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LEGO Star Wars is one of the most popular LEGO themes of all time. Far beyond X-wings and TIE fighters, there’s a whole expanded universe of inspiration, and an army of LEGO fans ready to build whatever comes out of George Lucas’s head next.

A classic speeder speeds in space

Step aside Rey, there’s a speedier Classic Space speeder in town.  Sad Brick has taken the idea of the Star Wars speeder bike and turned it into this grey, greeble-tastic bike complete with bumble-bee stripes on the side.  While the bike is cool-looking and fun, the landscape is really something else.  This is definitely Martian territory, with some weird looking, colourful flora…and perhaps fauna hiding amongst it.  I love the tall rock formations with the eerie red shapes appearing from behind.

Classic Speeder

The dust displaced in the wake of the speeder is just the icing on the cake for me.

What does the millennium fox say?

With the release of the new Star Wars 75192 UCS Millennium Falcon it seems like everyone just lost their minds and interstellar space is now cluttered up with countless falcons. Miro Dudas makes a good point: why falcons and not a fox? Fox makes just as much sense as a falcon in intergalactic travel! So, why would you fly a piece of garbage when you can choose this fluffy orange beast?

Millennium Fox

Have I seen this spaceship somewhere before?

YT-1740 is designed to be a fast and agile light freighter, only half the size of the Millennium Falcon and shaped like an arrowhead.  Builder ZiO Chao has supplied her with three powerful engines and two pairs of long-range antenna on its sides. The builder points out that you may recognise features from other ships in the Star Wars franchise: The Defender-class light corvette from the Old Republic era, the Ghost from Rebels, and also Kylo Ren’s command shuttle from Episode VII. The red string pattern is a nod to Homeworld, and the shape of engine comes from the battleship of Gundam.

YT-1740 Arrowhead

The detailed minifigure-scale interior has everything you could wish for — a medical room in case of inter-galactic mishaps, a meeting table for planning those all important missions and a crew resting area for a cold beer and a laugh about the latest crisis. The builder has put a handy label on the locations so that we don’t get lost finding the way to the bathroom at night.

YT-1740 Arrowhead Interier

The unappreciated droids from classic Star Wars

GNK Power Droids are better known as “Gonk” droids because of the low, honking sounds they produce while moving about. This larger build by Eric Druon gives us a close-up detail of what we usually see represented with smaller bits and fewer details.


I do appreciate how the builder took the time to even showcase the battery packs inside. The best way to understand its purpose in today’s context is the equivalent of your mobile power chargers — they’re there to provide juice whenever you need it. If there’s one thing from the future that needs to happen soon, this is it. We’re definitely going to need more of these turned into a reality as they simply wander around on-screen as in the Star Wars movies, and I’m assuming be available for you on demand. It certainly beats carrying around an additional battery pack in your pocket today.


She pretty much has the looks, and I’m confident she’s got it where it counts.

The Sidewinder by Railblade caught my eye for its balanced resemblance to the Millennium Falcon we all know and love, yet something different — just enough to make it believable and a bit of extra effort to make the ship hospitable.


It’s got a cozy sleeping quarters and even a proper bridge for control and co-piloting functions. The color theme is both space-y and earthly which gives a nice clean weathered effect. My favorite part is the three heavy-duty thrusters that guarantee warp speed that’s definitely going to give Han Solo a run for his republic credits.

Crew Quarters

There’s been quite a number of Falcons thanks to several competitions going around, if you haven’t already sent in your entry for our very own TBB competition, time is running out, and you can tell Luke Skywalker that you ARE actually going take your reward (if you win) and leave.


Become an Imperial engineer and build your own TIE Fighter [Instructions]

The ‘twin ion engines’ in a  TIE fighter help to make these little starfighters fast, agile and perfectly suited for a dog-fight in a narrow trench. Every Star Wars fan surely needs at least one sitting on their desk? Thanks to instructions provided by Inthert, you can build his LEGO version of this iconic starfighter and take on the nearest X-wing.

Sienar Fleet Systems: TIE Fighter: V2 (1)

There are three pages of instructions provided. Page one provides the steps for building the solar array wings…

TIE Fighter Instructions (page 1)

Page two completes the wings and provides instructions to start the spherical central cockpit area…

TIE Fighter Instructions (page 2)

Finally, page three completes the cockpit and shows how to put everything together…

TIE Fighter Instructions (page 3)

Thanks to Inthert for taking the time to make instructions as his TIE-fighter looks to be a fun build.

Dancer’s disintegrator daydream

All she wants is some decent clothing and a less demeaning job. Or so says Aaron Van Cleave, the builder of this fun LEGO Star Wars scene. The iconic Jabba’s Palace setting from Episode VI is given an interesting twist here.

