a pathway mimicking the flow of water from start to finish. Be sure to check out the video below of this GBC module in action, and explore some of the other LEGO Great Ball Contraption models that have been featured here on TBB.

Check out the model in action as well.

LEGO, Illumination, and Universal partner to launch Despicable Me 4 sets this spring [NEWS]

The LEGO Group, Illumination, and Universal Products & Experiences have officially confirmed their partnership on a new venture. Contrary to recent speculation sparked by an April Fools’ Day prank on social media, this collaboration does not involve a giant Minion. Instead, the trio is gearing up for the release of Illumination’s highly anticipated film, Despicable Me 4, hitting theaters on July 3. To mark the occasion, the partnership is introducing an exclusive line of LEGO Despicable Me 4 sets, sure to delight fans of the animated franchise. This range features four products, two of which were unveiled today: 75583 Minions and Gru’s Family Mansion and 75582 Brick-Built Gru and Minions. These sets will be available starting May 1st.

Check out these new DM4 sets below!

Medieval marvels and fantastical realms – where does your mind take you?

Since May 2010, when the first LEGO collectible minifigure series was released, enthusiasts have eagerly awaited the introduction of new characters with each subsequent minifigure lines. Some characters readily fit into past or present LEGO themes, like the Vampire Knight, while others evoke thoughts of a whole new world. Salt_city_bricks has brought imagination to life with one of the characters from Minifigures Series 25.. The structure in this build carries us to a world of fantasy and mystical wonder. However, if you were to remove the Mushroom Sprite from the foreground, the building would undoubtedly fit in wonderfully with a castle or other medieval-themed build. Titled “Curvy,” do not let your thoughts wander too far before appreciating the builder’s lack of square edges in this creation.


Exploring the Depths: An Underwater Diorama by Thomas Jenkins

Looking at this custom creation, you may find it hard to believe that it’s made entirely out of LEGO pieces. Frequently showcased on Brothers Brick, builder Thomas Jenkins has crafted an underwater diorama that transports us to another world. Do we see a hint of ancient Roman pillars being overtaken by nature? Or perhaps this is a playful interpretation of the legendary tale of Atlantis. At first glance, you cannot help but have this build evoke thoughts of an underwater realm, blending elements from both reality and imagination. The builder mentions a desire to build with and incorporate a newly introduced, in 2023, trans-clear curved element as part of the arguably main focus, the jellyfish. I am impressed by the creator’s ability to repurpose clown hair, pom-poms, and even Thanos’ arms! Explore our Thomas Jenkins archives and discover some of his other creations.


Terribly Terrorizing Tiny Dragon

The word “dragon” should naturally conjure an image of a fire-breathing, terrorizing great lizard, its eyes filled with the promise of impending doom. Now, envision that same image but on a much smaller scale. The dragon crafted by creator Bart Marable, though diminutive, manages to capture the essence of this mythical beast. It depicts a dark creature exhaling flames upon what appears to be a tranquil island village, where residents live out their days in peace. In this compact creation, the creator has paid meticulous attention to detail, from the water supporting the island to the tip of the cathedral’s cross, leaving nothing to be desired.

Microscale castle with dragon

The LEGO Architectural Gem of a Castle with Three Towers

Titled simply “Castle with Three Towers,” this LEGO creation by builder Azurekingfisher is yet another stunning piece of art. The structure is predominantly colored in white and navy blue, creating a captivating contrast that immediately catches the eye. Upon closer inspection, intricate details emerge, such as stained-glass windows, water elements, and ornate building features. Each element reveals itself gradually as you spend more time studying or admiring the images. In the past, this builder has crafted intricate creations incorporating plant elements. Here, we notice a subtle integration of those elements as well. Check out the use of the use of the round plate element with clock printing, first introduced in 2016 with the release of 71040 Disney Castle.

Castle with Three Towers


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Casa de la Familia Madrigal: A brick-built Replica of Encanto’s Iconic House

Is this not the outcome every LEGO creative builder aspires to when encountering something they want to recreate in LEGO? “Casita,” arguably the standout feature of Disney’s film Encanto, was released in LEGO form in late 2021. With the release of 43202 The Madrigal House, LEGO provided enthusiasts of all ages with a glimpse of the potential in using LEGO bricks to build “Casita” from the movie. Builder kopoppo_mama has skillfully blended creativity and photorealism to bring “Casita” to life using what one could only assume is an exceedingly large quantity of LEGO bricks. Check out some of the other “Casita” inspired creations that have been featured in the past here and here.


Plastic peril: Unveiling greed in LEGO form

Greed can be a divisive topic: what one person sees as greedy can be viewed as merely desire or the pursuit of success by another. In this model, TBB regular Andreas Lenander employs artistic expression, using the ubiquitous light bluish gray LEGO to depict a hand drained of its life essence. Contrasted with red and maroon bricks, it shows the negative result that can arise from gripping the pursuit of wealth too tightly. The builder skillfully incorporates sought-after LEGO parts to emphasize the object of greed: the pearl gold ingot and chrome gold ring, which most LEGO enthusiasts recognize as “The One Ring” from the Lord of the Rings theme. With all that gold, is this perhaps a retort to a treasure chest we covered recently?


And we’ve got plenty more of Andreas Lenander’s LEGO creations in our archives.