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This tower is held together by the power of hopes and dreams

Most of the time I can figure out how a LEGO creation has been put together. Sometimes it is just a big riddle. This lovely build by Kit Nugent is one of those builds that I just can’t wrap my head around. What makes this creation really fun is the number of weird pieces hidden in it to add texture to the build. If you look closely, and I truly recommend that you do, you can spot all sorts of unique bricks. There is a pump bottle, a couple of hairbrushes and a rubber duckling hidden in the build to add texture to the landscaping. Last but definitely not least is the use of the Minecreaft pickaxe and the wand box blend in perfectly with the Tudor style of the home.

A Dear Visitor

A smooth build for a bumpy ride

Embrace your inner child and take a trip to an amusement park of LEGO in this wonderful build from KitKat1414. For this Iron Builder contest round, the seed part is the LEGO Friend’s theme horse saddle in dark azure. A rather versatile part, the saddle here is put to use in a lovely variety. In the foreground we have the standout bumper cars with their fishing pole contact shoes to supply them with power from the ceiling. A cool use of magic wands still in their sprues are the railing details behind the bumper cars. A roller coaster train sails by in the background, affording some breezy sights. Further in the background is a little stand made of the saddle turned on its side.

Child’s Play

A seedy little workspace

It may seem like an ordinary day to you or me, but in Kit Nugent’s (KitKat1414) world, things are a bit more interesting. In this masterfully built LEGO slice of life, a man is confronted by the fact that 25 Friends Horse Saddle in Dark azure has infected his home. As you may have guessed, this is part of the Iron Builder competition, where the challenge is to incorporate the seed part (in this case the aforementioned saddle) into a build in the most interesting ways possible. Not only are there the “easy” wins of a flower pot or bookshelf, but Kit has incorporated them into a standing lamp and even a chair’s backrest. But the best use to me is turning a bunch of them into floor trimming.  Oh, and that rug made of carrots is pretty sweet, too.

Closed for Business

More inspired part usages (include more saddle-y goodness) await in our Iron Builder tag!

Catching a snowflake before shredding on them.

Kit Nugent takes us to the top of a mountain with this Iron Builder creation. Kit used the seed part of a horse saddle to build both a ski lift and a snowboard. The way all the parts of this build hang together over the forced perspective mountains gives the scene real sense of motion and gravity.

Morning's First Snowflake

Saddle up with The Iron Sentinel

LEGO builder Kit Nugent has been on fire lately!. Well not literally (I hope). I mean that his Flickr stream has been heating up like the radiator of an old Buick and may catch on fire if he doesn’t cool it off. Wow, that was way more awkward than I had hoped! Anyway, check out this Iron Sentinel. It uses ten dark azure saddle pieces and was built for the Iron Builder competition which itself is heating up like the cam shafts of the same aforementioned old Buick. This humanoid is so flexable he can get himself into all kinds of cool Spider-Man poses. This won’t be the first nor last hot Iron Builder entry from Kit. Check out our smoking hot archives to see what I mean.

The Iron Sentinel

Horse saddle roof castle

LEGO has released quite some specific horse saddles. We have them for regular LEGO horses, Belville horses, Scala horses and of course Friends horses. Kit Nugent used the latter to adorn their castle with a rather creative roofing. The entire castle is to die for. I have no idea how most of the parts are attached but I don’t care, it is amazing. I don’t think I’ll look at horse saddles the same way ever again. I might even start hoarding them to create my own horse saddle roof castle.

A Minifigures's House is His Castle

An inspired basilisk

This little LEGO creation by KitKat1414 may sit on a tiny base but it packs a huge amount of skill. KitKat says this fantasy build is based on the ruins of St Andrew’s Cathedral, and the mottled stonework is excellently sculpted to portray the decaying Gothic architecture using a wide variety of grey elements. The green basilisk is wonderfully articulated circling the spire, and the face is a masterwork of brick techniques, of which the best might be the two baby dragons that combine to form the nose.

