Nature’s ascending colour palette

The changing colour of trees and their foliage can be diverse in Alpine areas, usually making the long, steep hike with a camera well worth the effort. Inspired while hiking in the Swiss Alps, Emil Lidé has built an artistic impression of these natural foliage changes by creating a beautiful slice of LEGO mountain.  As the eye ascends his build from left to right, the colours change from vibrant green and lime though the autumnal palatte of oranges and reddish browns to peak at the stark, snowy summit.

The Ascent (12 of 12)

We have blogged previous builds by Emil, showcasing his skill at capturing the  natural world in LEGO. Have a look at his polluted ocean, Krakatoa’s volcanic eruption, changing seasons in microscale and fall in the Avalonian countryside.

Black and white and rad all over

NoVVember is an annual LEGO building event — a celebration of the Vic Viper spaceship style. It’s been a fixture of the LEGO calendar for years now, so it takes something genuinely different to stand out from the Viper crowd. This interesting spaceship from Shamisenfred does exactly that, with striking colour blocking and imaginative use of hot-air balloon pieces. The excellent building continues beyond those eye-catching elements — don’t miss those engine nacelles, the little splashes of gold, and the smart use of stickers. I only wish the photos had been taken against a grey backdrop rather than white — it would have provided a far better contrast to the model.

"SHOGUN" VV racer

Amazon UK Black Friday LEGO Deals up to 50% savings on Star Wars, Technic, Minecraft, Friends, Superheroes [NEWS]

As Black Friday is now upon  readers in the UK, we thought it would be useful to give a quick summary of some of the best deals out there for LEGO fans. While some of the deals may be available in other countries, these particular deals were selected for Amazon UK customers.  Discounts vary from 28% to 50%, all currently a better saving than LEGO themselves are offering.

Star Wars The Last Jedi 75179 Kylo Ren’s TIE Fighter £54.99 (27% discount)

Star Wars The Last Jedi 75176 Resistance Transport Pod £19.99 (50% discount)

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No creature can look upon his face and endure his terrible heat

Every LEGO creation is a work of art. Whether it’s good or bad is a whole other discussion, where opinions are driven by personal interpretation. However, there is often a pattern amongst creations built with artistic intent — simple colours, high contrasts, and plain minifigs, a style seemingly evolved from “black fantasy” themes, popular in the building community about a decade ago. Anthony Wilson is no stranger to this expressive style, but his recent creation — c̸̡̹̉͝ţ̴̳̻͎̱̹͙̇͂͛͜ǫ̸͈̹͙͍͚͌̾̿͒̐̽ţ̴̧͔͖͙̺̈3̸̧̧̛̯̥͛͊͒̄̾̕b̴͕̦̑̈́̎̚5̴͎̱̫̺̮̪̈́4̷̢̭̰̻̯̳̖͔̅̊̃̒͛͝3̶̥͈̳̻̫̘̎s̵̟̃̀̾̐̃͒͠d̷̬̂̑́̍̕̕g̸̨̰̳̩̫͆̍̂̇͜ͅ4̵̟͉͇͈̯̩̔͌̚ͅͅ — takes it to a whole new level. It could mean anything, but everyone is welcome to come up with their own interpretation.


The angelic figure at the center is certainly imposing. It contains thematic as well as visual contrasts with the gaping blood-red mouth and tentacles. The gray path lined with braziers, and the audience of faceless minifigs give the build a sense of movement and twisted life. The figures mimic the shape and colours of the wings, and the fires extend the reach of the tentacles, enveloping the black minifig — seemingly the subtle centrepiece of the creation.

LEGO Batman 70922 Joker Manor now available with Black Friday & Cyber Monday LEGO deals [News]

The LEGO Shop online has launched this year’s Black Friday sales and deals, supported by the release of 70922 Joker Manor. Joker Manor retails for $269.99 and includes 3,444 pieces with 10 minifigs. And if you missed it, you can read our hans-on review of Joker Manor here on The Brothers Brick.

70922 The Joker Manor - 01

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The Great Wall of Forlorn Empire

The Great Wall of China requires no special introduction, and neither does Forlorn Empire. As the great wall can bee seen from space, so can mr. Forlorn’s building skills. While this segment of the Great Wall may not be the largest we have seen in LEGO, it is surely one of the best (and frankly, keeping up this level of detail and texture on an excessively large scale would turn out to be too much for pretty much any builder) in the terms of construction quality.

