Beware of vendors selling ice cream in the forest.

What could be more refreshing after a day of knighting around in full armor in the forest than a sweet ice cream treat? But take a closer look at this LEGO scene by Jérôme Barchietto and you will see that all is not as it seems. Is that the Falcon queen disguised as an innocent shopkeeper? And while our good and loyal Lion knights are distracted by dripping soft serve and brain freeze, a group of Falcon knights are slowly closing in for a delicious ambush.

The textured roof with plenty of thatch pieces and the real-world mossy setting combine to make this scene stand out. Also, with so many joyous faces on those Lion Knights, I almost feel sorry for them. What a cold trick to play.

2 comments on “Beware of vendors selling ice cream in the forest.

  1. Wardog1

    I love this vignette! So whimsical and the authentic moss and trees provide a wonderful textured setting. I really like the use of Emmet faces for the lion knights, it really fits with their original simply designed faces.

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