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LEGO kicks off Black Friday with release of 76269 Avengers Tower [News]

Timing the launch with Black Friday, LEGO has released 76269 Avengers Tower for purchase through their website. As we previously covered, the set is nearly 3 feet tall (90 cm) and clocks in at 5,201 pieces. Plus, with a count of 31, this is the most minifigures included in a single set ever. If you’re considering picking up this new addition to the Marvel stable and are a LEGO insider, you can also get the 5008076 LEGO® MARVEL TAXI gift-with-purchase if you pick up the Tower between now and November 27th. But if Marvel isn’t your thing, there are still other deals and GWPs available on Black Friday that have carried over from LEGO Insiders Weekend.

Check out the Tower and new GWP below!

New LEGO Marvel sets now available in the U.S. and Canada including 76165 Iron Man Helmet [News]

The LEGO is now selling several new Marvel sets in the U.S. and Canada. Standouts include the golden Iron Man Helmet, a larger Avengers Tower, and a play-scale Helicarrier. Several of these sets were already available in the UK, though it appears the Iron Man Helmet is currently only available in the Americas.

We’ve sorted through all the new Marvel sets that are now available (including a few older polybags that are newly available for purchase online), and we’ve included the sets names, piece counts, prices and box pictures below.

Take a look at every new Marvel set now available from LEGO.

LEGO 40334 Marvel Studios Avengers Tower [Review]

We recently announced the Marvel Avengers Tower promotion that’s available as a free gift with purchase with a spend of $75 US | £75 UK | $75 CA that will be available for the next two weeks until May 2nd or whenever supplies run out. Let’s take a quick look at whats this 211-piece 40334 Marvel Studios Avengers Tower set holds for Iron Man fans.

Read our hands-on review of 40334 Marvel Studios Avengers Tower