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Break free of the chains that bind you – and turn them into a boat

Aido K‘s latest LEGO masterpiece has left me lost for words. Well, not completely speechless – but this is a family-friendly website, so I can’t publish my audible reaction. My favourite genre of creation – if you can call it that – is people using the engineered properties of the LEGO system of parts in unusual ways. That’s where the idea for this build came in: LEGO bricks are designed to work under compression – that is, being squashed together. Aido turned that on its head, so this uses elements in tension (i.e. being pulled). So that boat in the middle is almost entirely shaped by chains under tension and the pull of gravity. It’s beautiful!

Chain Boat

That means the boat can fold down flat for easy transport – which is just as well, as this model made its debut at the Brickvention show in Melbourne over the weekend. Seeing the boat rise from the chains is very satisfying!

LEGO Witch-king on his fearsome mount

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the publication of J.R.R. Tolkien’s masterpiece, and the 20th anniversary of Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings film, so I think we can look forward to many LEGO tributes in the months to come. This stunning recreation of the feared leader of the Ringwraiths and his reptilian ride by aido k is very detailed and larger than it first seems. The long curving neck and tail are well-crafted, and the dull gray helmet covering the creature’s eyes adds to the ominous look.

A Fellbeast and his Witch-King

The figure of the king of Angmar captures all of the icon details of his spiked helmet and gloves.
A Fellbeast and his Witch-King

Just a few pieces create an epic scene.

Aido Kessler knows that LEGO can be an expensive hobby. As piece counts in official sets continue to rise, so too does the price of the sets. Heck, I paid less for my first car than I did for certain Star Wars sets on display in my house. That’s why it’s so nice of Aido to remind us that you don’t always need a lot of bricks to stage an epic build. Here, Aido has recreated the iconic Battle of Hoth from The Empire Strikes Back with scarcely more than a dozen pieces. It’s a budget build that’s big on blockbuster action.

Budget Hoth

The LEGO house can’t get much smaller than that without help from Pym particles

Microscale LEGO sets like the skyline architecture series proved that you don’t need a lot of parts to capture great architectural details, and fans have been building miniature versions of their favorite sets over the years with amazing results. This miniature model of the LEGO house by aido k is a fantastic example. The terraced section in the back uses small wall panel parts set on their side, and a printed tile from the DOTS theme makes the perfect accent. Overall the model is instantly recognizable and a perfect replica of the official LEGO Architecture set.

LEGO House

Go Go Gadget Brick Separator!

Aido K presents a LEGO Brickheadz inspired build celebrating the fantastic Cartoon Classic:  Inspector Gadget! But ‘Gadget hasn’t appeared on his own, the team is here with Penny and Brain along for the ride to ensure the great Inspector doesn’t get into (too much) trouble!

Go go gadget brick separator

Aido captures the stylistic approach of both Brickheadz and Inspector Gadget here along with the necessary appendages befitting the great detective, with each gadget representing key moments from the series.

I love how Inspector Gadget’s quizzical expression and elongated face have been captured perfectly here, too, whilst keeping to the design of a Brickheadz which is then carried on through both Penny and the loveable dog, Brain whose sat-to-attention pose is wonderfully realized in LEGO.

I hope you’ve enjoyed exploring these delightful characters and celebrating some cartoon nostalgia because this post will self-destruct in 5, 4, 3…

A case of the cat mech zoomies

If you have a pet cat or if you’re like me and watch cat videos in your spare time you’ve definitely seen the well-documented phenomena of the “cat zoomies” – basically when indoor cats release pent-up energy and zoom around. Aido’s LEGO zoid-like cat mech also appears to be experiencing the zoomies and wow look at that powerful gait.

Full Power

Aido constructs this cat mech using a sleek black and red color scheme and overall the build makes use of a number of interesting elements including a black baseball diamond tile, an armor piece used above for the shoulder area – this looks like it is from a buildable figure model, and then the tail is interestingly constructed out of pneumatic T pieces clipped together using 1×1 modified plates. This robotic creature also is displayed running through a mystical patch of grass with bioluminescent-looking plants or creatures utilizing trans-clear green elements. Ultimately, this build is a very captivating and futuristic jungle scene and quite timely for late spring.

