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New LEGO sets for January 2024 now available for purchase [News]

The east coast of the US is celebrating the calendar change over to 2024, and LEGO fans are celebrating the release of new sets at the beginning of another month. And with about 150 new sets hitting virtual store shelves, there’s certainly plenty to celebrate. This latest wave of new sets includes an interesting concept: a space-based cross-theme concept showing up in Technic, City, Creator, and Friends. Of course we won’t be able to cover everything, but check out a smattering of the highlights on this New Year’s Release Day below. And if you want to see everything in the new catalog, head on over to the LEGO website (US | CAN | UK).

Check out our favorite sets in the January wave below!

76269 Avengers Tower revealed as the largest – and the tallest – LEGO Marvel set to date [News]

Today, LEGO unveils the long-awaited and heavily rumoured Marvel 76269 Avengers Tower set. The headquarters becomes the new ultimate collectors pieces, stealing the crown from the last comic-based high-rise, 76178 Daily Bugle. With 90 cm / 35.5 in, the new Tower sets the record for a LEGO super heroes model, beating the newspaper editorial by just 8 cm, and also becomes the largest set of the theme – 5,201 pieces, which about 1100 pieces more than the notorious Hulkbuster. Avengers Tower goes on sale on November 24th for US $499.99 | CAN $669.99 | UK £429.99. In addition, from 24-27th November LEGO Insiders members will receive a free LEGO Marvel Taxi set which includes an iconic New York yellow taxi and four minifigures including Black Panther, a taxi driver and two outriders when they purchase the LEGO Marvel Avengers Tower.

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Feel the holiday season approaching with the new 10325 Icons Alpine Lodge set [News]

With just over three months till Christmas, LEGO unveils this year’s addition to the prominent Winter village collection10325 Icons Alpine Lodge set. Unlike the last year’s 10308 Holiday Main Street, the new lodge will take you away from the busy uptown, straight to a distant rural resort. The new model comes with 1,517 pieces and five minifigures, and will retail for US $99.99 | CAN $129.99 | UK £89.99.

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LEGO brings classic pirates back with the new 10320 Eldorado Fortress set [News]

Following massive hits of 10497 Galaxy Explorer and 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle, this summer LEGO revives yet another classic, spoiling fans with the new 10320 Eldorado Fortress set. A 2,509-piece diorama, fusing two iconic Pirates set together, will go on sale on July 4th (for LEGO VIP members) / July 7th for everyone else for US $214.99 | CAN $279.99 | UK £189.99.

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LEGO brings the black bat brick base back as Batcave Shadowbox [News]

LEGO has unveiled 76252 Batcave Shadowbox today, a 3981-piece Batcave-in-a-box loaded with features, light bricks, and a tricked-out Batmobile build. It goes on sale with VIP early access on June 5th and broad availability on June 8th for US $399.99 | CAN $519.99 | UK £344.99.

Here’s the set description from LEGO:

Adult enthusiasts can recreate the iconic Batcave™ from 1992’s Batman Returns™ movie with the LEGO® DC Batman™ Batcave – Shadow Box (76252). This 3,981-piece tableau incorporates movable items, minifigures and a feature-rich Batmobile™ to produce a detailed and dynamic display piece that will captivate all who see it.

Batman drama in a display case

Measuring over 20 in. (51 cm) wide, this Batcave tableau contains an assortment of authentic details, including movable items that can be controlled from the rear. Users can turn the chair, change the computer screen and open and close the tool store and illuminated Batsuit™ vault. For extra realism, a Batmobile with a variety of hands-on features is included along with 7 minifigures: Max Shreck, The Penguin™, Catwoman™, 2 versions of Batman, Alfred Pennyworth™ and Bruce Wayne™. For added convenience, a digital version of the set’s building instructions can be found on the LEGO Builder app.

