Tianfeng Pagoda stands tall in history

The Tianfeng Pagoda is situated in the centre of Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. With a height of about 167 feet, this hexagonal building is an ancient landmark within the city. It was named after the time period it was built, between Tiancewansui (reign title of Empress Wu Zetian AD 695) and Wansuidengfeng (reign title of Empress Wu Zetian AD 696) in Tang Dynasty. Tianfeng Pagoda’s hexagonal shape has been beautifully captured in LEGO by qian yj and the 7 levels of pagoda are almost as impressive in LEGO.

Tianfeng Tower legoMOC

This LEGO version sits peacefully in a park with trees, gardens and even a small pond. While Tianfeng Pagoda does sit in Tianfeng park, it represents the fusion of history and present day as the actual tower is located next to a shopping mall and bustling streets cross just beyond the park.

Winter Olympics venues built from LEGO bricks

The 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang in South Korea have already provided their fair share of drama (gale-force wind snowboarding anyone?) and now they’re providing some excellent microscale LEGO models. Jae Won Lee has put together tiny versions of the stadia and event venues. First up, the towering Alpensia ski jump arena…

ski jump (4)

The curves at the base of the hill might be a little steep for nailing the perfect Telemark landing, but the rest of the creation is spot-on — immediately recognisable from the TV coverage. Beyond the twin hills of Alpensia, the builder has also created an impressive reconstruction of the main arena in Pyeongchang itself. A pentagon isn’t the easiest shape to capture in bricks, but this little model does it well. Nice job on the outer-wall textures too…

main stadium (1)

There’s a range of models in the series, from the speed skating arena through to the ice hockey stadium. Whilst some of them are quite simple in their execution, they make a lovely set, as seen in the image below, which also provides a nice view of the main stadium interior seating…

Venue collection (1)

Speeder or spider?

I think Halfbeak has misread the contest rules for the annual LEGO Speeder Bike contest and built a spider instead of a speeder! In all seriousness, this is a very original design. The competition is looking tough though, but luckily this police speeder has more than just originality going for it.

The Impounder

A conservative colour scheme that is unmistakably police-like combined with some stickers and a compact, complex design are all great, but Halfbeak did not stop there; the little accompanying drone really adds a lot to the general idea of police control while the colourful base helps the build stand out more. A touch of digital editing at the engines rounds off the picture as quite a treat to look at.

Build your own vintage Bugatti from LEGO [Instructions]

A while back we featured this delightful vintage Bugatti discovered in a dilapidated roadside barn. It looks like its new owners have gotten the old gal up and running. Creator Norton74 has built another scene, this time featuring the Bugatti at a filling station.

Antique gas station

In addition, you can now build your very own vintage racecar thanks to instructions from the builder, following the jump.

See step-by-step LEGO Bugatti instructions

Keep Calm and Truck On

Builder Ingmar Spijkhoven builds a mean-looking truck, complete with its trailer and a payload with chains to secure them all. Though it’s not modelled after any given brand or manufacturer but purely from the builder’s imagination, it stands out enough with a very classic “truck look” that reminds me of the infamous transformer Optimus Prime — especially with the colour scheme Ingmar used.

Truck T2 MkII v2.0 with Trailer Tr10b

The best part is that it’s actually motorised with Power Functions and remote control features. Details go beyond the surface with a detailed engine block, fully done up interior, and doors that function as expected. At about 3,250 elements and 3 months of toil, I’d say the outcome was worth it!

See more photos of this fantastic LEGO truck

TBB Weekly Brick Report: LEGO news roundup for February 18, 2018 [News]

In addition to the amazing LEGO models created by builders all over the world, The Brothers Brick brings you the best of LEGO news and reviews. This is our weekly Brick Report for the third week of February 2018, which was marked by one of the biggest global events in the toy industry, the New York Toy Fair 2018.

LEGO Harry Potter Returns
TBB LEGO SET ANNOUNCEMENTS: LEGO revealed a whole bunch of new sets, from Star Wars to Jurassic World and from the Avengers to Harry Potter. Which are you most excited about?

