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LEGO kicks off Black Friday with release of 76269 Avengers Tower [News]

Timing the launch with Black Friday, LEGO has released 76269 Avengers Tower for purchase through their website. As we previously covered, the set is nearly 3 feet tall (90 cm) and clocks in at 5,201 pieces. Plus, with a count of 31, this is the most minifigures included in a single set ever. If you’re considering picking up this new addition to the Marvel stable and are a LEGO insider, you can also get the 5008076 LEGO® MARVEL TAXI gift-with-purchase if you pick up the Tower between now and November 27th. But if Marvel isn’t your thing, there are still other deals and GWPs available on Black Friday that have carried over from LEGO Insiders Weekend.

Check out the Tower and new GWP below!

Black Friday offers from LEGO specialist stores Citizen Brick and Brickmania [News]

While we’ve been sharing Black Friday offers from both Amazon and LEGO, do also check out offers from LEGO related small businesses that make this community a little more diverse in options around specialised themed sets and minifigures.

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Deals go live for LEGO Black Friday – Win 1 million VIP points and up to 20% discounts [News]

Black Friday begins this weekend from the 27 and runs right through to the 30th of November, celebrating Cyber Monday, for a total of 4 straight days. That does not mean you should take it nice and slow as delectable deals tend to run out pretty fast. Promotions this year include a chance to win 1,000,000 VIP Points and a couple of Gift-With-Purchases to consider and of course, discounts up to 20% on selected items.

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December 2nd 30% discounted deals on LEGO Stores featuring Modular Parisian Restaurant and Ideas Voltron [News]

The end of LEGO Black Friday deals come to an end with a few more great deals on 30% discounts including the Modular Creator Parisian Restaurant and IDEAS Voltron. These are available on the US and Canada LEGO Online shop. Over the past few days, we’ve noticed good deals go fast, so if you see something you’ve been eyeing, now’s the time to get them. Scroll down for the UK deals that was released earlier today.

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Great deals on December 2nd: LEGO Shop UK sales going for 30% discount includes Star Wars Droid Commander [News]

LEGO shop has just dropped their final sales deals for December 2nd ending the Black Friday streak of discounts. These sets are definitely worth getting at the 30% discounted rate if you don’t already own them especially for the Star Wars Droid Commander set which gives you hours of fun and play. The US and Canadian store discounts will go live later today, stay tuned for them.

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December 1st deals on LEGO online store with 30% discounts including Star Wars Betrayal at Cloud City and Hulkbuster [News]

LEGO Black Friday deals carry on over the weekend featuring new sets that go on deep discounts of 30%. Note that the UK store has different offers compared to those on the US and Canadian stores. For the UK Store, these include the Master Builder Series 75222 Star Wars Betrayal at Cloud City and favourites from Harry Potter featuring the 75948 Hogwarts™ Clock Tower. Even the largest Hidden Side set from the series 70425 Newbury Haunted High School is listed. On the US/CAN store, the Carousell and Hulkbuster Ultron Edition have been on the shelves for quite a while and potentially to be the end of shelf life soon.  It’s a good time to pick up these deals on the LEGO Store to celebrate the end year festivities as Christmas gifts to make that loved one elated. Scroll further below for the US and Canada offers.

UK Offers

75222 Betrayal at Cloud City™ | Read our Review 
Retail Price: GBP £299.99 | Sale Price GBP £209.99

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LEGO doorbusters carries onto the next day featuring more sets at 30% off [News]

The Black Friday doorbuster offers carry right into Saturday with the following going on 30% discounts. They are certainly good bargains indeed for you to consider if you haven’t picked them up just yet. The good stuff tends to run out fast, don’t hesitate if you’ve already made up your mind.

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