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Kids truly are a labour of love

We feature a lot of LEGO medieval buildings here at TBB, but medieval interiors are less common. However, this one by Martin Gebert really hits the ball out of the park. We are treated to a lovely royal bedroom, which is obvious not only by the sheer size of the room, but also by the elaborate furniture in it. In the middle of the room there are two beds. The bed of the king and queen features a canopy made out of carved wood and heavy curtains keeping the couple warm and private. The other bed is a lot smaller. It’s the baby’s crib and is also adorned with curtains. While the curtains on the parents bed are made out of slopes, the curtains on the baby’s bed are made using a plastic minifigure skirt. Can you spot all the kids the royals regret having?

One is not enough, they said...

Are you ready to see the dessert menu?

Martin Gebert has served up some delicious looking brick-built creations that would make even the most seasoned pastry chefs drool with envy. The four-tiered cake, with its layers that get darker the higher you go, is decorated with a generous serving of minifigures beards. And this fruit tart is sure to delight even the most discerning of sweet tooths. Be careful, those reddish-brown plates have a tendency to snap, and the fragments can get caught in your teeth.

Pieces of Cake

LEGO Wall-E blasts his way into our hearts

For a movie with very little dialog in the first half, the Disney movie Wall-E had a great story and even greater characters. In this scene by Martin Gebert the love-sick little garbage mashing robot with a heart of gold makes a romantic attempt to get back to Eve using a fire extinguisher for propulsion. The cloud element first seen in the LEGO Monkie Kid theme is the perfect part for the foamy burst. Combined with the lumpy ice cream pieces, they connect to larger clouds made with a variety of radar dishes and other rounded elements. Chromed dishes give Wall-E his wide-eyed expression.

Lost In Space

Some bugs are just annoying jerks

What is better than a big, brick-build LEGO bug? A big, brick-build LEGO bug with a monocle, of course! This little critter by Martin Gebert looks cute as a bug. He looks quite dapper, sporting a top hat, poofy socks, a monocle and a really big coat — which also might be the bug’s wing covers. I can totally picture this guy going to a fancy party hosted by the Mad Hatter in Wonderland. But apparently this little guy is quite the nuisance. He’s so literate and sophisticated in his entire doing that it makes him quite unlikable.

A Bug's Life

No lie about this LEGO cake!

I wouldn’t advise taking a big bite out of this LEGO cake by Martin Gebert! This was built for a 101-piece challenge, and each of those hundred and one parts are used well. From white frogs and unikitty tails on the frosting to an obscure Scala flowerpot, this cake’s parts usage is pretty sweet! The layers of various chocolate and raspberry jelly filling look delicious and the flowing frosting tops it off wonderfully. And the cherry on top? It’s a dark red minifigure helmet.

Piece of Cake