About Bre Burns

Bre is an Oregon native who came to Seattle with her partner, Jessie, in 2015. She briefly worked for the LEGO Group as a Brick Specialist before she left to pursue her dream of being a Zookeeper. Now she works at Woodland Park Zoo, but LEGO continues to be a huge part of her life. She and her partner are active members of both SEALUG and FabuLUG, and enjoy building creations big and small that span across many themes.

Posts by Bre Burns

A Peasant’s Castle

If you were a medieval peasant, would you prefer a cozy hut in the village, or a windmill in the countryside? Though it may be a bit drafty, I think I’d pick the windmill. At least, I’d pick this one, built by Sandro Damiano! With its quaint cabin and cobblestone path, it’s a peasant’s castle!

Medieval Windmill

Sandro does a great job of capturing all the little dimensions and levels. It keeps your eyes wandering around the scene. This garden is full of tasty veggies to take to the market!

Medieval Windmill

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Avast Ye Brick-aneers!

If you’re looking for a scurvy mate to fill your pillaging needs, here be the fellow! He’ll stand guard with his cleverly crafted musket, making sure your enemies walk the plank! The creator of this “maniac gunner pirate” is LEGO 7, and he’s no stranger to great builds. One of the best parts of this particular creation is the unique personality of the character. Not only does he have that wonderful classic pirate look, he also has the best expression on his face. Not to mention, his weapons display a uniquely creative use of parts.

Maniac Gunner Pirate

And if you’re looking for a captain to add to your crew, you won’t be disappointed! LEGO 7 has also created a devilish Blackbeard to go with this first mate! He even has the peg-leg and macaw!

Maniac Gunner Pirate

Beautiful brick beasts

These mouse-like creatures look like they came straight out of some sci-fi piece! But in fact, Takamichi Irie modeled them after a real-life family of rodents called Dipodidae. As you can imagine, they are like a cross between a mouse and a kangaroo. Thankfully, it doesn’t take someone who studies animals to recognize the beauty in these little beasts, and best yet, they’re not the only amazing creatures Takamichi has created!

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One of the best things about building with LEGO is the story. Every creation has a unique tale to tell, and some fall within an even bigger picture. One Australian builder, Jayfa, made these beautiful figures as part of an elaborate collection of “Plague Mechs.” Hector (pictured right) is an old inventor, and Artillerix (pictured left) is an arms master. They’re leaders fighting against each other in an epic battle!

Jayfa has made mech-building an art. The combination of Bionicle and System parts is truly fantastic, and these posable characters really seem to come to life! Take a look at the revolvers on Hector’s cane, as well as the minifigure backpacks used for his shoulder pads! But both personalities are great! So who’s side will you choose?


All you need is a little Boost! [Video]

Remember  Jason Allemann (AKA JK Brickworks)? He’s the LEGO builder who designed the LEGO Ideas 21305 Maze set. He’s also the mastermind behind several other awesome creations that we’ve featured over the years. Now Jason is at it again with this brilliant little machine, a candy catapult! He constructed it entirely from the newly-released BOOST Creative Toolbox set 17101.

See the video of Jason’s machine in action