  • A Batman™ tableau – Adult enthusiasts can capture the drama and style of the Batcave™ from 1992’s Batman Returns™ movie with the LEGO® DC Batman Batcave – Shadow Box (76252) active display model
  • Authentic details – The scene includes a feature-rich Batmobile™ and 7 minifigures: Max Shreck, The Penguin™, Catwoman™, 2 versions of Batman™, Alfred Pennyworth™ and Bruce Wayne™
  • Dynamic action – Movable items can be controlled from the rear: turn the chair, change the computer screen and open and close the tool store and illuminated Batsuit™ vault
  • Realistic Batmobile™ – The roof opens for the Batman™ minifigure with the fabric cape to enter. Turning the cog on the side causes 2 hidden shooters to appear. A flame element attaches to the exhaust
  • Gift for adults – Experienced model-makers and Super Hero movie enthusiasts will find this rewarding build-and-display project provides pleasure long after the construction work is over
  • Collectible curio – Measuring over 11 in. (29 cm) high, 20 in. (51 cm) wide and 5.5 in. (14 cm) deep, this celebration of Batman™ style will add interest to any home or workplace
  • Use your mobile device – For added convenience, a digital version of the set’s building instructions can be found on the LEGO Builder app and rotate the model in 3D, save sets, track progress and find inspiration for new builds
  • Relax and recharge – The range of LEGO® Sets for Adults provides a rewarding build-and-display experience that lasts long after the construction work has been completed
  • Quality guaranteed – LEGO® components meet stringent industry quality standards to ensure they are consistent, compatible and easy to build with
  • Safety assured – LEGO® bricks and pieces are dropped, heated, crushed, twisted and analyzed to make sure they satisfy rigorous global safety standards

NINJAGO City Markets joins the series of exclusive sets as the fourth expansions [News]

Unveiled today, 71799 NINJAGO City Markets becomes the latest exclusive (or direct to consumer) LEGO NINJAGO set. A record-breaking 6,163-piece diorama is the largest set of the theme and will go on sale on June 3 for US $369.99 | CAN $479.99 | UK £319.99.

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LEGO announces new Art set featuring Magic Eye illusions [News]

No, your eyes aren’t fooling you! LEGO has just announced a new mosaic, the latest addition to their Art series. 31213 Magic Eye Illusions features four four different designs, each with a hidden picture concealed within. While we only have full-size pictures of one of the four designs from their press release, the box showcases purple, blue, and red versions as well. The hidden image will be revealed by gazing at the completed mosaic with your eyes unfocused (it’s most frequently achieved by holding the picture up to your nose at first and slowly pulling back). This marks the first time LEGO has employed bars and clips in a mosaic set, no doubt to generate the proper lines needed for the illusion. However, like other sets in the Art line, this one includes a specialized soundtrack in keeping with the Magic Eye theme. There’s no official word on the price at this time, but LEGO.com is still accepting pre-orders. Given that the size is a third larger than the standard square pictures, I estimate the set will be north of $100 USD. 31213 Magic Eye Illusions contains 3341 pieces and will be available through LEGO stores or their website on April 31st.

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LEGO Star Wars 75361 Spider Tank revealed as the new The Mandalorian set [News]

The new LEGO Star Wars Mandalorian set, 75361 Spider Tank has been just listed online. LEGO has switched to the new pattern, revealing another product right after each episode of the new season of The Mandalorian. And as the main characters fight a mechanised alien deep under the surface of the Mandalore, LEGO offers a brick-built version of the battle, along with the new Bo-Katan’s design and the new darksaber blade for Din Djarin being the most prominent features of the 526-piece set. The set is currently available for preorder for US $49.99 | CAN $64.99 | UK £46.99.

LEGO unveils 75356 Executor Super Star Destroyer as the latest micro-scale collectible [News]

The newest LEGO Star Wars 18+ set has just appeared on LEGO Shop, listed as 75356 Executor Super Star Destroyer. Consisting of 630 pieces, the model features not just the Executor itself, but a couple of tiniest Star Destroyers. The set goes on sale starting May 1, but you can pre-order it right now for US $69.99 | CAN $89.99 .

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LEGO reveals 40504 A Minifigure Tribute as the new LEGO House exclusive set [News]

Revealed today, 40504 A Minifigure Tribute becomes the fourth LEGO House exclusive set. Fans will be able to get the latest addition to the limited series only at the LEGO branded store in Billund, Denmark starting March 1, for 599DKK (which is about US $85 or €80).

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Three new LEGO Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy sets revealed [News]

Following the release of the new trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, LEGO reveals three new building sets featuring all the fan-favorite characters, including the new star, Baby Rocket. The new sets will be available starting April 1.

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LEGO reveals 76256 Ant-Man Construction Figure as their first Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania product [News]

In anticipation of the 2023 Marvel movies, LEGO unveils their first set, 76256 Ant-Man Construction Figure. A 289-piece buildable action figure comes with the Wasp nanofigure, which makes the set a solid collectible. The set will go on sale May 1, for US $29.99 | CAN $39.99 | UK £29.99.

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