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Vignettes are like the haiku of the LEGO world. Usually built on a base 8 studs wide by 8 studs deep, vignettes show a little scene or a moment in time. But like written poetry, there’s plenty of variation on the basic theme.

Have a butcher’s delight at this neat little vignette

Frog’s legs are a popular delicacy in France and other parts of the world, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen them in a butcher’s shop. There are certainly some to be found in Thomas Gion‘s LEGO meat seller though! This vignette perfectly captures the essence of your friendly neighbourhood butcher’s shop. The star of the show is undoubtedly the clever use of the frogs though. They look great used as hanging chickens (or turkeys, if we are to be seasonal) and minced meat coming out of a grinder. In fact, with the bacon and drumsticks at the front, this is making me hungry. Does anyone fancy a trip to France?

Frogs: Butcher

An outpost from the past

This Pioneer Outpost by Ayrlego recycles the cabin from an earlier north-western themed build and a tower from an even earlier effort. Builders enhancing their earlier works is nothing new, but even recognizing the “seed builds” doesn’t diminish the achievement here. The cabin is now elevated well above the water line, fully integrated into a dense forest of greenery. Are those pink flamingos lawn ornaments or actual wildlife? Maybe one of each? But look beyond those pops of color and you can find great details like the vine on the roof – that looks like a cut up sprue from around the 3-leaf LEGO plant element. That’s some unusual part usage – and a great way to recycle.

Pioneer Outpost, Camp Isaac

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You gondor love this LOTR vignette.

This 16×16 vignette by Fuku Saku brings the half-sunken ruins of Osgiliath to life. The former capital city of Gondor is instantly recognizable in comparison to its big-screen counterpart. The damaged brick, open archways, and domed tower are spot-on with the production design of Peter Jackson’s epic. And bonus points to the Orc’s brick-built legs that create a “wading through the water” effect that perfectly compliments the scene.

Assault on Osgiliath

A Vampire’s never late

It may be a little past Halloween, but a vampire’s never late. Because they’re undead! Get it? Anyway, this fantastic dungeon by Marcin Otreba has all the trappings of a ghoulish lair set into a great little vignette. The architecture is wonderfully gothic with lots of spikes and details, such as repeating batarangs. The tan highlights give it enough visual interest to offset the drab grey you’d expect. Now pardon me, I’m going to go finish watching What We Do in the Shadows.

Vampire Dungeon

Long have I wandered...

I’m loving this slender fort from Youenn H. (Neyoun). A lone wanderer stands above it, either syrveying the landscape below or the sumptuous texturing on the building. I would suggest he doesn’t make any sudden movements though as it looks rather precariously built! The fact everything is supported by a single column gives the build presence, especially given its relatively small footprint. There’s some great parts use here too. Whips for vines, teeth for detail on the fortress, and – my personal favourite – a crocodile tail for a big, leafy plant.

Longtemps j'ai erré - Pavillon Noir RPG

Crashing waves and toppled treasure

A group of privateers have brought their plunder to shore in this amazing vignette by Nicholas Goodman. Nicholas has achieved one of the best wave effects I’ve ever seen, sculpting foam so real I can smell the salt air. The slight incline in the shore and the line between wet and dry sand help sell the effect of being on an actual beach. Environment details like that really help sell the storytelling going on with the minifigures. I have a feeling that even though eight men came ashore, after spilling that chest only seven are leaving…

Going Ashore

Cruising the coast of Minifigville

A cruise ship passes by a quaint hillside town in this LEGO microscale creation by Minifignick. This build makes adorable use of several new parts from the Series 23 Collectible Minifigure line. The houses and the ship itself are obvious, but we even spot some reindeer antlers getting put to creative use.


To steal from the Empire...

To celebrate today’s premiere of Andor on Disney+, Eric T has recreated a scene from the trailer as an impressive LEGO vignette. It can’t be easy recreating a scene you haven’t seen in full – especially a scene that’s as dimly lit as the one Eric has chosen. But Eric’s enthusiasm for the show, combined with a bit of artistic license and the minifigures from 75338 Ambush on Ferrix, got him over the finish line.

Star Wars: Andor - Steal from the Empire

Much like snowflakes, no two LEGO coral reefs are the same

Of all the excellent vignettes that the LEGO community pumps out (and there are loads – just look through our archives), my favourite setting has to be the seafloor, particularly coral reefs. Just as it allows sealife to flourish, the bright colours and quasi-alien lifeforms give builders a chance to flex their creative muscles. Case in point: Tom de Kesel‘s latest effort. Although the treasure-hunting submersible is undoubtedly the protagonist, the eye is inevitably drawn to the colourful coral. With carrots, bananas and cherries in there, it almost looks more like a fruit salad! I’ll highlight the Speed Champions hubcap used as a propellor on the sub as well. Given these pieces only have one viable connection point I’m always impressed when I see clever uses for them!

Searching for lost treasure

Staying hidden on the forest moon.

Two Rebel soldiers find themselves a little too close to the Empire for comfort in this vignette by Jonas. Thankfully, Jonas has constructed a lush amount of Endorian flora for them to hide among. The Imperial Soldiers have it easy, with their elevated walkway and a dirt road constructed from some surprisingly elaborate techniques. Hopefully they don’t look too closely at what’s hiding in the local vegetation.


Breaking Wormtongue’s spell.

With The Rings of Power debuting on Amazon Prime, it seems a fitting time to check back in on Jonas Kramm’s The Lord of the Rings vignette series. Here, Gandalf the White appears before Théoden in Meduseld and drives Sauman’s magic from the corrupted king. This cross-section style rendering of the Golden Hall is worthy of royalty, with the carved wooden horse heads being an especially nice detail.

King of the Golden Hall

An ambush that will bring the house down

This creation from SpaceBrick looks like it’s about to fall apart. And I mean that in the best possible sense! It’s a snapshot of a delightfully ramshackle mediaeval inn. The variation of pieces in the walls gives it a nicely weathered look, and both the roof and the bridge have some great uneven layering of tiles and plates. Note the hammers used as big stone bricks in that bridge as well! Speaking of notes – SpaceBrick says this is an “ambush in a mediaeval town”. I’m not sure if it’s the knight or the bard who is about to be ambushed. I think I know who my money’s on in a lute versus sword fight…

Ambush in medieval town