Full Power

Over the water and past the finish line

Thirsty? Get a drink from this racer’s wake! Builder aido k created this fantastic racer to fly across the sea and leave his competitors behind.
Sport Racing

I’m enjoying looking at this racer as much as the driver is flying it! With so few parts, aido k managed to pull off a ton of angles and little details. I love the round pieces on the bottom that seem to be what is keeping the racer alight. But the coolest detail would have to be the way the fin is dipping into the water just enough to cause a bit of spray.

I’d jump at the chance to see this racer from a few other angles as well. Here’s to hoping we do!

You mess with the bull, you get the horns!

Brothers Brick regular Aido K. has built a LEGO mechanical bull but not the kind you ride at your local whiskey bar. In fact, you’d probably want to steer clear of this one. (See what I did there?) Aido has taken an animal that is chock full of rage, muscle and testosterone and mechanized it because apparently that’s what the world needs. All kidding aside, this creation is as magnificent as the real beast. The posturing, the horns, even the flared nostrils are a sight to behold. LEGO chains add texturing to the underbelly and I spy a few tires used in creative ways. My favorite part has got to be the tail comprised of feathered wings. The light brick illuminating the eyes is an added touch of brilliance. This bull joins a long line of mechanized animals we’ve enjoyed featuring over the years.


The lovely lady in white

There’s just something about a clean monochrome LEGO sculputure that draws me in. This build by Aido K reminds me of an alabaster statue in my parents’ home. The purity and gracefulness of the white on black is beautiful, although I think it would be just as elegant if the color was reversed. It has to be difficult to create this kind of movement, especially with these angles. And it’s a little wild to consider that the head must be sitting on a single stud.


Want to see more monochrome creations? Check out our monochrome archives. We also have several more builds from Aido K.

Moody musician turns up the bass

When I first saw this LEGO model of a musician with headphones by aido k, I laughed out loud. I thought it was so expressive, with his floppy hair, and sleepy eyes. And those headphones are so amazing. Then I found out it was a tribute to a Youtuber, and I loved it even more. Aside from the face, I think one of my favorite and easily missed details is the white stripes of his sweatshirt, along the shoulder and arms.

I only use BASSplates

The incredible inedible electric egg

Electric cars existed long before Tesla, dating back to the 19th century. But one of the most bizarre-looking was L’Oeuf Electrique, which is French for the Electric Egg. Designed by Paul Arzens in 1942, the little three-wheeled car consisted of an aluminum body and plexiglass windshield. Small cars like the BMW Isetta would prove popular in post-World War II Europe, and Arzens hoped his eclectic electric might also find a place on the road. While Arzen’s concept never really took off, we’d like to think he would be proud to see his car brilliantly reproduced in LEGO-form by Aido K.

L'Oeuf Electrique

Take a closer look at this unusual looking electric car.

This Mustang is ready to run with the horses

Not much screams “American” like a big-engined, gas-guzzling, machismo-granting muscle car. The throaty roar of the tailpipes, the peeling tires, racing down a secluded stretch of road away from the cops…ahh, for the halcyon days of my youth, playing with my Hotwheels cars. A while back, LEGO Ideas hosted a contest to build a poster for the Ford Mustang to celebrate the release of the large Creator Expert Mustang set, and aido k submitted a digital entry, but wanted to make a ‘Stang in real bricks, too. The challenges were real, since making an 8-stud wide car with a battery box inside for the working lights is not easy. But the finished product looks great, clad in the classic white with blue stripes.

Classic Mustang

I love the angled windscreen to get a steeper look than the piece provides. A subtle variation in how far down the tiles on the side are pressed creates a delightful little scoop in the side door, and the roller skate makes a brilliant door handle. The fastback slope is smoothly done, too, integrating nicely with the rest of the car. The lights make this machine one of the coolest cars I have seen, with their warm glow enhancing the photos and the presentation. Now who wants to go burn some rubber and show those Camaros and Challengers who is boss?

Classic Mustang