Lego StarCraft Marine: “GO GO GO!”

Mark Stafford (lego_nabii) has just posted a photo of an awesome model, built by one of his fellow designers at LEGO, Luis Castenada. Luis built an awesome custom Marine from StarCraft. Obviously, the head is not an authentic Lego piece, and a few parts have been painted, but that doesn’t stop this from being amazing. Here’s hoping that LEGO will wrest the license away from Mega, and release some sets like this.


6 comments on “Lego StarCraft Marine: “GO GO GO!”

  1. brandino

    I would certainly buy something like that. Anyone have the parts to create their own and put it on Cuuso?

  2. Dan Post author

    Apparently, the head is a Buzz Lightyear head (official LEGO), with sculpy and paint applied to it.

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