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Over the water and past the finish line

Thirsty? Get a drink from this racer’s wake! Builder aido k created this fantastic racer to fly across the sea and leave his competitors behind.
Sport Racing

I’m enjoying looking at this racer as much as the driver is flying it! With so few parts, aido k managed to pull off a ton of angles and little details. I love the round pieces on the bottom that seem to be what is keeping the racer alight. But the coolest detail would have to be the way the fin is dipping into the water just enough to cause a bit of spray.

I’d jump at the chance to see this racer from a few other angles as well. Here’s to hoping we do!

How to build a swell little well! [Instructions]

Former LEGO designer Tiago Catarino continues to deliver fun techniques in his free tutorials! I’m a big fan of this little well. It’s simple and easy to build, yet the unique roof design gives it character. The best part is that you can put it into a number of settings and decorating around it would be seamless. Of course, it’s probably best suited to a medieval square, don’t you think?

Click the link below to watch the video and see how it’s done!

Watch Video!

Towers over azure waters

Built in transparent blue over white and grey, the sparkling azure water in this scene by Sergeant Chipmunk looks incredibly inviting. The three watchtowers use fantastic color schemes and a not quite “legal” technique to create wonderful shapes, standing on rocks with nary a stud to be seen and dabs of color that bring life to the vibrant scene. But the stand-out feature for me is the organically curved sail made out of leaves.

Standing in the Sea

LEGO Super Soaker 50

This one brings back the summertime memories. Bruce Lowell (Bruceywan) has recreated the iconic Super Soaker 50 in a compact size that retains all the detail and glory of the original. I remember the first time I fired one off. It was so awesome. Everyone who had one felt like they ruled the backyard. I quickly upgraded to a ‘100’ but nothing matched that initial thrill of the Super Soaker 50. Thanks for the trip down memory lane, Bruce!

LEGO Super Soaker

A new kind of water

Jonas (Legopard) returns to TBB with a new water technique that is sure to catch on with the hot weather crowd. In “Flooded Barrack“, the builder uses window “glass” supported by various plants and parts to simulate dihydrogen monoxide and the overall effect is very pleasing although no doubt a bit fragile in places. More than just a test bed for his new method, this model is also a nice study in how to build a structure that is abandoned or decayed. More photos are available on MOCpages.

Flooded Barrack