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Unibunny wants chocolate

And now, for your continuing Easter enjoyment, Chris McVeigh presents his latest LEGO model — a hypercute Bunny version of the mighty Unikitty. Perched in a smart little basket and surrounded by eggs, Unibunny looks all set to enjoy a mountain of chocolate and then probably go on some sort of sugar-induced rampage. The colour choices here are great, as are the use of Angry Bird egg pieces, and whilst the crinkled paper isn’t quite purist in terms of building techniques, we’ll let Chris off because it’s ALL SO PRETTY.

Happy Easter!

Light-hearted brick Jesus reminds us of the real meaning of Easter

There’s always a question of taste when it comes to the depiction of religious or political themes in any artistic medium, and LEGO bricks are no exception. However, I hope it’s impossible for anyone to take offence at Lasse Vestergård‘s brick-built interpretation of Jesus’ return from the grave.

LEGO Easter

This is a great little model, depicting victory over misery and death and carrying an appropriate sense of joy — something you can surely enjoy regardless of your particular choice of belief (or unbelief) system. The thumbs-up and the cheeky inclusion of wounds in Jesus’ palms add a touch of black comedy, but the visual contrast between the grim grey backdrop and the bright flowers carries a more serious message of hope and an eventual release from suffering.

The road to Golgotha

With a minimalist microscale style, Andrew JN to evokes the worn road to Golgotha, where the Christ trod at the start of the Easter story. Andrew uses earth tones to sculpt the narrow way of this normally sleepy Jewish town. The tiny villagers and distinct Roman soldiers consist of only 3 or 4 elements each, but there’s no mistaking the angry mob surrounding a brown cross.

Via Dolorosa

LEGO Marshmallow Peeps

Recently, some of us here at TBB participated in a live unveiling of the Iron Builder piece, which Sean and Steph Mayo (Siercon and Coral), along with Tyler (Legohaulic) and Michaela Clites (littlehaulic), are using for their competition.

All of the entries have been fantastic–and this one is particularly well timed. Also, it made me laugh. These might be the only Peeps I actually like.

Lego Bunny Peeps

Happy Easter, everyone!

Crown of Thorns

I am in no way a religious person. I do, however, know a beautifully composed LEGO model when I see one and can respect the importance of this image’s symbolism to many of our readers.

John 3:16 by Brian Williams (BMW_Indy)

John 3:16

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.”