Fall of Beithir Bridge

Music to the ears and eyes

I don’t know about you, but if someone said the phrase “the Muse of Song” to me, I would have assumed they were talking about a pseudo-prog-rock band from England. Kitkat1414, who is clearly much more learned than me, has instead taken inspiration from this phrase of Greek literature to create a stunner of a build entitled “the Sweet Sound of Blossom”. The sculpting here is terrific (particularly the piano – look at the pedals!), but it’s the use of colour that stands out to me. Building solid blocks of white is a bold choice as it can be difficult to pick out details, but the green and blue hues of the surrounding foliage give enough contrast to the build without being too overbearing. What does draw the eye are the muse’s dark red hair and her dress made from teal (which as we all know, is the best LEGO colour). These serve to pull the viewer into Euterpe herself, while the focus is gradually drawn away by the creeping vines and plants. In fact, the whole composition of this piece just hits all the right notes! (I’m here all week, try the fish…)

The Sweet Sound of Blossom

A beautiful autumnal scene, recreated in LEGO

I love a LEGO build that you can get lost in and always discover new points of interest. KitKat1414 certainly doesn’t disappoint us with this offering of an autumnal cabin looking out over a body of water. This cabin on the water has a wealth of nice part usage from the model sailing boat using the Lute from the latest CMF series, the weather vane, the trunk of the tree and complimented with the claw pieces serving as reeds dotted around the waterline. I particularly love the brick-built door and the snake heads serving as hinges! But it’s best not to call all the build detail out, feel free to study this one.

Autumn Song

Smaug the brick-built dragon

We’ve seen LEGO Tudor-style buildings before, and quite often the building is the main focus of the creation. We’ve also seen LEGO brick-built dragons before, and just like the Tudor-style buildings, they too tend to be the main focus of the creation. Not so for KitKat1414, however. They built an amazing Tudor-style house to represent one of the houses of Lake Town and it is lit! No literally, it is on fire!

The (New) Master of Laketown

For the woodwork on the house, Kitkat1414 used window frames and filled those in with bars to represent the wooden beams. In other places, the window frames were filled in with cheese slopes representing stained glass windows. Often these types of buildings can be very earth-toned, and while that’s mostly the case for this one, if you look closely you can spot quite a few colours being used. There is a lot of sand blue and even some lavender hidden in the roof, and the house gets a dark green door which complements the dark red Smaug in a lovely way. The dragon itself is a true work of art and there are multiple parts used in very clever ways. One that really deserves a quick mention is the use of the Bionicle minifigure legs for the dragon’s nose bridge and eye sockets. The last part that deserves a little highlight is the angled bar with stud used to represent icicles. And naturally, there are quite a few Tolkien references hidden in this wonderful build. Can you spot them all?

Living in the sky with diamonds

Building with LEGO in microscale is something you either like or you don’t. I personally do not navigate towards it but I do really appreciate it when it is done by others. Kitkat1414 is no stranger to building in a small scale. When building in this style, you have to be a lot more creative when it comes to the parts you use. Builders also have to think outside the box when it comes to the construction techniques used to keep their creations together. This specific work by Kitkat1414 contains a lot of minifigure posing stands, although none of them is showing. I also really like the use of swords for the windmill blades. Also noteworthy is the use of the roller skates for door hinges. Last but not least, the Nexo Knights spider transformed into a cobblestone well also deserves a quick mention. Now all I need is a part small enough to pass for a coin to throw into that wishing well.

Living in the Sky with Diamonds

When the stars make you drool just like a pasta e fasul, that’s amore

LEGO is a beautiful medium to use. When sharing your creations you share the visual aspect of what you have made. Some creations are mainly visual appealing, some creations manage to evoke emotions. It rarely happens that a creation reminds you of a smell or a taste of even a sound. KitKat1414’s creation does this all for me. I can just smell and almost taste the pasta. And the best thing about this creation, next to the build itself, has to be that it appears to come with its own soundtrack. The song ‘That’s Amore’ by Dean Martin has been stuck in my head ever since seeing this lovely build.

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