Arresting LEGO Medusa will rock your world

Medusa, she of the snake hair and stony gaze, remains one of the most captivating figures from Greek mythology. She even made an appearance back in Series 10 of the Collectible Minifigures line. Builder Kooky Bricks honors the hip and tragic monster with a diorama worthy of an Olympian. Here we see Medusa facing off with a would-be slayer in the ruined temple of Athena. At this larger scale, made from 14,619 parts,  Kooky Brick is able to pack in incredible detail in both the figures and the setting. Medusa’s scaly body is achieved by overlapping rows of plate teeth, a great effect that feels both organic and a very solid snake form. As impressive as the figures are, it’s the temple itself that leaves us spellbound.

Medusa's Lair

According to the later origins recounted by Ovid (and Rick Riordan), Medusa was a beautiful woman turned monstrous in an unjust act of petty vengeance by Minerva/Athena for an atrocity that took place in her temple. Kooky Bricks depicts the warrior goddess in a minifig frieze, as well as using her sacred owls as reliefs.

I love the weathering effects throughout the temple and the way erosion and cracks break the model’s symmetry. Vines sprouting from the fountain’s mouth gives the scene a nice splash of color.

Temple Ruins

Medusa’s victims are a perfect touch, especially this poor fellow with artfully smashed stone body lying on the broken stone floor.


Kooky Bricks generously shows some of the techniques used to achieve such classical elegance. I might have to try out this column technique myself.

Tutorial: 6x6 Cylinder

The model almost couldn’t get any cooler, until we turn on the lights!

Medusa's Lair

Kooky Brick’s scene is an epic accomplishment and a worthy edition to our hall of mythological models.

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