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Arresting LEGO Medusa will rock your world

Medusa, she of the snake hair and stony gaze, remains one of the most captivating figures from Greek mythology. She even made an appearance back in Series 10 of the Collectible Minifigures line. Builder Kooky Bricks honors the hip and tragic monster with a diorama worthy of an Olympian. Here we see Medusa facing off with a would-be slayer in the ruined temple of Athena. At this larger scale, made from 14,619 parts,  Kooky Brick is able to pack in incredible detail in both the figures and the setting. Medusa’s scaly body is achieved by overlapping rows of plate teeth, a great effect that feels both organic and a very solid snake form. As impressive as the figures are, it’s the temple itself that leaves us spellbound.

Medusa's Lair

Gaze on for more mythic details!

We can’t take our eyes off this watchtower

Lech Kulina has achieved some real sorcery with this medieval watchtower. Its near-perfect cylindrical shape is an illusion, achieved by creating a 16-sided polygon that approximates a curve to the naked eye.

The Watchtower

Lech was nice enough to give everyone a look at how it was done with some helpful cross-section pics. Although, to me, it still looks like magic.

The Watchtower - Three main sections from the top

The Watchtower - Wooden superstructure and roof