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...and ’tis Thor who shall see to the task!

Classic-Castle member and customizer babyjawa posted a fantastic creation for the Custom Castle Figure portion of CCCVII: Thor!

BJ has a great eye for his custom figures, and Thor is no exception.

Feast of Fools!

If you’re still working on your last-minute entries into Classic-Castle‘s CCCVII, you should know you’ve got 3 hours until the deadline (11:59pm EST).

With that said, there have been some excellent entries this year–I don’t envy the judges, since they’ve got the hard job.

Flickr user 2 Much Caffeine has submitted another fantastic creation: Feast of Fools!

The action really caught my eye. It just has this great sense of sheer pandemonium, which I’d very much associate with a feast of this kind.

Good luck to all of the entrants this year!

Heralding the new year with the Wrath of God

Kevin Walter‘s Wrath of God battleship is the latest SHIP to drool over. Having read the builder’s profile and learned that he’s 19, I’m reminded of a quote by Soren Roberts on SHIPs: “because you’re not a man until you’ve built one.” I guess this means that most of us still have a long way to go, but meanwhile Kevin shows us how it’s done.

Stained glass with octopus design

Chris Doyle‘s stained glass creation features a complex octopus design. It incorporates both transparent bricks and plates for a more detailed depiction. I’m still left to wonder why an octopus?

Nebulon-B escort frigate

Measuring 4′ 6″ (172 studs), Steef de Prouw‘s Nebulon-B escort frigate is one massive and detailed build. It’s big enough to accommodate mini X-wings and Millennium Falcon on its docking tube. From what I’ve seen there’s no other Nebulon-B like it in terms of size and style.

This picture shows the grandeur of the frigate in space — an amazing sight to behold.

Starcraft Battlecruiser Titow

Jarek‘s Starcraft Battlecruiser ranks among one of the best I’ve seen. This is his biggest creation to date, taking a month to complete. The model features Jarek’s smooth yet textured building style, rendering the ship true to the original.

2010 LEGO sets now available from LEGO Shop@Home [News]

As several readers noted regarding the clearance on 2009 LEGO sets, the 2010 sets are also now available.

The much-anticipated LEGO Atlantis sets are now available.


And LEGO Toy Story sets are also now available.


lugpol’s impending LEGO domination

Their 1-step plan is apparently to have their members build mindbogglingly awesome stuff, again and again and again. Really, I want to know how the creations posted online with the little lugpol logo are so consistently great.

crises-crs‘ Zero to Hero – part 1: Winter

LEGO crises_crs knight training

Great by itself, but in parts 2 and 3, he subtly changes the lighting, some building details, and the action to capture the different feel of the seasons and the progress of the hero’s training.

For a very different feel, but equally neat creation, here’s PigletCiamek‘s Arabian Street 2: The Caravanserai.

LEGO PigletCiamek Caravanserai

Any lugpol members out there, please tell us why you are so totally cool. I know it’s nothing sinister, but I would like to know what certain groups do to regularly present such an impressive level of building, LowLUG is another prime example.

Sebastian Arts’ Scherpenheuvel Church

Sebastian Arts (Aliencat!) posted pictures of this church based on a real one in Sherpenheuvel, Belgium. Like any great creation there are a lot of different things to like, but for me it’s the basic color scheme and uneven wall texture.

LEGO Aliencat Sherpenheuvel

He has more on his MOCpages, including fantastic rear and interior details.

Mark Stafford builds the past and the future

Mark Stafford (Nabii) built two new creations from distinct time periods. The first hails from the future in a scene depicting a firefight in a busting metropolitan skyscape of the future, built for Keith’s You Control the Action Contest. The highlights of the scene are the action effects showing the laser blasts, smoke trails, and even small explosions.

On the flip side, Mark’s East African castle for Colossal Castle Contest 7 brings a new style to the castle genre with its mesmerizing textured and curved walls created using countless 1X2 plates and 1X1 round plates. The market scene is full of details and interacting minifigs.

Massive clearance sale from LEGO Shop@Home on 2009 LEGO sets [News]

The LEGO Shop online has updated its Sales & Deals page with nearly a hundred deeply discounted items, including most of the first wave of Power Miners sets, Racers, and Bionicle.

LEGO Shop at Home

We’ll update this post with more specifics soon, but wanted to let you all know as quickly as possible. (This probably means the official launch of the 2010 sets can’t be too far away.)

My mind wanders to strange places

My recent surrealist sculpture falls in line with its two counterparts to complete my Metamorphosis of the Mind project, which depicts the transition of the mind from ignorance to suffering and arriving at insanity. The creation below portrays ignorance, with accompanying writing on MOCpages. For those interested in my thought process, the series is based off personal experiences but should not be interpreted literally. After all, I consider myself quite sane, just ask my imaginary friends! JK :)

This picture below shows the three sculptures of the project along with yours truly: Echo of Silence, Cry of Dreams, and Legacy of Vision.