LEGO Star Wars Box includes 5 rare minifigs [News]

LEGO is firing off freebies and promotions fast and furious ahead of the last chance to get LEGO shipped in time for Christmas. The latest promotion is a LEGO Star Wars Box that includes five rare polybag minifigs that have previously only been available separately. You can pick up the box for free by purchasing $75 worth of LEGO Star Wars sets from the LEGO Shop. $75 also qualifies for free shipping, plus a reindeer ornament. And if you purchase 75251 Darth Vader’s Castle, you’ll also qualify for the Darth Vader Pod freebie.

Based on the photos, the box appears to include Colonel Wullf Yularen from the conference room scene on the first Death Star, DJ from The Last Jedi, a stormtrooper sergeant, Han Solo in Hoth gear, and a Scarif shore trooper squad leader from Rogue One. Plus, the box includes a chance to win several super-rare non-production minifigs, including a platinum R2-D2, sterling silver Artoo, or a signed and graded TC-14.

We’re not sure which geographies this promotion is available in, but so far, we’ve confirmed that it’s available in North America:

11 comments on “LEGO Star Wars Box includes 5 rare minifigs [News]

  1. Andrew Post author

    @Craig: It looks like it might just be in North America (I’ve updated the article with links to the Canada LEGO Shop as well).

  2. Purple Dave

    Honestly, I’m not sure the chance to win a rare metal minifig is worth having to accept another Hoth Han into my home. I mean, I got three during the original promo, then they did a second promo, then the local LEGO Store still had so many left that when the mall did a Christmas promo where kids got a fake coin to exchange for some inexpensive item they gave the choice between a CMF and Hoth Han (kids mostly chose a random CMF), then anyone waiting in line for the second UCS Falcon launch was given one for enduring the wait, and now they’re pushing them out again. I know our local store was glad when they finally finished off the last of their stock after a couple years…until they got sent another case as a “reward” for doing such a great job. And I’m pretty sure I missed one or two times that they foisted those off on people.

  3. Nathan

    Testing this at 6:00am pacific time for North America on 12/18 gives a page error. It was working at 9:30pm on 12/17

  4. karen

    promotion was ‘available’ for about 1/2 hour last night in Canada, but didn’t actually work, the item would not go into cart…and it is gone from the website now.

  5. Tanbir

    Call your local store and they might still have some in stock. Sold out online. Called my local in Surrey BC and they have very few left.

  6. Nathan

    Update: I contacted LEGO customer support. The offer was removed online because it has Sold Out.

    This offer is still available at local stores as long as they have stock. I am in San Diego and the store at UTC only had 1 box left.

    So people interested in this call your local store if you have one.

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