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The most important rover of the day

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then I declare this LEGO bacon and eggs creation by Maxx Davidson to be the most important rover of the day. No, seriously, if you can find a more important rover today let us know in the comments, because I don’t think you will. The bacon and eggs rover is (cleverly) piloted by a chicken and a pig. (It’s their own fault for being delicious!) They are exploring a bevy of breakfast delights including some fruit, a buttered pancake, a hot cup of coffee with some sweetener, and sausage links. Gosh, I hope those are sausage links! Anyway, this was built for Febrovery 2024, which seems to be cooking along nicely.

Bacon and eggs rover exploring a world of breakfast delights! Built for Febrovery 2024

The LEGO mousetronauts and their moon cheese

The key to a great LEGO Feb-Rovery construction is picking a concept and going at it hard. Some choose to base their rover around a single part. Others take inspiration from long-lost LEGO Space factions. And yet another group may just want to work in a specific color palette. But then there are those like Maxx Davidson who take this theme month as an opportunity to answer a question that no one asked. In this case, it’s “What if mice went to the moon in search of cheese?” Following in the footsteps of Wallace and Gromit, here’s hoping these galactic gastronomes make it back to Earth with all the moon-muenster they can manage.

The Moustronauts are here to determine, once and for all, that the moon IS made of cheese!  Built for Febrovery 2024

And if you’re looking for more vehicles of the vast outer reaches from February’s gone by, check out our Feb-Rovery archives.

A cup of gnomish creativity

It’s not too often that the LEGO bricks line up in a way that we can do a theme day here at TBB. But when two great builders push the limits on a certain hard-to-use part, it’s tough not to write them up together. We already saw Nate’s spaceship earlier today, and now we’re treated to this delightful gnome-built cottage by Maxx Davidson, both built around this human-sized LEGO mug. Fitting with the Iron Forge challenge to use as many LEGO liquid containers as possible, the creation also features mug-turbaned gnomes with Minecraft Shulker faces, and some lovely window awnings made from latte cups.

Gnome hut built for the second round of Iron Forge! Assorted cups used 20 times throughout, with one big mug included!

Twice the helmets for double the NPU

Hot off the heels of featuring in many of our end-of-year lists, Maxx Davidson gets off to a cracking start with his first LEGO build of 2024. Or should that be a… Croaking start? With the latest Iron Forge seed part, he’s crafted one of the cutest amphibians out there: the red-eyed tree frog. Said seed part is the minifigure helmet, and there are actually two variants used here. Both designs have been around for a long time, albeit in decidedly modern colours! The classic spaceman helmet in orange makes up the frog’s toes. Meanwhile, the flowers use a colour variation that’s barely a couple of years old – the ‘newer’ crash helmet in coral pink. I say newer – that part is now 30 years old! (Holy heck, that part is 30 years old?! Where does the time go…)

Red-eyed tree frog built for this year’s Iron Forge! Seed part of a minifig helmet used 14 times.

Meet the most menacing mutants in the making

This LEGO duo of Bebop and Rocksteady, maybe the most iconic henchmen pair in the history of villainy, are ready to trounce some turtles, courtesy of builders Maxx Davidson and Áron Gerencsér. Maxx’s Bebop perfectly captures the horrible hog’s sense of style. The unmistakable mohawk and glasses cap off a perfectly shaped boar’s head that makes fun use of a minifig pretzel as the nose. And Áron’s Rocksteady brings the reprehensible rhino to life with dismembered minifigure arms to help shape his brow, repurposed Koopa shells as Rocksteady’s turtle trophies, and some cleverly connected vehicle mudguards to form the upper legs. The complete effect is a pair of brutes I wouldn’t want to run into in a dark New York alleyway, even if I did have ninja training.


A build with heart, in more ways than one

We see all sorts of annual building challenges organised by the LEGO community, but right now there’s one being run by the LEGO Group themselves: the #BuildtoGive campaign. The task is to build a heart, tag it with the hashtag, and a LEGO set will be donated to children in need. It can be a simple build with bricks, or it can be as complex as this one by Maxx Davidson! Master Model Builder Maxx has gone to pains to create an anatomically correct human heart. You’ve got the arteries, and, uh… The ventricles, and… Who am I kidding, I’m no cardiologist. Still, I can tell it’s a stunning model for a good cause!

