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We’re Going to Need A Bigger Boat...

Brilliant official LEGO Designer, Adam Grabowski (Misterzumbi), created this minifig scale version of the “Orca” from Steven Spielberg’s JAWS six years ago, and has only now gotten around to sharing it with the world. I’d say the reason he works for LEGO making many of our favorite sets is pretty obvious. Well played Misterzumbi.



Spider-pig, Spider-pig...

In response to our recent post about ImpreSariO’s movie posters, reader Craig sends word of his own set of LEGO movie posters.

My favorite is The Simpsons Movie, proving once again that simplicity is often the best policy — that’s one round tile and 40% of a minifig torso assembly.

Here’s Reservoir Dogs and an Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull teaser poster:

Finally, another favorite, Jaws: