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Alexander Alekseev is an active member of the Russian LUG since 2007. Linguist by education, he believes that LEGO pieces are the most effective mean of self-expression and communication between people.

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DC Super Heroes San Diego Comic-Con 2018 LEGO Exclusive revealed [News]

The first San Diego Comic-Con 2018 LEGO Exclusive — 75512 Millennium Falcon Cockpit — was just revealed yesterday. The new day brings us the next SDCC 2018 set — 75996 DC Super Heroes Aquaman and Storm, and a closer look at yesterday’s reveal. A first-look at DC‘s iconic Aquaman and Storm from their original animated TV appearances in the ’60s as a collectible LEGO building set, which will be exclusively sold at San Diego Comic-Con.

Looking at the elements, fans would rejoice as it seems that there appear to be no unique parts to build in these on your own. Both Minifigures in the Star Wars set come from the recent Kessel Run Millennium Falcon (75212). What is unique is the vertically oriented box that’s designed like a comic book cover featuring line art instead of photorealistic scene. Collectors of boxed sets would certainly want to have this in their collection simply for the uniqueness of that old-school look. The third and final set will be revealed soon.

Click here see high-resolution images of both sets

LEGO City 60204 City Hospital [Review]

Despite being one of the most fascinating and amiable places in many LEGO universes, LEGO City is notorious for its poor health services accessibility: Since the start of the modern theme in 2005, only two hospital buildings (in other words, hospital-themed LEGO sets) have been released. As a comparison, LEGO City can boast 9 police stations and 5 fire stations complete with numerous cars, motorcycles and aircraft. A modern medical center was long-awaited by many fans, and finally here is the first step towards healthier population: LEGO City 60204 City Hospital set. The set was revealed back in April and immediately kindled many fans’ interest.

It consists of 861 pieces, includes a little army of 12 minifigures and retails at $99.99 / €79.99. Jump under the cut to see our impressions of one of the main LEGO City sets of 2018!

Read the full review…

Your very own mini portal for your daily commuting

It took me a moment to recall a round printed LEGO piece that Sheo. used for the whirl in the centre of this portal in his latest creation. And then it hit me — it’s a very nice use of dinosaur tails and small claws! The final result is a wonderful example of negative space done right with LEGO pieces. And now it’s not the minifigure in front of the portal, but the builder who is the true wizard.


Steve and Creeper are the next BrickHeadz duo to be released later this year [News]

There is barely a day without news about the next BrickHeadz set, and here comes the next announcement by LEGO: a 41612 double pack will feature Steve and Creeper figures. Judging by the size of the set, we expect it to be priced at $19.99, just like any other BrickHeadz double pack. What do you think about the new set? Let us know in the comment section!

New LEGO Star Wars BrickHeadz revealed, including Boba Fett [News]

The large LEGO BrickHeadz family of movie characters is now joined by 4 more iconic figures. Announced on the LEGO’s Twitter feed today, three set, 41627 Luke and Yoda, 41628 Princess Leia and 41629 Boba Fett are to be released later this year. Although, the announcement doesn’t contain any information about the pricing, we presume both Princess Leia and Boba Fett will retail at $9.99, while Luke and Yoda will be priced at $14.99.

41627 Luke and Yoda

Click to see more pictures of the new BrickHeadz

Le Château de Chenonceau of the Loire Valley

Spanning the river Cher in the Loire Valley, Château de Chenonceau is one of the most charming castles of France. Built in the early 1500s the place have seen many owners. Today it belongs to the Menier family, who are famous for their signature chocolates. Last year we got acquainted with the chocolate box château thanks to a wonderful microscale model by Isaac Snyder. And now it’s Aaron Newman turn to wow us with an off the charts model of the castle. Full of the tiniest elements the building is much larger than one might think; the final model measures more than 12″ (31cm) tall, 17″ (44cm) deep, and 40″ (102cm) wide!

Le Château de Chenonceau

Elsa, Anna, and Olaf from Frozen are joining a growing LEGO Disney BrickHeadz family [News]

Do you want to build a snowman? — ask no more as cute little Olaf will be one of three new Disney characters to be released in upcoming LEGO BrickHeadz sets. According to the most recent LEGO Facebook announcement, two new Disney sets are to be released very soon, bringing Olaf, Anna, and Elsa figures in the style of BrickHeadz.

The smaller of two sets will contain the figure of Elsa only, while the bigger one will include Anna and Olaf, whose head design is based on a 3x3x3 cube (rather than the traditional BrickHeadz size of 4x4x4 studs). Actually, this is not the first BrickHeadz figure to feature the new dimensions; Hedwig in the forthcoming LEGO Harry Potter 41615 BrickHeadz set is also designed in the similar 3x3x3 format.

Prices, availability and piece count of both sets are yet to be announced.

Pop-Up Book beats 6 other projects to become the next LEGO Ideas sets [News]

LEGO has announced today that Pop-Up Book project by Jason Allemann and Grant Davis will be the next set in the LEGO Ideas line. This project was selected from a pool of 7 ideas that had gathered 10,000 supporters by January 8, 2018. The project was originally submitted to the LEGO Ideas platform on August 25, 2016, so it took the project a little more than a year to gather support of 10.000 fans. Pricing and availability for this set are yet to be announced. The LEGO Ideas Blog interviewed Jason and Grant back in April 2018, where they talked about the inspiration and the challenges they faced creating the model.

With this announcement Jason Allemann becomes the second LEGO fan to have two projects approved by the LEGO Ideas team and released as retail sets. His first masterpiece — 21305 Maze — hit store shelves in April, 2016.

The full list of projects that were considered for the next LEGO Ideas set is below

Centaur Knight Mech takes it to the Nexo level

It looks like when LEGO 7 finds inspiration and the right LEGO bricks, nothing can stop him from delivering awesome creations one after another. A stunning Nexo King is now accompanied by a gorgeous Centaur Knight Mech. This hero consists of a crazy variety of pieces — slopes, modified plates and bricks, tiles of many shapes and types — which both make its body and legs very flexible and awash with tiniest details. Of course, proper lighting of the model during the photo shoot makes the transparent orange pieces glow as if they are full of nexo energy, and this is simply awesome.

Centaur Knight Mech

LEGO City 60197 and 60198 will introduce the new LEGO Powered Up smart application [News]

The new City train sets have been revealed last week partially confirming the long-rumored updates of the Power Functions system. With only the pictures of the front of the boxes it was pretty hard to say whether the new system will support Bluetooth connection or not, but now, as pictures of the rear side have appeared online, the answer is “yes”; the new trains can be both controlled with a remote controller (included in each set) or with a smart phone.

Click here to read about the new Power Functions 2.0 system

The LEGO Group celebrates the Royal Wedding with adorable BrickHeadz copies of the Royal family [News]

Today is a huge day for the British Royal family and the whole country of Great Britain as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle exchanged vows and rings before the Queen and 600 guests at St George’s Chapel. The LEGO Group joins the army of well-wishers congratulating the Duke and Duchess of Sussex with a short and utterly funny video featuring both Prince Harry and Prince William and their families. Just look at Kate Middleton holding baby Prince Louis; what a lovely picture!

Royal Wedding BrickHeadz

See the cute animation below.