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We bow to this royally awesome Zerg Queen

Okay, so maybe she’s not actual royalty. But Cecilie Fritzvold has constructed a menacing mother whose orders I would obey out of fear for my life. This Zerg Queen from StarCraft II is complimented wonderfully with a spawning pool base and some eggs, which are brought to extra-icky life thanks to the printed trans-bright green dishes.

For the Swarm

This massive Rebel Alliance space station is 12 feet long and lit with 19 strands of LEDs

The last 18 months have brought a number of challenges, and we’ve all had to find our own unique way to deal with them. Corry Lankford dealt with the stress by letting his mind get lost among the stars – Star Wars and Starcraft, specifically. The result is an original space station of his own design: the ST-01, a staging base where Rebel Alliance pilots vet prototype Starcraft to determine if they’re combat worthy.

This beast of a build measures 12 feet in diameter. But you don’t really get a sense of just how big it is unless you scope these pics of Corry hard at work on it.

Click here to take a tour of this mammoth space station

This warship is all about the curves

From the wedge-shaped Star Destroyer to the cylindrical Saturn V, we’ve seen a lot of different shapes used in spacecraft design. This one built by F@bz, however, is a completely new direction.

Star Nergal (01)

I have never seen so many sloped downward curves in my entire life, and I don’t think I’ll see them anywhere else but here. F@bz’s ship looks like something that Thor might sail out of Asgard, or a vessel of Humanity in Warhammer 40k. Either way, I’m buying a ticket for the next cruise onboard.

Star Nergal (04)

Seriously. Almost nobody can find a use for these weird parts that hail from the mid-2000s LEGO Sports theme, and then F@bz goes and uses all of them. Nicely done!

This giant LEGO version of the Starcraft II map Megaton pits all 3 factions against each other

The classic real-time strategy game Starcraft II has inspired many LEGO creations over the years, but one of the most impressive has to be this stunning version of the multiplayer map Megaton. Built by David Frank, the map features the home bases for all three factions and measures over 16 square feet. Additionally, David has wired it with lights, giving features like the Khaydarin crystals a realistic glow.

Click to see more of this amazing creation

LEGO StarCraft Protoss Carrier measures over 31 inches long

As I am not a StarCraft player, I had to look up a Protoss Carrier as it appears in game to judge the accuracy of Tim Schwalfenberg’s LEGO scale replica. I’m looking at this carrier, and I’m thinking, “There’s no way this could be built with LEGO.” But it was built, and built beautifully. Brilliant use of brick bending techniques brings the alien curves to life. Tim adds that his Protoss Carrier was built to 100 LEGO studs in length (just over 31 inches) in only six days, making his build that much more impressive.

Carrier has Arrived

Terran Dominion & Zerg bases from StarCraft II in microscale LEGO

Last year at BrickWorld, a group of builders created a 14-foot-long LEGO StarCraft II display. One of the builders, Cecilie Fritzvold has just now posted detailed photos of her own sections, expanded and updated so she can display them separately at other events — and they’re definitely worth a closer look, especially if you missed the huge display last year.

Cecilie’s Terran Dominion base includes everything you need to survive a Zealot rush, from the Command Center to Barracks and a Factory, bunkers for perimeter defense, and plenty of resources.

StarCraft II - Terran Dominion base

Click through to see more StarCraft II LEGO

Hell, it’s about time!

We don’t want any of our readers to be distracted from completing the final Protoss chapter of StarCraft II, which was released last month. But as long as you’re here, have a look at this massive build by Tim Schwalfenberg, which was inspired by the StarCraft 2 trailer from 2009. It’s one of those dioramas that makes you stop scrolling the photostream and devote your whole lunch break to examining all the smart design features. The way Tim used regular yellow pieces to accentuate the robot arms deserves special attention. And check out this close-up of the marine as well.

Hell, It's About Time

LEGO Starcraft Protoss Zealot

The original Starcraft game came out almost 15 years ago and has spawned a decade and a half of Starcraft inspired LEGO builds, from the humble probe, to the hydralisk troops to even the imposing Battle Cruisers.

And today we add another great Starcraft build to the ranks – ccy_8086 has built this fantastic Protoss Zealot with a great mix of  bionicle and system:
Protoss Zealot 007


While there’s tons of great piece usages, the face in particular I thought was fantastic. But this isn’t the first time CCY has embraced his inner gamer, his last build was an equally impressive Space Marine, which he still has built:

Protoss Zealot 008


“Imagination is for turbo-nerds who can’t handle how kick-butt reality is!”

I feel mathematical when I look at this model of Finn and Jake from Adventure Time. The responsible party is ccy_8086, whose work has not been featured nearly enough on TBB.


With that in mind, enjoy another masterpiece by ccy_8086, the CMC015 power battle suit from Starcraft 2.


Lego StarCraft Marine: “GO GO GO!”

Mark Stafford (lego_nabii) has just posted a photo of an awesome model, built by one of his fellow designers at LEGO, Luis Castenada. Luis built an awesome custom Marine from StarCraft. Obviously, the head is not an authentic Lego piece, and a few parts have been painted, but that doesn’t stop this from being amazing. Here’s hoping that LEGO will wrest the license away from Mega, and release some sets like this.


Lego Starcraft Mutalisk

Ever since the mutalisk buff, in Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm, this Zerg flyer has been massively popular in games. It looks like Mike Nieves (retinence) got the message and made his own to join his Zerg swarm. You can see more photos on Imgur.

Commission: Starcraft 2 Mutalisk

Lego StarCraft Hydralisk

The hydralisk is one of the most iconic creatures in the game of StarCraft, and Mike Nieves‘ Lego rendition captures the ferociousness of this feared zerg beast. Mike recently made an infestor and has plans to build other zerg units as well, and I can’t wait to see them.

Starcraft 2: Hydralisk