Feast of Fools!

If you’re still working on your last-minute entries into Classic-Castle‘s CCCVII, you should know you’ve got 3 hours until the deadline (11:59pm EST).

With that said, there have been some excellent entries this year–I don’t envy the judges, since they’ve got the hard job.

Flickr user 2 Much Caffeine has submitted another fantastic creation: Feast of Fools!

The action really caught my eye. It just has this great sense of sheer pandemonium, which I’d very much associate with a feast of this kind.

Good luck to all of the entrants this year!

2 comments on “Feast of Fools!

  1. TooMuchCaffeine

    Hey Caylin, thanks for the feature, it is much appreciated.

    I was watching “Hunchback” with the kids over Christmas and realised the Feast of Fools might make a good entry for the Religious Life category of the CCC. This was the result. Glad you like it.

  2. the enigma that is badger

    Great work! The Feast of Fools sequence from the Charles Laughton “Hunchback” is a huge favorite of mine, and I really love the sense of revelry you’ve captured with this display. I especially like the man in black peering from behind the church corner and the jester on stilts.

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