The Great Wall

As I have mentioned, it boasts a high level of details and some nice angles, but what I like best is the roofed hut on the top of the tower – the roof technique is a stroke of genius. To top it all off, the builder has added a minifig on guard duty to fill the scene with life.

Say hello to my feathered friend

One thing’s for sure, you can always count on Tyler Clites for fun holiday themed builds, and his latest tactical turkey is no exception. I like Tyler’s simple yet effective solution for the bandolier and while easy to overlook, the single round sticking out of the out of the side of the machine gun is a nice touch. My favorite part has to be the determined facial expression and furrowed eyebrows, making this turkey look determined to live another year.

Not This Year!

From all of us here at the Brothers Brick, we wish everyone in the US a happy Thanksgiving, and as you sit down to enjoy some delicious poultry, we hope none of your turkeys put up this big of a fight.

Another beautiful day on Planet ABS-1139

It can be lonely manning an outpost on a new planet, but this LEGO creation by Sad Brick makes it look downright relaxing. With lots of samples to collect, and equipment to maintain, it’s important to take a moment to look around and remember how crucial your work is to the future of humanity. A helpful robot to lend a hand makes the work go smoothly.


What colour of gumball will you chews?

Gumball machines first appeared around 1907, although there were a few other types of vending machine for sticks of gum a couple of decades earlier. Bruce Lowell is not the first to create a LEGO gumball machine but his design is the most proportional, accurate and adorable version we have encountered. The globe utilises the gyrosphere parts that first appeared within Jurassic World, while the key from the Clockwork Robot minifigure is perfect as the turning mechanism.

Gumball Machine


LEGO Minecraft 2018 sets revealed [News]

There is an abundance of new sets being revealed at the moment, and the next 2018 set images we are able to share are from the Minecraft theme. At present there are no details regarding price or part count for the seven sets revealed. The images show new Minecraft animals and printed parts that look like fun additions, including rabbits, donkey, polar bear, chickens, a brown bear and some ‘cubic melons’.

21144 The Farm Cottage

21142  The Polar Igloo

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The Kraken is loose! Oh ship, we’re in trouble now!

I have a particular fear of what I cannot see, especially in the vast and open murky waters of the deep ocean. Who knows what monsters lurk below? Jason Mario builds an unconventional steampunked Kraken in the middle of a rough open sea. The ripple and foam effects give the scene more life and grandeur of disastrous event about to take place.


Citizen Brick Black Friday sales starts Thursday at 6pm CST [News]

Every few months, the zany geniuses at Citizen Brick come up with another way to wow the LEGO community with their custom creations. This Black Friday (well, actually Thursday after the turkey has been eaten) they want us to know that the truth is out there.

Starting at 6pm CST on Thursday, Citizen Brick will launch their “After Dinner” Black Friday sale with several new products including their new Eks Files minifigures. The figures are based off of a highly successful TV series following your favorite FBI agents as they investigate conspiracies, mysteries and the paranormal, and in this case, a humanoid parasitic sewer monster.

Citizen Brick uses genuine LEGO parts and pad printing, just how minifigures are printed at the LEGO factory. Citizen Brick is also dual molding custom LEGO-compatible parts as well, including the cigarette accessory available in the Eks Files four-pack.

Additionally, Citizen Brick is launching their Teenage Car Thieves three-pack, so if you want your LEGO creation of a car crashing through a window or of a rebellious teen leading a parade, then this pack is for you.

Finally, Citizen Brick is throwing in some holiday swag for as long as they have it available. For every purchase over $75, they are giving away their 2017 Xmas Tin, featuring a few custom made holiday-themed minifig parts and accessories, including two cute minifigure-sized Citizen Brick blister packages printed on 1×2 tiles. Supplies are limited and sell out fast, so don’t take a nap after that turkey dinner and set an alarm for 6pm CST so you can get shopping!

We here at TBB have been consistently impressed by the quality of Citizen Brick’s work over the years, and we are not afraid to recommend their custom work to the greater LEGO community. While you scour the internet for discounted bricks on Black Friday, consider spending some of your LEGO budget to help support this innovative small business as well.