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Looks like candy, tastes like plastic

I love a good collectible crossover, and Maxx Davidson shares a great one combining LEGO and PEZ. These brick built beauties capture the charm and character of the iconic candy dispensers, with an added treat of refill packs spilling their chalky goodness all over the table. I know I’d be happy to add these to my collection, and hopefully others will be inspired to make their own characters to add to this theme.

PEZ dispensers

What’s also neat is that these are very close to 1:1 scale with real PEZ dispensers. You know what else is cool? The other 1:1 Scale goodies in our archives!

It’s good to be the captain sometimes

Pirate captains seem to keep all the good stuff for themselves, as Maxx Davidson shows us in this detail-rich build. Utilizing many of LEGO’s unique pieces, Maxx gives us a glimpse at the stolen goods in the captain’s quarters. Well, I assume everything is stolen, because, uh…pirates: they steal things! Anyway, however the items came into his possession, the bookcase is chock-full of fun things. There’s a little ship in a bottle, a golden globe (no, not the award), a decanter, and some reading material. A keg of ale leaks onto the floor, much to the delight of the visiting bilge rat, and jewels rest in a golden dish on the other barrel. A pen and inkwell keep the jewels and open journal company, ready for the pirate captain to begin their memoir. My favorite part of the build? It’s got to be the captain’s nose. I enjoy the whole design, but the nose is a wonderful and clever use of a tan hamster. Seriously! Take a closer look.

Pirate Captain’s quarters

Ahoy, more details off the starboard bow, matey!

It’s not Amazon Prime, it’s a Prime Amazon

Seeing nature transformed into plastic bricks can be an amazing experience, and Maxx Davidson shows us just how it’s done with this 1:1 recreation of a Yellow Crowned Amazon. This green and yellow parrot has some gorgeous curves to it’s body, and some beautiful plumage to boot. I admit, though, that it was the 1×1 round bricks and “jumper stand” handles that form the talons that first caught my eye. It’s a neat solution that successfully mimics the real biology’s textures.

1:1 Yellow Crowned Amazon

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