A fantastic build in more ways than one

My favorite LEGO set of last year (and possibly of all time) is the LEGO Lord of the Rings 10316 Rivendell set. I could wax verbose about that set, but I don’t have to — because everything I loved about Rivendell is back here in this piece, which builder Martin Gebert calls “Rivendell-inspired.” You can certainly see the official set’s influence — the organic blending of nature and masonry, the pastel greens and whites, the otherworldly architecture. And yet this build manages to take the fantasy even further — look at that lovely hanging fountain and the perfectly irregular smoothness of that outcropping. Best of all, this model (entitled “The Arrival of an Old Friend”) is just chapter 1 in a series, so be sure to follow Martin and keep exploring this incredible slice of a fantasy world.

Chapter I - The Arrival of an Old Friend

2 comments on “A fantastic build in more ways than one

  1. kjdabate

    The orange and green tones for the ground complement each other nicely. That rock work is great as well, it achieves an organic look

  2. Herrkraemert

    Thanks for the feature and kind words! The buildings contained in this series of MOCs were actually there in 2022, before I knew what the Rivendell set would look like – fantastic how well they go with the interpretation of Lego!

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