TBB NEW YORK TOY FAIR COVERAGE: We are coming to you live from the New York Toy Fair. Read all of our hands-on coverage about the LEGO sets coming to a store near you this spring.

TBB REVIEWS, NEWS AND INSTRUCTIONS: After a very busy week of set announcements, we have our latest TBB reviews and instructions for you for your building enjoyment.

OTHER NEWS: There were a few other LEGO news articles from varying places around the web this week. Here are the best of the rest:
Click here to see how LEGOs make these drones fly

Solo: A Star Wars Story character movie posters in LEGO [News]

We got our hands on the Kessrel Run Millennium Falcon at Toy Fair in New York City yesterday, and the movie’s release is coming up in May. Naturally, the hype is ramping up, and one of the things we’ve always enjoyed about each new Star Wars movie has been LEGO versions of the movie posters. The graphic designers at LEGO have created character posters for four of the main characters in Solo: A Star Wars Story. There are posters for young Han Solo, the new Chewbacca design, new character Qi’ra (played by Emilia Clarke of Game of Thrones fame), and young Lando Calrissian.

Han Solo

See all four of the Solo movie posters in LEGO

Ultimate LEGO Star Wars author events at Third Place Books in Seattle Feb 23 & 24 [News]

The Brothers Brick managing editors Chris Malloy and Andrew Becraft will be presenting insights and observations about 19 years of LEGO Star Wars at two events in Seattle later this week. On Friday, February 23 at 7:00 PM, the authors of Ultimate LEGO Star Wars will share a presentation and autograph books at the Seward Park location. Then, on Saturday, February 24 at 7:00 PM, they will do so at the Ravenna store.

Chris Malloy & Andrew Becraft present at Powell's Books Portland

The previous event at Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon (pictured here) was well-attended, so be sure to arrive early for seating and copies of the book.

Chris Malloy & Andrew Becraft signing at Powell's Books Portland

For those of you lucky enough to be attending the sold-out Emerald City Comic-Con the first weekend in March, Chris and Andrew will also be doing a panel and signing in the Writers Block area on Sunday morning (March 1st at 10:45 AM).

Shoretrooper ready for action on Scarif

When the first Star Wars movie not part of the epic series, Rogue One, was released, people had a mixed reaction. Personally, I loved it, and a lot of great characters were introduced. LEGO creator Nobu_tary has been building some amazing creations of a few of them using key parts from the official buildable figure sets, but making a number of delightfully unique design choices to give them personality. Take this shoretrooper, for example.


More LEGO Star Wars characters from Nobu_tary

Who says pirates never do anything for their community?

This lighthouse on a tiny island by William Navarre is by far not the first time the concept is represented with LEGO bricks and I can guarantee it will not be the last — lonely lighthouses of all styles and sizes are an evergreen theme with a lot of expressive value, so it is no surprise one pops up every now and again. What distinguishes William’s build from others is a mix of simplicity and complexity.

Green Sea Rock Lighthouse

His signature highly detailed style with intense textures is obviously apparent not only within the lighthouse’s walls and the rock below it, but also the sea and the small dock. Still, the overall design of the building remains simple, which diverts attention to more important segments. There seems to be just enough vegetation on the island so we can know it is indeed a natural island, but not too much to make it nicer than a pirate would deserve. Using natural sunlight for photography can be a risky move, but William has managed to pull it off well, additionally facilitated by the digitally added background.

Wrap-up from LEGO’s booth at Toy Fair New York 2018 [News]

Well folks, this is our final article from here in midtown Manhattan at Toy Fair New York 2018. Today we’ve brought you hands-on coverage of LEGO’s latest, including new Harry Potter, Jurassic World, and Star Wars sets, among others. Our day started this morning at 7AM when LEGO gave us an early-access tour of their booth before the Toy Fair officially opened.

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LEGO Merchandise revealed at Toy Fair New York 2018 [News]

LEGO is introducing a number of new merchandise items, from backpacks and patches to flashlights and display cases, and some of them are pretty awesome. We got a hands-on look at a few of the new items at Toy Fair New York today. Continue reading