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The Brothers Brick LEGO Creation of the Year 2023 [News]

As a whole, the LEGO community’s original works of 2023 were absolutely astounding! Over those 52 weeks, we covered so many beautiful works of art, trying to highlight the very best created by builders all over the world. And with our shortlist in hand, we’re ready to identify our favorite of the bunch. The days of 2023 were marked with massive collaborative work, giant themes and creations that brought us together after pandemic isolation over the prior two years. And in that vein, we selected the excellent collaboration between Joshua Morris, Rod Fiford, Gavin Rich, and Handoko Setyawan. The Brothers Brick LEGO Creation of the Year 2023 is Cerulean Straits.

More coverage of our newly-crowned winners below!

LEGO commemorates Ninjago/DreamZzz crossover episode with “Enter the Dreamers” poster [News]

With multiple animated LEGO series in the world right now, a crossover episode becomes almost an inevitability. And over a week ago, as fate would have it, the world of LEGO DreamZzz was visited by the cast of Ninjago. To mark this momentous occasion, LEGO has debuted a special poster depicting the entire “Dream Team.” Be sure to give the episode a watch to see how the ninjas and Dream Chasers fare against the Nightmare King and his Grimspawn. And if you’re new to the LEGO DreamZzz theme, you can read up on all the sets and lore in the TBB archives.

LEGO kicks off Black Friday with release of 76269 Avengers Tower [News]

Timing the launch with Black Friday, LEGO has released 76269 Avengers Tower for purchase through their website. As we previously covered, the set is nearly 3 feet tall (90 cm) and clocks in at 5,201 pieces. Plus, with a count of 31, this is the most minifigures included in a single set ever. If you’re considering picking up this new addition to the Marvel stable and are a LEGO insider, you can also get the 5008076 LEGO® MARVEL TAXI gift-with-purchase if you pick up the Tower between now and November 27th. But if Marvel isn’t your thing, there are still other deals and GWPs available on Black Friday that have carried over from LEGO Insiders Weekend.

Check out the Tower and new GWP below!

LEGO Insiders Weekend 2023 offers two days of sets and deals [News]

The holiday shopping season is kicking into high gear this weekend, and LEGO has planned two days full of sales and special offers on its website for those that participate in the Insiders program. Several sets like LEGO Icons 10315 Tranquil Garden, LEGO Batman 76252 Batcave Shadowbox, and LEGO Icons 10323 PAC-MAN Arcade are offering 3x Insiders points with purchase. And a handful of others are even going for 4x Insiders points, like LEGO Technic 42130 BMW M 1000 RR. But if none of those sets are on your list, the entire site has 2x points for the whole weekend.

For those packing their digital shopping carts full of sets, there are a pair of gifts-with-purchase that are available: LEGO Creator 40602 Winter Market Stall for orders of US $170 | CAN $220 | UK £150 or more, and 40595 Majisto’s Magical Workshop for orders greater than US $250 | CAN $330 | UK £220.

And while you’re on your way to complete your digital Christmas shopping (or just shopping for yourself, if you’re like me), please consider heading to LEGO US | LEGO CAN | LEGO UK via our affiliate links on The Brothers Brick. By using those links, you help to support our efforts to highlight the best builds, news, and reviews in our LEGO community. We use the funds generated via links like these to cover server costs, event sponsorships, and other ways The Brothers Brick serves the LEGO hobbyist community.

Trio of LEGO Disney sets revealed from upcoming Wish film [News]

Disney’s next big animated flick is Wish, and three LEGO sets based on the film were revealed today. All three depict buildings in the movie’s Kingdom of Rosas, as well as the protagonist Asha in minidoll form. The fabled LEGO goat also returns! Well, sort of. 43223 Asha in the City of Rosas includes pet goat Valentino. Star – presumably another of the film’s main protagonists – also features in this and the other two sets, 43231 Asha’s Cottage and 43224 King Magnifico’s Castle. All three will be available in a little over a month, from October 1st.

Click here to see more images of these new sets!

LEGO Ideas 21343 Viking Village revealed [News]

French retailer Fnac have given us an early glimpse of the next LEGO Ideas set: 21343 Viking Village. The original Ideas submission by user Brickhammer did reach the magic 10,000 supporters number, but didn’t make it past the reveiw stage. However, last year it was part of a vote conducted between LEGO and US retailer Target to bring back one of these sets. The submission will finally see the light of day over 3 years after its original submission. With 2,103 pieces and four minifigures, the set is expected to hit Fnac’s shelves on October 1st, for an estimated US $139.99 | CAN $TBD | UK £TBD.

More pictures and details after the jump!