Dancer's Daydream

Die-hard LEGO purists avert your eyes — the dancer’s Palace outfit is made of cut netting, and Salacious Crumb’s eyes are cut stickers. But this creation doesn’t rely wholly on such techniques. While the white daydream side does not have much to it, the Jabba-side has many interesting layers, light tricks and editing. We may have seen Jabba and his lair done in LEGO before, but never so uniquely. This model sits in a strange limbo between being a faithful recreation of a movie scene and being something of its own.

Fabuland Freight Service – Fast, Fabulous and Fun

Hello kiddies, it’s time to tune in to some fabulous retro Terovision. Doctor Dog is performing the final external pre-flight examination of the infamous Fabuland Freighter – the fastest ship in the whole of LEGOLAND. Flagship of the Fabuland Freight Service, I hear it made the Billund Run in less than 12 parsnips.

Fabuland Freighter

Together with Lionel Lion at the helm, this duo is responsible for transporting envelopes and brown packages all over Fabuland. Their trusty ship has compartments for small cargo and specially designed clamps in the front to haul bigger things like mail boxes.

Fabuland Freighter

Terovision decided to build this ship because of a love for both Star Wars and Fabuland. A fun and original mashup, the builder appears to have blended as many Fabuland pieces as possible seamlessly with System elements. Extra points have to be awarded for the extra effort that went in to creating the cut-out background!

All right, Robin. Go for the power regulator on the north tower.

Hi, my name is Jonathan Samson and I am an addict. This is the first post for The Brothers Brick that I’ve written about one of my own LEGO creations. One of the unfortunate side effects of writing for The Brothers Brick is that when you’re immersed in the best LEGO creations the planet has to offer, it makes one a little more picky about what classifies as a great build. Most of my builds end up being dismantled before they are completed due to my perfectionist streak.

What do you get if you cross a Ralph MacQuarrie picture, a large LEGO collection and a crazy image you cannot shake from your head? Let me present Batman vs. Star Wars. 

Batman vs. Star Wars

The Bat-lenium Falcon is loosely based on the Microfighters Falcon, but I made it a bit thinner, completely rebuilt the cockpit and front mandibles, and gave it bat ears! I wanted to hark back to the classic Adam West Batmobile, hence the red go-faster-stripes. Night-wing is a mish-mash of a few different microscale LEGO X-wings I’ve seen, crossed with the colours of Robin from The LEGO Batman Movie. Darth Joker came about because after building the Falcon, I felt it needed more; I had intended to build an explosion similar to the original image, but instead opted for the cartoonish “Kapow” floating fighting words to compliment the Tex Avery look of the Joker, and as a nod to 60s Batman. Enjoy.

Bat-lenium Falcon - front Night-Wing

She may look like the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy, but she ain’t

I don’t think Hannes Tscharner has ever taken a photo that didn’t look amazing, and his most recent YT 1300 freighter is no exception, not to mention the build is first-rate as well. The model is a take off of his original 7,500 piece Millennium Falcon build, meant to be a modified version from the same family of ships, likely used by another crew of space smuggling experts.

Heavily modified YT 1300 „Red Fox“ (Freighter Wars)

The red trim on the craft is very eye catching, and the photography is exquisite. It seems like the “Red Fox” as the builder has named it, has run into an asteroid field, perhaps trying to lose some imperial TIE fighters.

Now THIS is podracing

What if intergalactic bounty hunter 4-LOM participated in the very fast, very dangerous competition of podracing? Tom Vanhaelen presents his idea of the rogue protocol droid’s podracer. The use of metallic colors on the turbines, as well as circular arrays of bars and robot arms, really nail the aesthetic of the heavily-customized podracer.


The use of a rubber piece as the safety harness inside the pod is a clever detail…


She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts

You drove here in that? You’re braver than I thought. Lino Martins provides a LEGO reimagining of Star Wars as a 70’s buddy movie featuring a likable scoundrel named Stan Solo, his girlfriend Laura, and their big biker friend Chad Bacca. The car is the real star though — a beat-up 1977 Ford Falcon, so heavily patched it’s nicknamed the Aluminium Falcon.

Stan Solo's '77 Ford "Aluminum" Falcon Sundowner

This is a cracking model — it’s inspiration immediately apparent whilst being a decent build of a completely different style of vehicle. There’s an impressive depth of texture crammed into a relatively small footprint, with lots of lovely greebles nestled amongst the bodged repair work. As you’d expect, Lino brings his customary attention to detail to bear on the interior…

Stan Solo's '77 Ford "Aluminum" Falcon Sundowner

And don’t miss the group of miniland-scale reprobates created to go with the vehicle. It’s Stan Solo himself, along with the rest of the gang. I laughed out loud at Lino’s take on Artoo and Threepio…

Stan Solo's '77 Ford "Aluminum" Falcon Sundowner