Anatomically correct heart for LEGO’s #BuildToGive campaign

The school day is saved thanks to this stationary spacecraft

Who among us hasn’t spent time daydreaming and doodling during those particularly boring days in school? It’s a fair bet that Maxx Davidson certainly did, because this school supply spaceship is a perfect homage to those classroom fantasies. The notebook paper wings are loaded up with pencil missiles and highlighter engines. The push pin lasers mounted to the rulers help keep boredom at bay. And the whole thing is structured around a pencil case cockpit with a LEGO built zipper that we grade as an A+. The pilot is even sitting on an eraser seat!

The Bic Viper

a SHIP not of this world

SHIPtember is officially over with but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying these seriously huge LEGO ships that we’ve seen lately. Take Maxx Davidson’s Aeronautilus, for example. The rules laid out by the LEGO Gods a millennia ago state that a Seriously Huge Investment in Parts must have at least 100 studs on one side but it says nothing about which side. This otherworldly SHIP is 104 studs high and 108 studs on the diagonal plane. Its construct is so alien in appearance, that one can barely imagine the beings that may have constructed it. Maxx, as far as I know, is an Earthly being but you get what I mean. My favorite part, besides its odd color scheme, is the smaller ships being launched from strange hatches throughout the hull. I imagine this is how a botfly works. Kinda gives you the warm and fuzzies, doesn’t it?

Aeronautilus- Shiptember 2023

Nothin’ says lovin’ like somethin’ from the oven

I love unusual subject matter for LEGO builds, and Maxx Davidson has picked a great one – a vintage oven! The four-burner gas-powered beauty is instantly recognizable, with great use of curved slopes and SNOT building to evoke memories of Grandma’s kitchen.

Vintage Oven

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Looks like candy, tastes like plastic

I love a good collectible crossover, and Maxx Davidson shares a great one combining LEGO and PEZ. These brick built beauties capture the charm and character of the iconic candy dispensers, with an added treat of refill packs spilling their chalky goodness all over the table. I know I’d be happy to add these to my collection, and hopefully others will be inspired to make their own characters to add to this theme.

PEZ dispensers

What’s also neat is that these are very close to 1:1 scale with real PEZ dispensers. You know what else is cool? The other 1:1 Scale goodies in our archives!

It’s good to be the captain sometimes

Pirate captains seem to keep all the good stuff for themselves, as Maxx Davidson shows us in this detail-rich build. Utilizing many of LEGO’s unique pieces, Maxx gives us a glimpse at the stolen goods in the captain’s quarters. Well, I assume everything is stolen, because, uh…pirates: they steal things! Anyway, however the items came into his possession, the bookcase is chock-full of fun things. There’s a little ship in a bottle, a golden globe (no, not the award), a decanter, and some reading material. A keg of ale leaks onto the floor, much to the delight of the visiting bilge rat, and jewels rest in a golden dish on the other barrel. A pen and inkwell keep the jewels and open journal company, ready for the pirate captain to begin their memoir. My favorite part of the build? It’s got to be the captain’s nose. I enjoy the whole design, but the nose is a wonderful and clever use of a tan hamster. Seriously! Take a closer look.

Pirate Captain’s quarters

Ahoy, more details off the starboard bow, matey!

It’s not Amazon Prime, it’s a Prime Amazon

Seeing nature transformed into plastic bricks can be an amazing experience, and Maxx Davidson shows us just how it’s done with this 1:1 recreation of a Yellow Crowned Amazon. This green and yellow parrot has some gorgeous curves to it’s body, and some beautiful plumage to boot. I admit, though, that it was the 1×1 round bricks and “jumper stand” handles that form the talons that first caught my eye. It’s a neat solution that successfully mimics the real biology’s textures.

1:1 Yellow Crowned Amazon

Like what you see here? Well there are a lot more realistically sized creations in our archives!