Summer 2023 LEGO Star Wars sets unveiled at Comic-Con, including buildable Chewbacca and Ahsoka series playsets [News]

San Diego Comic Con today saw LEGO reveal three upcoming sets in the Star Wars product line. Ahead of the hotly-anticipated Ahsoka series coming to Disney+ in a little over a month, we get two colourful sets depicting starfighters old and new from the Star Wars universe. The T-6 Jedi Shuttle makes its first appearance in a LEGO set since 2012, while the E-wing makes its first appearance in New Republic colours alongside an all-new ship for antagonist Shin Hati. Shin is herself part of a minifigure line-up featuring many of the Ahsoka series’ main characters. In addition to these two playscale sets is a buildable Chewbacca, depicting the lovable wookiee in a 2,000-piece, 18″ (46cm) sculpture. All three sets are available for pre-order now from LEGO.com, and will be released this coming September 1st.

Peruse pictures, press releases and pre-order links presently!

LEGO gives your favorite web-slinger the mosaic treatment in 31209 The Amazing Spider-Man [News]

Building on the success of the 31199 Marvel Studios Iron Man mosaic from 2020, LEGO once again fuses the Art and Super Heroes themes together in 31209 The Amazing Spider-Man. With 2,099 pieces, this set is a departure from the pointillism of past pop culture pictures, instead adding 3-D aspects to the image and imitating the Ben-Day dot style typical of comic books. The web-head’s portrait measures 21″ (54 cm.) by 16″ (41 cm), and is accompanied by an appropriately-themed soundtrack, as per usual for recent Art sets. 31209 The Amazing Spider-Man will be available from LEGO stores and their website starting on August 1st, and will retail for a price of US $199.99 | CAN $259.99 | UK £169.99.

More on the wall-crawler’s wall art below!

LEGO unveils the all new 21060 Himeji Castle, the next set in their Architecture line [News]

After much anticipation, LEGO has revealed the next architectural wonder to be captured in brick form: 21060 Himeji Castle. This Japanese icon is made from 2,125 pieces, and measures 12.5″ (32 cm) wide, 10.5″ (27 cm) long, and 7.5″ tall (19 cm). Removing its ornate roof reveals an interior reminiscent of the original castle’s, but in miniature form. And the surrounding grounds include cherry trees in blossom and other ornamental plants. 21060 Himeji Castle will be available for purchase in LEGO stores and at LEGO.com starting on August 1st, and will retail for US $159.99 | CAN $209.99 | UK £139.99

More on this new set below

The LEGO 43222 Disney Castle celebrates 100 years of Disney [News]

After its predecessor 71040 Cinderella Castle was retired only six months ago, LEGO has announced the new 43222 Disney Castle as a part of their line of Disney100 sets released this year. Debuting later this summer, the castle features four Disney princess minifigures and their corresponding love interests: Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, Tiana and Prince Naveen, Snow White and Prince Florian, and Cinderella and Prince Charming. The back of the model is chock full of references to Disney’s 100-year history, spread throughout its many rooms and towers. This is the largest classic Disney set yet, clocking in at 4,837 pieces, beating the last castle by almost 800 pieces. The set will be available for VIPs starting on July 1st, with open access at LEGO stores and at LEGO.com on July 4th. To sweeten the pot for early shoppers, there is a gift-with-purchase titled Disney 100 Years Celebration (not pictured) available with select LEGO Disney purchases from July 1st through 9th. 43222 Disney Castle will take you well over that limit, retailing for US $399.99 | CAN $519.99 | UK £344.99

Explore more of the Disney Castle below

LEGO 40634 Icons of Play revealed featuring female soccer superstars [News]

Thanks to retailer Rakuten.jp, a new LEGO set featuring female soccer superstars has been revealed. 40634 Icons of Play includes 15 minifigures and a variety of soccer stadium elements and features famed footballers Megan Rapinoe, Yuki Nagasato, Asisat Oshoala, and Sam Kerr. According to the retailer, the set has 899 pieces and will be available June 6. The pricing has yet to be confirmed but it is expected to retail for US $99.99 | CAN $TBD | UK £89.99.

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LEGO Technic 42158 NASA Mars Rover Perseverance officially revealed as latest real-life space set [News]

Today LEGO has officially revealed the latest set based on real-life spacecraft with the LEGO Technic 42158 NASA Mars Rover Perseverance, a 1,132-piece model of the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab’s newest red planet vehicle, including its flying companion, the Ingenuity Helicopter. The 12.5-inch long model (32cm) features all-new wheel elements with working steering and articulated suspension, as well as with a moveable arm. Although the model is not motorized, there is a companion augmented reality (AR) app that can show the model on a Mars-like surface and allow users to check the weather on Mars or learn other facts about the fourth planet from the sun. The set will be available starting June 1 for US $99.99 | CAN $129.99 | UK £84.99.

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